“Do you want to be a hero?”



“To save people like my parents.”

“Your parents were heroes, nobody saves heroes.”

“Then what happens?”

“They are avenged.”

“Then I want to be a hero to avenge my parents.”

“Heroes don’t take revenge.”

“Then who does the avenging?”

“I do.”

Abigail used her other eyes to look up at the building complex before her. To her other eyes it looked shattered, a ghost of glory. She knew that the buildings probably looked new or at least well maintained. She could hear the man who had picked her up from the airport and taken her away from the airline staffer who’s job it had been to deliver her safely. He sounded like a big guy, felt that way too. When he walked he displaced a lot of air. The buildings look desolate and empty to her other eyes, the pool in the center filled with pond scum. To her ears she could hear the sound of children running up and down the halls, and splashing from the pool. The man handed her a key

“Your room is number 304”

Abigail sent her other eyes ahead to her room, as she memorized the layout of the desolate world. When her eyes arrived her other hands unlocked the door and entered the shattered abode. Bed, desk, dresser. To her other eyes the bed appeared to be made of stone but it was probably a mattress. What was odd to see the the computer on the desk, as cracked as the screen was she knew it would work just fine for her other self. Abigail took the lead walking confidently up to the elevators and pressing the correct button without bothering with the brail. 

She unlocked the door to her room and stepped into the area her other self was occupying. Back in sync they took strength from each other. The weariness from the flight drained away, the fact that she hadn’t eaten became irrelevant, and the kink in her back from the airplane seat resolved itself. She took a moment to draw her other self into the real world. The walls of her room were off white, there were blinds in the window. Instead of a torn blasted empty world outside her window, there were trees and grass. The big man, and he had a massive imposing figure, arrived at her room. He dropped off her single suitcase; everything she had left in the world. 

“The director would like to see you as soon a possible.”

“Ok, lets go.”

She let her other self fade back into the other desolate world, as she locked her door behind her. Following the big man she tried to get a sense of the layout of her new home. It was a large place, the halls managed to echo slightly. The director’s office was in a different building slightly adjacent to the residential one. The office was large, it had good air flow. The director sat behind what Abigail assumed was a very nice desk, but her other eyes saw it as a termite eaten husk. All glory gone. 

“Good morning Abigail, my name is Delores Wintergreen. I am the director of this institute.”

Abigail sat down on one of the rather comfortable chairs, she could feel the real leather under her hands. Her other eyes saw the chair soaked with blood.

“Good morning, Director Wintergreen.”

“Now I understand that you will be with us until you graduate or turn eighteen, whichever comes second. Is that correct.”


“Your file states that you are blind, but since your powers compensate no special measures need to be taken.”

The directors voice sounded vaguely british, but there was something else in it. A tone that Abigail had come to associate with people who traveled a lot, particularly when young. 

“That is correct.”

“Your file also says that you want to be enrolled in our hero envelopment program.”

“I do.”

“Why do you want to be a hero?”

“To help those in need.”

“That sounds like something you got off the back of a cereal box.”

“Brochure actually.”

“So why do you really want to become a hero?”

“My parents were heroes and they died. I want to stop that from ever happening again.”

“Thats a very noble sentiment, but you do know that nothing you do will bring your parents back right?”

“Of course the dead can never come back, besides my parents died doing what they wanted. I wouldn’t take that away from them.”

“That’s a very mature attitude Abigail, if there is nothing you would like to ask you can go settle in.”

“Thank you, I don’t have any questions.”

Abigail headed back to her room, this time she didn’t need to follow the big man who had disappeared.  She also didn’t need to use her other eyes, so she sent her other self to scout around. The campus wasn’t massive, but at the same time it wasn’t small. The buildings that her other self could get into appeared to be filled with class rooms, and a gym. When she arrived back at her room Abigail directed her other self back to her.

Reunited she started unpacking. Shirts needed to be hung, darkest on the left, lightest on the right. Using her other self’s eyes she could tell their colors. Jeans the same, but in piles darkest on the bottom. Socks in a row next to her jeans, darkest on the left. Underwear and Bras in the top drawer, arranged by color and type. Hygiene items under the bed, to the far left, shower items under the bed to the far right. No photos, no point; wouldn’t want to see those from the blasted lands anyways. There was a knock at the door, a young male voice, slight southern accent. 

“Hey you’re the new girl, right?”


“Welcome to super school.”

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