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The story of a guy too dangerous to become a villain. The story of a girl who wants to rebel against her parents. The story of a girl who wants to find an old lover. The story of a healer who really can’t cut it. The story of a hero to dangerous to become one. Overwatch is a collection of snippets about the lives of aspiring and established heroes and them deciding on where to go next.


This was a place where I would place snippets I would write for fun. They all ended up in the same universe so I figured it was time to just call the whole collection Overwatch and make it a thing. There will be no update schedule for the time being. They are posted in the order I wrote them and some are more standalone than others.

Overwatch is now listed on the Web Fiction Guide here Please leave a review or rate. Also I would appreciate some votes over at top web fiction, you can do so by clicking here

Character Page


Lir Laxman

This is a thing I wrote when bored one night. It has some harsh language.


Another thing I wrote, takes place in the same universe as Lir Laxman.


A direct continuation of Vestige.

A Simple Wish

The story of Olivia Dalton and her road to heroism.


Jason gets powers but they are a bit more than he bargained for. A continuation of A Simple Wish.


Not everyone is cut out to be a hero.


An old cape contemplates the past.


Two capes enter a bar.


Luke is well trained, and powerful, he just has one small problem.


Alice has an imaginary best friend.


Chel just want to be paid.


A fog bank makes landfall.


Some bars are worth the trouble.


Abigail arrives at her new school.


A hero gets a visit in the hospital.


New girl in town.


A hurricane shows up.

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