Agent Sinclair arrived at the front door of Mind Hall at 8:45 Saturday morning. It took him 1 minute 30 seconds to make it to Lisbeth’s room. He knocked and got no response he tried again louder and still got not response. So he tried her phone, she didn’t answer that either but he could hear it ringing inside her room. Naturally he started knocking louder and eventually shouting at the door.

“Damn it Lisbeth, you have a bunch of people running like the sky is falling. OPEN THIS BLOODY DOOR.”

“What the in the prism is going on out here?”

Sinclair looked over at the newcomer, a small girl with glasses. She had come from the room behind him, the door said she was an RA. Authority was good, Sinclair pulled out his badge and showed it to her. FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF DREAM WALKER AFFAIRS AND INTERNATIONAL LIAISON SINCLAIR ROBERTS.

“I need this door opened or Lisbeth found now.”

The girl gave a start and rushed back into her room, Sinclair heard her calling someone, if she was smart they would have a key. Sinclair looked down the hall to see that some of the closer doors had opened and curious girls were poking their heads out to see what the commotion was. Well someone might know were Lisbeth was.

“Does anyone know where I can find Lisbeth?”

“Try Nerissa, room eight.”

One of the girls said, Sinclair didn’t catch which one it was, nor did he really care at this point. Nerissa, who was Nerissa, had Lisbeth found herself a girlfriend, since when was Lisbeth even interested in girls? Lisbeth had never been in a real relationship before, the thing with the twins didn’t count, maybe it would be good for her she might even start seeing the light in the world. None of this mattered right now he just had to find her. So he started knocking, calmly, on Nerissa’s door. At fist nothing, then the sound of a person falling out of a bed followed by some creative cursing.

“Just a minute”

It was the voice of a young woman, not Lisbeth she sounded different on the voice chat. There was the sound of shuffling around for a little while before the door was opened. Well shit. The dark-haired girl who opened the door was a real sight, not because she was pretty or that she had decided to open the door in a sports bra and panties. It was because of the massive bruise, it appeared to be worst on her left shoulder but it covered most of her left side, extending down her leg and covering parts of her face. It was mostly purple with some violet, yellow and shades of brown.

“What happened to you?”

“Two strong arms got into a fight and one of them fell on me.”

“Do you know where Lisbeth is?”

“She left a couple of hours ago, said she had a morning meeting to prepare for.”

“Who was she meeting with?”

Nerissa looked uncertain as to whether or not to answer him. Sinclair pulled out his badge again, this managed to cause Nerissa’s eyes and go wide and elicit a gasp.

“You, she said she was meeting with you.”

“Do you know where she was going to meet me?”

“She said you were coming to her.”

So Lisbeth had expected him to come, planned for it. How could she not after mentioning Denis, he was still fresh in everyone’s memories. So she was expecting him, why wasn’t she waiting for him or at least answering her phone. The only place he would know to look for her was her room, were her phone was. Sinclair’s blood ran cold, well colder, he had already been worried something had happened to Lisbeth and this confirmed it for him. Sinclair gave Nerissa a curt goodbye, he was worried about her but she was still in one piece. Sinclair walked back to Lisbeth’s room where the RA at been joined by an older man with a large keying at his belt.

“Can you open this door?”

“I am going to need to see some kind of credentials.”

Sinclair held out his badge for a third time, he was starting to get sick of it. The badge was mostly a formality and hadn’t seen this much use in years, Sinclair was a desk jockey not a field agent. Fortunately the man didn’t object and turned to open the door, he could have been justified in an objection normally but Sinclair wasn’t a cop and Lisbeth wasn’t a normal civilian. The door opened and Sinclair’s eyes fell on Lisbeth’s body.

The RA gave a strangled scream before fainting. The man with the keys turned an interesting shade of green and had to steady himself on the door frame or he too might have fallen. Sinclair took in Lisbeth’s petit nude form covered in her own blood.

Gods above, she was right I couldn’t save her.

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  1. Plot twist, anyways I decided I don’t really like Lisbeth. Next week we have a new MC, Meredith lord of the ocean.

    So I have been slipping in the rankings and would really appreciate some clicks on this link.

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