I don’t normally post things completely unrelated to my serials here but right now I don’t care. NASA FOUND WATER ON MARS. Liquid fucking running water on the surface. There could be living microbes, viruses, bacteriophage, shit we don’t have names for. Look if you like hard science fiction go read the Red Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, because I predict we’ll have a colony there in the next two decades. Also if you are looking forward to watching the Martian ( I know I am) the bit in the trailer about there being no water is no longer true. Anyways regular post on Friday, have fun with that one.



  1. Couple decades? Unlikely. The best bet is around 200 to 300 years. Or possibly wait until our ever growing hot sun gets hotter to the point that Mars will be in the conform zone ant pretty easy to fully terraform.

    That would take a couple million years but it is still possible.

  2. Hate to be a downer but normal water can’t survive without boiling off. This stuff is so salty and poisonous that not much can live in it.

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