Overwatch Character Page

Lir Laxman
The Unkillable
Appears in Lir Laxman and Named
Ability to create retroviruses to almost any effect, he has hidden this ability and pretends to be an adaptive tank. He has never confined the true nature of his powers to anyone.

Appears in Vestige and Dancer
Enhanced reflexes/strength/healing, high level perception abilities. Capable of generating, manipulating and making solid shadows.
Became a hero at sixteen mostly to spite her parents. She is generally described as a fucking psycho by other heroes that have worked with her, and mostly operates alone. She is noted to be extremely effective in combat situations.

Olivia Dalton
Founder of the Overwatch organization and occasionally referred to as overwatch.
Appears in A simple wish, and Overwhelming. Plays a role in most stories under her Overwatch persona in some way.
Slight regenerative powers, doesn’t age, able to interface with computers through a wifi network.
She was a natural born genius who made her fortune young and tried to find ways to fill her time. She decided to stalk her ex across the country and over the span of several years mostly out of boredom. In the process she developed her overwatch persona and decided to stick with it.

Not a hero. Currently operates as a red agent.
Appears in Overwhelming, Trapped and Drinks
Ability to phase though solid matter, can leave it undamaged or reduce it to a fine powder, he does not have much control over which. His effect on energy reduces it to waste heat and light.
Considers himself to be Olivia’s younger brother although there is no blood relation.
Overwatch classified as a lethal class power
Jason was not allowed to become a hero by Olivia but she did offer him a place as one of her red agents. He currently operates as a bodyguard to people with protected status.

One time hero, never got a name
Appears in Overwhelming, and Trapped
Powerful healer, needs direct contact. Minor regenerative powers, minor enhanced reflexes.
Olivia’s pet
Moved out of her small town once her powers manifested and works at a small advertising firm. She currently lives with Olivia and has learned to deal with her red agent shadows when she leaves home.

Surround Sound
Appears in Reminisce
Tech based hero specializing in communications and sound based technology
Helped design the Overwatch communications network
Has been around for a very long time fighting enemies well out of his weight class. Considered to be one of the few old school heroes left.

Appears in Reminisce and Drinks
Elemental water based hero whose body appears to be made of crystal.
A heave hitter on Surround Sound’s current team.
A powerful young hero that jumped at the chance to join up with Surround Sound. He really dislikes the fact that his crystal body makes a secret identity impossible.

Appears in Reminisce
Ability to create and manipulate red energy and treat it as a solid
A heavy hitter on Surround Sound’s current team.
Works well fighting in conjunction with Aquamarine. Her current age in unknown to her teammates but they do worry about how young she appears to be.

Appears in Reminisce
Surround Sound’s current team Rogue
Like all Rogue’s he does his best to hide his past and abilites and does so with surprising efficiency.

Bubble boy
Appears in Named
The power to create bubbles of varying size filled with gasses of his choosing at various pressures
He continues to hate his name but is unable to change it. Thanks to the versatility of his powers and personality he is welcome on most teams.

Ambassador to the Fairies
Appears in Imaginary
Power to animate and control things she has made, can put aspects of herself in them so the can function without her direct control.
Her days mostly consist of dealing with six inch tall flying balls of snark. It is not good for her stress levels.

Fairy Queen
Capable of conjuring up new fairies that are capable of reproduction
She does feel kind of bad about all the stress her fairies cause Alice but also really enjoys being a queen.

Strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, shape shifting, force fields
Appears in Broken
She is currently at war with Norway and doing surprisingly well.

Appears in Landfall
Considered to be the most powerful precog alive, he can see what will happen after taking his decisions into account. It is perfectly accurate within 26 hours.
He never fully recovered from the Landfall incident. He cannot sleep without increasingly large chemical assistance and has frequent panic attacks.
Appears in Intent
No hero identity
Ability to read body language will a superhuman degree of accuracy.
Mary has never taken the front lines and has been in no notable fights. Her team however considers her responsible for over half of their major arrests.


Appears in Blind
No hero identity
Has another self that exists in a desolate mirror world of this one. She can use all it it’s senses including it’s eyes. She can also bring it temporarily to this world allowing to to see the real world as well for a short time. When they inhabit the same place she doesn’t have any bodily requirements.
She settled in nicely to the institute’s hero development program specializing in infiltration.


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