It wasn’t suppose to be like this, it hadn’t been like this. Clarissa had loved her life before but now everything had gone to hell. She hated this, she hated how dark it was, the tight spaces with no room to move, the concrete dust that burned her lungs. It was her own fault that she was here, well her’s and overwatch’s. Overwatch could go to hell, well no the world needed overwatch. But really why was this the only option overwatch had provided. She could have been at home drinking hot chocolate, or maybe at Olivia’s place. She supposed that this could be Olivia’s fault for reporting her to overwatch but she couldn’t hate Olivia.

It had started last year when she was twenty when her powers had manifested, they were rather basic all things considered. Nothing special a simple healing factor couples with enhanced reflexes. As the only meta in her small town it was the excuse Clarissa had needed to get out and move to the city. She got a job at a small advertising firm and a tiny one bedroom apartment and jumped into her new life. Her powers had not been enough to cross that line into being a hero but they were enough to get her into the meta clubs. She met a few people who after finding out she was a techie and had a healing factor insisted she should meed Olivia.

Olivia had something of an odd reputation. A far as she could tell every local at least had heard of Olivia. The community had something of a fear and reverence that was normally held only for the heroes. Odd since her powers were very weak, but she did have an overwatch phone usually reserved for heroes. Rumor had it that she actually worked for overwatch as unlikely that that was. Their first meeting had gone extremely well, so well that Clarissa was willing to call it love at first sight. It wasn’t, it had taken Olivia three meetings to convince Clarissa to come home with her. Clarissa also knew that to start with for Olivia it was purely physical. Her friends in the community had warned her not to get too attached.

The last time they spoke had been an argument, well she had been shouting, Olivia had been unusually quiet. It ended when she stormed out and slammed the door behind her. Clarissa wanted to be back with her now instead of six floors below ground level underneath a collapsed skyscraper. She didn’t even know if they would get her out before she ran out of air. Probably, overwatch would send more resources if they couldn’t. It always came back to overwatch and Olivia.

When she had found out about her new power she had been overjoyed. Minor healing factors might have been common but real genuine honest healers those were rare. She had only found out about it a month ago and the first thing she a done was go tell Olivia. She had been so happy at the time and had expected Olivia to praise her, instead Olivia had gotten upset. Olivia hadn’t been in the mood to play that night and had instead only wanted to cuddle. Clarissa had found out why the next day when she found an overwatch phone waiting in her apartment.

Overwatch had explained all of Olivia’s fears and more. True healers were what overwatch called ‘protected metahuman’s like she was some kind of endangered animal. According to overwatch she could either hire a meta bodyguard or one would be arranged for her. From now on she had to keep her overwatch phone on her at all times so she could be tracked. She could not travel without informing overwatch first, her friends were all going to be vetted. Her apartment wasn’t considered a secure location so she would have to move. A list of secure apartments would be supplied to her and payed for by overwatch.

A man walked through the rubble and entered her small bubble of space. He was wearing a featureless full face mask, it didn’t even have eye holes. He was in a nondescript black suit and was carrying a flashlight. The sudden light hurt at first but her eyes quickly adjusted. Clarissa knew this man, he had showed up outside of her apartment after her talk with overwatch. He was apparently the overwatch assigned metahuman bodyguard. She hated him, not for anything he did but because he was a symbol, that she would never be free again. Clarissa figured out that overwatch didn’t care how she was protected as long as she was protected.

That is how the argument with Olivia started, she had decided to join a hero team. Being part of a team meant she was protected and didn’t have to live under overwatch’s rules. Olivia argued that it was too dangerous and she should move in with her. First mission in and she was trapped underground with her rescuer being a man she hated. She looked up at the man and his expressionless mask. He radioed up to the rescue workers to start tunneling to his position, apparently he couldn’t take her out the way he came in.

“Well aren’t you going to tell me that this is all my fault, I should have just followed the rules and I wouldn’t be here.”

“You should call Olivia, she is worried about you.”

“Why, why aren’t you condemning me for getting myself in this mess, why aren’t you saying I should have never tried to be a hero.”

“There is a line between normal metahumans and heroes. It exists because most metas wouldn’t survive a villain, or couldn’t offer anything to a team. You can, so you are a hero even if you choose not to fight. I wanted to be a hero but there was a line I couldn’t cross, so I envy you.”

“You can walk through walls, how could you not make it as a hero?”

“There is a line between heroes and people like me as well. It exists because no villains could survive a fight against me. I can never be a hero, but I can protect you. What do you want?”

“I just want to go home.”

“Where is home?”


“Ok, I will take you home.”

They didn’t talk after that, and fortunately a tunnel was dug to get them out fairly quickly. The man in the featureless mask carried her up to street level. He didn’t speak a word to her former team mates before putting her in his car and taking her home.


Continued in Reminisce


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