Most people have imaginary friends as children. Alice was no different she had a whole royal court at one point. Eventually due to court intrigue and Alice forgetting about them those numbers dwindled down to one. But what a friend that last one was, she was everything a girl could want in a friend. Her name was Cerise, and she was beautiful. Although as a creation of young Alice’s mind her appearance tended to change. Sometimes she was a towering monolith greater than any of the buildings, and sometimes she was small enough to sit on Alice’s shoulder and whisper jokes in her ear. What stayed the same was that she was made of ruby and had delicate dragonfly wings.

Cerise stayed with Alice all throughout her adolescence and teenage years. By the time she hit twenty Alice was fairly certain she was crazy since Cerise showed no signs of wanting to leave. Not that she minded much, Alice loved Cerise as much as her own parents and would lose her for the world. The best part is that superheroes are allowed to be a little crazy as long as they don’t go homicidal or anything. And she was a superhero now, not just a sidekick. She had actually been a sidekick since she was fifteen and overwatch had arranged training since her powers manifested at eleven.

They were good powers too, everyone liked having her at their side. She could animate things she made. She would get some kind of base material and shape it into a form, then push her will into it. It would then move to her will. At first she started small and couldn’t do big stuff but over time her power grew. By them time Alice graduated from sidekick to hero she was ridding into battle on various massive cats sculpted from stone, or formed from metal. Her power did have a drawback of course, she could only control one thing at a time. Her enemies were thankful having to fight two, two meter tall lions would have been that much worse.

Since Alice had powers Cerise had gotten jealous until Alice gave her some too. They were basically the same as Alice’s but she could summon crystal to form her automations. They would also function without direct control. At night Alice would watch as Cerise summoned dozens of them and they had mock battles in her room. It really was beautiful, Cerise would make them in her own image but only six inches high. Sometimes they would play out dramatic scenes and other times she just let them run wild. Everything changed when Alice discovered a new aspect of her powers when she turned twenty six.

The new aspect was just that. She could put aspects of herself into her automations and they would run themselves. As long as an aspect was in the automation it would no longer exist within Alice. If she put her anger in an automation she would no longer be angry, she could get angry but it would be a different anger. The automations would run until the aspect was used up, larger more complex aspects would last longer. Naturally Cerise wanted her own physical body. After three weeks of arguments that Cerise eventually won because Alice literally couldn’t ignore her Alice got to work on a body.

It took her three months to get enough uncut rubies of the right size and to carve them into the right shape. It probably wouldn’t have been possible but Alice suspected that her abilities made it easier. In the end she had a perfect twelve inch tall flawless Cerise, everything had been rendered in loving detail. She didn’t put Cerise in it for another two weeks, mostly she argued against it. Eventually Cerise’s badgering won out, Alice complied and put her best friend out of her mind forever. But to start with she didn’t care much, because Cerise was glorious.

There was one slight problem however, just a minor one really. Cerise maintained her powers in her new body, this of course had all sorts of interesting implications for Alice. Those implications didn’t matter much since like all imaginary friends Cerise had just one tiny flaw. She might be able to summon her six inch fairy soldiers and give them life, but she couldn’t get rid of them. When they had needed them gone Alice had simply stopped thinking about them, but that wasn’t really an option outside of Alice’s head.  So at first there were a couple little fairies flying around, then a couple dozen.

Cerise wouldn’t listen when Alice started begging her to stop making more fairies. She really liked them, they called her queen and everything. They fairies did have their uses besides flight they didn’t have any powers but they could still clean the house for Alice and Cerise. But even so a clean house did not require several hundred fairies running around. It began to escalate with in an exponential fashion.  Also some of the fairies started escaping and pictures of them started showing up in tabloids. It all of course came to a head when Overwatch called Alice personally.

“Alice, honey how are you doing?”

Overwatch sounded pissed, every word dripped with rage. Yet still as civil as ever. It was possibly to tell when you were talking to the real Overwatch or just one of the operators, it was all in the tone of voice; since they all sounded identical.

“uuh, okay I guess.”

“Did you happen to create sentient fairies capable of self propagation?”

“No, um, I mean I only made one. The others can’t reproduce.”


“Uh, so the others might be able to reproduce, possibly. I don’t really know. Am I going to have to stop being a hero.”

“No honey you won’t, I am even giving you a promotion. You are now the new human ambassador to the fairy species. So when the PTA comes a knocking asking why they have to explain the birds and the fairies to their precious little innocent children, it will be your job to explain.”



One comment

  1. Oh that’s funny. I don’t know if that is a promotion but more of ‘you caused the problem, so you can be resposible for it’.

    Nothing like being the mother of a new species of life. Hope she can get her friend to calm down.

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