Pisces rather slowly returned to the real world, leaving his dreams behind. They hadn’t been pleasant. As he opened his eyes he saw spots and tried blinking rapidly to clear them, the edges of his vision were still a bit grey.
“What happened to me?”
“You worked yourself into exhaustion and collapsed.” The voiced came from somewhere outside of his field a vision. She sounded maybe middle-aged, and had the kind of disapproval in her voice, that one could expect from a librarian who caught you talking too loud.
“How long was I out?” More importantly is there still time to go back out and make a difference.
“According to your chart they brought you in forty-five minutes ago. You would have been out for another day, but I sped up your recovery.”
“Good, I can get back out there then.” He tried to get up, but his limbs didn’t seem to do hat he wanted them to. They felt as if they were made of lead. “Why can’t I get up?”
“I didn’t just make you better, I only sped up your recovery time. Also I cleared up your radiation poisoning, and cancer.”
Pisces turned his head to get a better look at the woman who had just informed him he not only had cancer, but it was now cured. The woman wore a simple white uniform that looked like a cross between a military combat uniform and hospital scrubs. On her left arm was a red cross, and she wore a simple white half mask covering the top half of her face. The only part of her outfit that didn’t fit was the simple brown leather choker she was wearing.
“What do you mean cancer? Also when did I get radiation poisoning?”
“We actually wanted to talk to you about that.” The woman paused, seemingly looking for the right words. “The cancer appears to be the result of long term exposure to small amounts of radiation.”
“So where is all this radiation coming from?”
“Well you know that theory you have, that your powers taint water while it’s under you control. We agree.”
“So my powers spew radiation everywhere? How did we not notice until now?”
“Well the radiation is gone by the time your power runs it’s course. So the more power you use the more radiation, and you haven’t pushed yourself quite this hard before.”
“How bad?”
“I’ve already treated six people for walking ghost syndrome, and we’re screening for more.”
“Shit, now what?”
“We would appreciate it if you stopped using your powers.”
“Who is, we?”
“Myself and Overwatch.”
“We would like to second that, please stop it with the radioactive water.” This new voice came from outside of Pisces’ view, but he had recovered enough to turn his head and look, without too much effort. The man who had spoken was in a black suit and tie. He also wore a full face featureless black mask. He fit the description Pisces had heard for Overwatch red agents, they were occasionally used for bodyguard work. Pisces hoped that why this red agent was here, they also had a reputation for eliminating problems.
“Should I be worried that you’re here?”
“Nah, healers get bodyguards. If we were going to eliminate you, we wouldn’t have allowed you to wake up.”
“Now what do I do?”
“What do you mean?” The healer seemed to genuinely not understand.
“I wanted to be a hero, getting my powers was the best thing that could have happened to me. Now they’re fucking useless, doing as much harm as good. So what do I do now.”
“There are always ways to do good, even without powers.”
“Says the healer, someone who will be welcomed where ever she wants to go.”
“I never wanted my powers, and I suck at being a hero. At least you can still go outside without an escort. So what if you can use your powers, you’re still brave enough to run headfirst into danger and prioritize others over yourself. That’s not something I can do.”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying powers don’t matter, you’re a hero by your actions. So what you no longer have water golems, you didn’t have them before either. When you get out of this bed you’re going to be stronger than you’ve been since getting your powers. Use that strength to help people and you will be a hero, powers be damned.” The woman got up and started walking out of the room, but said one last thing before she left. “Don’t get out of that bed for at least another forty-five minutes, and I’m expecting a lot out of you.”
The red agent also stopped relaxing against the wall and followed his charge out. “She’s got a point kid, just because you can’t use your powers to help doesn’t mean you can’t be a hero. That’s an option not all of us got.” While admittedly cryptic the red agent didn’t seem interested in sticking around to give a clear expiation.
This left Pisces alone in the small white walled room, of the building that had been converted into a hospital. He could hear faint murmurings in the halls but things hadn’t gotten crazy quite yet, the hurricane wouldn’t be making landfall for another three hours. What did he want to do when he got out of this bed.
Pisces reached up and pulled the cloth mask off of his head and looked at it. It was blue with crisscrossing black lines, the first seven versions he had scrapped because they had looked bad. This one however came out fairly ok, decent enough to show up in public with at least.
Now what?
He wouldn’t be very much help with the flood proofing anymore, but he might be able to help with the evacuations. Or he was already here at the hospital, crowd control might be useful, especially after the hurricane makes land fall.



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