Did you know superheroes had trade fairs? Well they do. They are really hush, hush so no one knows when or were they are going down. There are signs if you know were to look however. If more than one national A rank hero shows up in town and puts on a really big show chances are there is a trade fair going down. By show I mean one of those massive flashy fights that drop the crime rates in a city by 50% for the next week. You also might notice that some of the loner heroes have disappeared around that time, not the local ones. The big teams will have a member or two missing but will still be out in extreme force, keeping crime down.

Those were the ways to tell if a fair was happening and what city it was in. The next trick was finding the venue. It should be noted that most heroes were simply told where and when by other teams or friends in the community, the ones that were left out of the loop were either new or nobody liked them. The venue was tricky, it had to be large enough for all of the heroes but private enough for them to all walk around in costume. Typical convention centers with all of their glass walls did not work. A high scale hotel however could be used, especially one that had underground access to a cities tunnel system.

Finding the hotel is a trick, mostly because of the time constraints. See once the national heroes show up and put on their massive fight the clock was ticking. Two to three days before the actual trade fair starts and then the fair would only last for another two to three days. Some of them did last a week, but that wasn’t very common. Scouting every expensive hotel in a city for new security measures in two days was technically feasible, just a pain in the ass. The best part was that none of this secrecy was for the super villains, when they found out a trade fair was going down they usually cleared the fuck out of town. No all of this was to keep the civilians and press away from the building and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Only people on the list could get in, the list ironically enough was the fan maintained superhero wiki. Well actually there was another way to get in specifically for newbies; find the trade fair, have powers, not be on the super villain wiki. Grace, who had decided to call herself Dancer was not on the super villain wiki, her parents and brother were but they didn’t matter. Vestige was on both the super villain wiki and the superhero wiki thirteen times over. Fortunately since none of his hosts had been connected to the living shadow, his brand of shadow manipulation was classified as an uncommon but non-hereditary spontaneous power.

Also in Grace’s favor was that her secondary powers were completely different than the other hosts. What secondary powers they were too, Vestige could amp up naturally occurring powers and give ones that in his words ‘fit’. Her perception abilities had grown in size to cover a small house and a couple new wavelengths. Her minor healing was now full on regenerative powers, not enough to save her from a kill shot but enough to get up from anything non-lethal in under ten minutes. Reflexes and enhanced strength were what apparently what fit with her new abilities. The cream of the crop was of course the shadow powers, Vestige at given her access to the full power for thirty seconds, she had a migraine for a week. Now Vestige was in charge of her outfit.

It was beautiful it appeared to be well over two thousand small pure black interlacing daggers creating a form fitting body suit with plenty of pointy edges. The body suit went up to just below eye level; covering her nose, ears and mouth. For a cape she had a cloak of swords; hilts up, points down. Grace could remove any of the dagger and play with their size at will, to her at least they were weightless. Vestige assured her that he was giving them mass, however the hell that worked and that they would hit hard, or cut. Anyways she looked exactly like one of those classic super villains that made young heroes shit themselves.

Her outfit was probably the reason why security was taking so long to let her in. It was kind of odd, security consisted of two B+ rankers in full costume in a small underground tunnel. They were trying to process the line of impatient heroes as fast as they could, but they still didn’t want to let Dancer in. Sure she wasn’t on the hero wiki just yet but newbie rules applied, however combine her outfit with the fact that she was an unaffiliated teenager and one of them having a daughter her age. Well it was just a whole lot of trouble.

Eventually, about the time Grace was considering turning villain and just stabbing these two heroes Advent offered to be her escort. Advent was an illusionist/preacher old enough to be her father, older actually. This placated security who finally let her in on the condition that she stuck with Advent. One elevator ride to the covered roof were most of the meet and greets were happening and Grace was considering stabbing Advent too. Sure he was a nice enough old guy but he had apparently decided to make Dancer his charity case. This apparently entailed convincing her to change her uniform to something more wholesome, less back ally murder.

About the point that he was trying to convince her to give up heroing until she was older whilst simultaneously introducing her to ‘wholesome’ heroes looking for sidekicks they were interrupted. The interruption came in the form of a two story flying robot breaking through the awning set up to hide from press helicopters. The robot did not belong to any of the heroes fortunately otherwise they would have been hated by the community for months. It identified itself and its purpose rather clearly.


Everyone was quiet for a moment looking at each other and back to the robot. Most of them wondering if this was actually happening or was some kind of elaborate prank. Dr. Cynetic apparently took the opportunity to look at his two hundred or so costumed ‘hostages’.



Dancer had managed to call dibs first, and heroes don’t fuck with dibs. Besides Dancer had decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to escape Advent without cutting out his liver. The swords making up her cape extended into the ground and propelled her into the air. She reached back and grabbed on the the swords extending it into a massive claymore that she used to cleanly bisect the robot. Vestige was really on his game, turning the sword insubstantial when it came in contact with flesh. This allowed Dancer to cut up the robot around Cynetic without harming him, there was the negative side effect that it also cut off his clothes.

Anyways the trade fair got canceled when the press showed up five minutes later. All in all Dancer came out rather well. A number of heroes offered her their numbers in exchange for hers as well as all of the local team. She even got her own page on the wiki with a great photo of her standing over a naked Cynetic pinning him to the ground with a black broadsword.



  1. So at first I thought: Perception, reflexes, ancient helper dude, and infinite throwing knives, cool… But throwing knives that pass cleanly through flesh without harming, while cutting suits… yep, that bumps her up to A list for pure… Decisiveness? Um… Ability to quickly contain a fight without hurting people…?

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