I call myself Taulsn and have been writing web serials since March 2014. In that time I have started but not finished Raising Angels (it will happen eventually), a short story collection called Overwatch, and finished the serial Defection. My next project starting in February will be Urban fantasy called Reaper. Defection will eventually be published in an edited format until then you can also pick up my Overwatch Ebook here. You can also donate to my Patreon here.

I do hope you enjoy your time here.

You can start reading Raising Angels here and Defection here.




  1. Hey there Taulsn

    “..backed by a mysterious organization with way to much money and..”
    Should be – too – I am almost certain.

    “After encountering a number..”
    There is a space too many between encountering and a.

    “So this is it I can’t promise..”
    I am quite sure that there should be a comma between it, and I.

    Sorry for hitting you with the grammar hammer. But hey, what are sort-of-friends-mostly-acquaintances you met through online chat rooms for? =]

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