“Well this isn’t good,” Ares said as the saucer shook from another impact.

“The portal is confirmed down, and our defenses went with it,” Alecia said, “Imaging showed the dome flicked so I guess it’s now under the control of this world’s Poltergeist. I think he was called Gaslight.”

“So no retreat?”

“No retreat home, we could attempt to flee, but this ship was not made for running in. It’s likely they’ll catch us before we make it out of the solar system.”


“Oh, the dome just went down. Scans indicate only one life sign inside. I’d say that Sophia abandoned us.”

“It’s the logical maneuver.”

“What is our logical maneuver, Boss?” Alecia asked.

“Broadcast our surrender, time to find out what they do with criminals in this universe.”

“I’m not going to be your prison bitch.”

“Damn it Alecia be serious for once will you,” Ares growled.

“Is that it?” Uriel asked, “they just surrender?”

“Probably, their invasion had a single point of failure, and it just failed,” Owl answered, “you sound disappointed?”

“I didn’t even get to blow up the mothership, or anything the rods just broke apart.”

“Oh get over it, not a single landmass got hit. but we might have killed some whales.” Nightingale said, “one of you remembered to send out some tsunami warning right?”

“I handled that,” Ares said joining the conversation. “Are you ladies just going to talk or is someone going to board that thing and get me some prisoners?”

“I’ll do it,” Owl said. “I have some things to talk about with my ex anyways.”

Her robot landed on the surface of the saucer and drilled a hole into one of the corridors creating a seal at the same time. Jumping through the formed walkway didn’t quite work as planned.

She had expected artificial gravity, but it apparently had relied on the portal for that, forcing her to navigate a corridor that had been made for gravity. “Stupid shoddy engineering, HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF REDUNDANCIES?”

“That’s what I kept you around for honey.” Ares said over the intercom. “But then you went and betrayed me, so that went out the window.”

“My heart bleeds.”

“I wish it would.”

“Aww, you’re too cute.”

Owl did make good time without the gravity, arriving in the control area before Ares could formulate a retort. It was just him and a completely normal looking Alecia. Owl opened her mouth to say something, but Alecia cut in.

“No, I don’t want to be here for whatever you two have planned. Be it thinly veiled sexual tension or a slap fight.”

Owl threw a glowing green disk at Alecia when she caught it she vanished into the air.

“Teleport Beacon? Straight to prison?” Ares asked.

“Pretty much, now it’s just us.”

“Are you going to hand me over too? Or deal with me yourself?”

“Hand you over, of course, I’m hardly one to judge. I helped back when I was all angry.”

“Now you’ve got a whole calm thing going on, what’s your secret? Yoga.”

“Ok this is going nowhere, we have nothing to say to each other.” Owl threw a beacon at Ares.

“It’s pretty,” Alecia said staring up at the portal, “I can’t believe this worked.”

“It was your plan,” Gaslight said.

“Yeah, but my plans suck.”

Blackbird chuckled, him, Bluebird, Firebird, and Koi were all standing a bit farther back from the portal. Gaslight was sitting with her back against the base of it. Ares was descending from the sky, “they surrendered, it’s over.”

“It isn’t over quite yet dad,” Alecia said.

“What are you planning?”

“Well I went to all this trouble to capture me a portal, it would be a shame not to use it.”

“You want to shove a nuke in the thing? I know a general who would donate several to the cause.”

“Why would I send a nuke? I have something so much better, something that won’t just destroyed a few kilometers of ground, but bring an entire empire to it’s knees.”

“Why do you have something like that?”

“Because I can’t get rid of it.” Alecia started running towards the portal, “Tell Keanan I love him.” She dove through.

There was a partially stunned silence, “did she just?” Koi asked.

“Yeah, and she can’t come back that way. That portal is one way right now, also really far off no simple task coming back, even for her,” Gaslight answered. She got up and stretched brushing flaked of dried blood off of her dress.

“I suppose we’re going to have to send someone after her,” Ares said. “Maybe I can send the Na’thrim.”

“I’ll go,” Koi said starting to walk towards the portal.

“No you won’t Jessica, I’m not sending a kid behind enemy lines for an undetermined amount of time.” Ares looked over at the three fairies, “I don’t suppose I could convince you guys to go could I?”

“Oh hell no,” Bluebird said, “she’s on her own. My advice, don’t send anyone just collapse the bloody thing.”

“Now, now stop it with the bickering. Alecia left very clear instructions about the portal.”

“She did? It worries me that she thought so far ahead.” Blackbird said.

“Yeah, it’s simple. Once she goes through wait five minutes for her to clear the opposition. Then follow.” Gaslight said.

“What?” Ares shouted running at Gaslight. It was too late as she fell backward into the portal; it evaporated behind her. “I’m going to get into so much trouble for this.

“Oh hey, you made it,” Fey said to Gaslight. She had slipped through the portal unseen earlier. There was a crunch in the distance as Prysim punched her way through a turret. “If we move now she might leave us some scraps.”

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