Epilogue 1

Gaslight took another step leaning on her cane heavily. Far more heavily than she needed too, although she still needed it more than people suspected she did. Asking Alecia for a quicker recovery only lead to a stricter rehab schedule, and being told to suck it up.

Alecia had then flown to the other continent, this world only having two, to fight the loyalist forces. The death of Ares, the three Alecia’s and those others hadn’t done much to the empire; it was too damn bureaucratic to fall that easily.

Now Gaslight found herself being followed around by two of what Alecia called freedom fighters, Gaslight called them zealots. They looked the part, in full dark body armor, guns vaguely resembling Kalashnikovs, and an absolute willingness to die for her.

They were also wearing the armbands, black strips of cloth with a crossing Wolf and Cane over a white sun. The symbol Fey had designed, all members of the freedom fighters wore them, and their supporters, and anyone who wanted to profess their loyalty to the cause.

She had to detour around a fallen statue, the head of which was on the path to the government building. At one point it had looked like Ares, now it had been too defaced to tell.

She took the steps slowly, a loud crack ringing out through the otherwise quiet courtyard from her cane on the marble steps. Her guards didn’t follow her up, only the upper members of the movement were allowed to use the front entrance.

Her secretary was waiting at the top step, tall, bald, very pleasing to the eyes, and a total fucking sociopath. He wasn’t the only bald person in the building, a good two-thirds of the people moving through the lobby were.

No one was quite willing to explain why the sudden fashion trend, but it had first shown up in those working directly for her. Unlike Alecia and Fey she had taken in interest in redevelopment, as those two instituted a scorched earth policy against the loyalists.  Gaslight suspected it was people’s way of professing a more personal loyalty to her.

Gunshots rang out in the distance, and Gaslight looked questioningly at her secretary. “Rioting in the lower south district again Ma’am, the peace legion has been sent down to pacify them again.”

“Damn it,” Gaslight said rubbing her head. It wasn’t quite bald anymore, but she refused to wear a wig or cover it up, she wanted to watch it grow out. “They had better be quick about it; I want to rebuild that area properly soon.”

The governments building was a holdover from the empire, but someone had found the time to redo the floor. It now sported a large version of the symbol Fey had created; it was even showing up on flags now. Underneath it was the words, ‘Prysimguard stands free’. The name; a joke from Alecia, that had managed to stick despite her objections.

Standing on the symbol were two more guards wearing more ceremonial uniforms wearing both the armbands and silver metals shaped as stylized canes. Her secretary started talking as soon as they entered the building. Food production was down, spies caught, some dissenters lynched.

She couldn’t quite understand why everyone seemed to think she had all the answers, she was thirteen for fucks sake. Still petition after petition arrived, until she pawned the task off to others, now she only heard reports on current events, and two other things daily; just to make sure everyone was doing their jobs. It was easier to replace to replace people than to re-educate them on their failings.

Speaking of replacements her new secretary met them in the halls, as her old one was dragged off by two more guards. He really shouldn’t have tried to use his position to further his agenda. Maybe this new one would be better.

“I have some new social policy ideas; I’ll need to talk to the ministers about implementation.”

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