There are a lot of movies made about superheroes. Most of them get just about all of the details wrong. Sure heroes come from all walks of life, but most of the ones that lose their parents and swear revenge; those guys usually end up in jail. A basic healing factor might be one of the most common powers, but it isn’t perfect. Most heroes have scars, and lots of them. Sure most movies will get the fact that healers are rare, but one will always show up at the last minute anyways. One of the big things that the movies mess up is what happens when a hero is killed. The movies make it some big thing were that hero’s old team will get back together and track down the killer. That never happens, or if it does they never find the killer. The kinds of hero who can track people down don’t even bother. Hero killer’s don’t get one final showdown before justice, they just disappear; like they never existed.

There is one scene in every origin movie that they get almost perfectly right. The scene will usually happen when the hero decides to answer their calling, or it will be at the end. It’s when the hero flies up into the sky on a cloudless night, and looks down at the city they will be protecting. They take it all in, the city lights, fighting against the darkness surrounding it. They do get a couple things wrong, like it isn’t all that quiet that high up. But who cares, the stars are incredible, the moon shines, and it feels like everything good can happen. Movies have never overstated how much a powered individual loves those cloudless night.

There is one slight problem with those perfect nights of course. From her vantage Stratia could count three elementalists, a gravity manipulator, two telekinetics, a dude with devil wings, and one girl who’s power seemed to be to tell physics to go fuck itself. Also like twenty of those crystal fairies. All in all the night sky wasn’t nearly as empty as it appeared in the movies. Also all flyers had to learn to stay out of the flight lanes, or constantly have to move. So yeah the solitude that was advertised in the movies wasn’t really an option. Probably a good thing really, no one with powers truly stood alone, there is always someone on or above their level. Except maybe Eclipse, but he wasn’t a hero.

As far a Stratia could tell like people were attracted to like people, combine that with a high stress job and chance of serious injury; most hero’s opted to date within the community. This always proved difficult, while life or death fights were surprisingly good for one night stands; they weren’t so good for lasting relationships. So hero’s needed to find other ways to socialize outside of work. There were certain bars and clubs, that required say, an Overwatch phone to get into. But heroes come from every walk of life, Stratia never was one for drinking even before she had become immune to alcohol. Powered get togethers were always a bit iffy, you could be talking to a hero, or possibly a villain, or just some random guy.

Combine knowing who you are talking to, zero stress from a fight and the downright romantic moonlight; well some heroes seemed to think that the sky was the perfect place to hit up chicks. That’s what the devil winged guy seemed to think at least, as he approached her. He did manage to hover in front of her, a feat that would have been impressive if he wasn’t using magic. To be fair magic hovering at this hight was still impressive, but this guy was shooting excess energy everywhere; no way was it sustainable.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you around before. New in town?”

“Just arrived this morning.”

“Name’s Balor. How bout you?”

“Ya wanna head down and get a drink, I could show you around town.”

“Can’t drink.”

“What you underaged or something, if your with me they won’t dare card you.”

“Can’t get drunk, or drugged. And you need to back off.”

“Is that any way to talk to your new friend?”

During their short conversation Balor had been floating closer and closer. Stratia wasn’t intimidated by this creep, his control was just too loose to be any good. But he was still giving some serious creeper vibes. As soon as he called her ‘friend’ Stratia decided he wasn’t worth the effort and shut him down. Hero’s have many options when it comes to shutting down powered individuals, Stratia had the cream of the crop. She reached out and yanked at all of the power he was stupidly off gassing, metaphorically of course. He gave a surprised scream as he fell like a stone. He continued falling for several stories before starting to spiral and glide away.

Stratia noticed that her and Balor’s little exchange hadn’t gone unnoticed. The three elementalists, and about half of the fairies were watching. Stratia was mildly worried that she might have accidentally made some serious enemies. But then she noticed that they weren’t watching her, they were watching behind her. She was about to look when a hand crashed into her back. At first she thought it was an attack, it certainly was forceful enough to have been one. If the person on the receiving end wasn’t reinforced to a ridicules degree, like Stratia was. The other reason was the voice.

“Damn girl, you shut his ass down. Here I was coming over to bail a sista out, but fuck, you don’t need no help.”

It was the girl that had apparently arm wrestled with physics and made it her bitch. The girl sounded young and had a body to match, not that Stratia could see much through the hoody she was wearing. She was also apparently, hot shit, considering how the observers waited for her reaction before having their own.

“I didn’t accidentally piss off anyone important did I?”

“Nah, Balor’s small time, we mostly use him to freak out the cultists. Lets go get something to eat, while you tell me why, you decided to move to my fair city.”

Stratia figured she has passed some sort of test or something, as she followed little miss physics wrestler down to her new city.


  1. I just got a funny idea for a power someone who can accelate objects he’s touching he can also become immune to weapons by accelerating continuously all over his body but this causes him to accelerate his clothing forcefully stripping himself also to make him not to overpowered you should make his powers not work on living organics

    1. Now now, who says he can’t be over powered? I’ve got an idea how to use something like this. I might get to it tonight if I finish my RA chapters, if not I’ll do it tomorrow.

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