Technically there was no dress code to get in, you just had to be on the list or pretty enough. It wasn’t like this was a real religious ceremony anyways, just one priest and a couple ceremonial hymns before the drinking started. Well you also had to be old enough, not a problem for dwarves and elves since they didn’t have a drinking age. The humans had to be at least 20, and normally this would disqualify everyone Lisbeth intended to attend with, but somehow she didn’t think that would be a problem. She did still need to decide what to wear though.

Normally Lisbeth didn’t really feel the need to dress up, not that she ever needed to outside of dreams. It would be perfectly appropriate for her to walk around in pajamas, or rather it would be if she didn’t usually sleep in the buff. Makeup wasn’t really a problem since she had been taught how to apply a natural-looking effect. She didn’t have any idea what to wear however. Normally she wouldn’t care, but Nerissa would be there so this might just count as a date. She had never really been on a date. There was the thing with the twins, but that didn’t really count. Lisbeth kinda wished her breasts were bigger so she could fill out her dresses more. That thought didn’t last long as she gave a quiet chuckle.

“Look at me, I’ve been to parties with the richest and most influential people in the world who wanted nothing more than to buy me. And here I am wishing I had bigger boobs for a college drunk fest.”

No one answered Lisbeth, alone and naked in her pocket, just her and the butterflies in her stomach. Fine, what would Nerissa like best? She wouldn’t care about pretty, she was all about the prize. They would be going together so Nerissa couldn’t win her, but maybe protect her. Ok what would get a bunch of boys flirting with her? If daytime television had taught her anything it was either slutty or innocent. Nerissa wasn’t into slutty but innocent might just excite her. Lisbeth took a drink from a very expensive bottle of whiskey as old as she was, although it was not meant to be drunk like that.

“Fuck, still no idea what to wear.”

Since it was pretty much impossible to get into a pocket without permission no one had joined Lisbeth, so she was still talking to herself. She took another drink and started browsing the racks, idly pushing things aside. She managed to go through her entire collection twice before giving a scream of frustration and took another drink. Lisbeth, the small girl that she was, could already feel the alcohol going to her head, so she put the bottle away before having any more.

“Ok what am I going to wear?”

That helped in a way, a few things needed to be worn. Lisbeth retrieved a bracelet that looked like a small copper manacle and secured it to her wrist. It was also a pocket, albeit small enough that it could be bought on the open market. It had about as much space in it as a backpack, and she loaded it with the essentials. Phone, black book, pen, business cards, credit cards, ID, prepaid cards, cash, burner phone, fake ID, knife, and an un-opened bottle of dwarven rum significantly older than she was. Always be prepared. Now that she had an accessory all that was left was clothes. Well she could go naked, there was no dress code after all. It was tempting but no. Finally she closed her eyes and just grabbed something; it turned out to be a blue dress with a floral pattern, it would work.

Now dressed, Lisbeth realized that she still had an hour before meeting up with Nerissa and nothing to do but pace. She did so, but it got old quickly, and she decided to find something else to do besides wait. Thespice was out of the country, at minimum 12 hours away, so she might as well send him the message; it might improve the response time. Decided, Lisbeth walked up to the beast and woke it from its slumber.

Gatekeeper has entered the room

Privet Message to Thespice
Gatekeeper> You on?
Thespice> Working but yes
Gatekeeper> That’s ok, this is work related
Gatekeeper> I need a favor
Thespice> Anything for you Lisbeth you know that
Gatekeeper> How are your military contacts these days
Thespice> official or unofficial
Gatekeeper> whichever can get you higher up the command chain
Thespice> I have a general I can call but it will need to be something big
Gatekeeper> it is
Gatekeeper> I attended the wrong party and heard the wrong people talking about the wrong thing
Gatekeeper> could you convince him to put all domestic military bases in the northwest
Gatekeeper> on high alert in 18 hours and keep them that way for three days
Thespice> I might be able to do that but I would need some damn convincing evidence
Gatekeeper> remember how you though Denis had help for the first year
Gatekeeper> They were at that party

Gatekeeper has left the room

Sinclair groaned and reached for his phone. What had Lisbeth gotten herself into? Maybe this time he could save her.

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  1. And I introduce PLOT, instead of just some college stuff. Also since Monday I have posted three snippets and will be posting another in an hour or so. If you haven’t voted on the poll for the next interlude please do so Also please vote for me on Top Web Fiction.

    In other news I am doing a half marathon this weekend because I like the pain, or walking long distances your choice. Anyways I have started writing Arc 2 and the chapters are longer so far so I might keep that up.

    1. New reader here. Been noticing hints and whispers of her being an angel. Still wondering if she is actually an angel and whether she is immortal or not. I must know. You must tell me. Because if you don’t…… I’ll… ^}^!~£|!~€ )$?7<?£<?*<. And then I'll 74?:&/£|!~* and 7;!4$^?£| !

      If you don’t, I won’t tell you the secrets I replaced with random symbols >:D
      And I will be sad. ;(

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