“You’re supposed to be dead,” the armored Alecia said.

“I was, it stuck for like fifteen minutes,” the golden figure said. It was hard to tell if she was wearing a golden bodysuit or if she had painted herself. Somehow she was still technically decent enough for daytime tv. She had on a full face mask, shaped to look androgynous and made of angular lines.

Her wings were reworked; the clockwork theme gone. Before they had attached to her back, now they appeared to be growing from just below her shoulder blades, made of golden bones, formed much like birds. The large lenses in the joints were gone, and the feathers no longer made of metal.

Instead, the feathers were made of shards of stained glass, each shard barely bigger than a thumbnail. Also filled with imperfections, air bubbles of varying sizes.

“Oh. My. God. Did you pad your suit?” The armored Alecia said.

The golden Alecia didn’t answer with words. Instead, she attacked. All of the little imperfections in her wings seemed to glow gathering light. Each sent a laser of a different color pulsing into the armored one. Throwing her off her feet, and into a spider tank.

Many of the lasers had simply bounced off; some seemingly absorbed. A couple left scorch marks, and one left a hole. “Gotcha bitch,” Alecia redoubled her attack, not bothering with the wavelengths that did nothing and increasing the power of the others.

The armored Alecia slammed the point of her sword into the ground, a shield of white light thrown up that started taking the lasers without wavering. “I’ll admit, those are new. Little impressive, kind of spicy. What are they?”

“Me and mom made them awhile back, combining light and magic energy. I separated out the wavelengths for more control.” Alecia answered, “They can pretty much fry anything. Also, they have a bit of a kinetic kick for good measure.”

“I noticed, so the boobs?”

“Forget about the boobs, stop looking at my boobs. God that’s creepy.”

Koi, who had been working around the edges to get closer to her golden Alecia, failed to suppress a giggle. Alecia shot her a look that was indecipherable due to her mask.

“You knew we were coming?” The armored one asked.


“Faked your death so we wouldn’t be as prepared for you?”


“Somehow held the Na’thrim empire together to get enough firepower.”

“He was going to welcome me back with open arms; the empire would have never survived with him running things. The engagements only prolonged things.”

“You’re still going to fail.”

“How so?”

“Our defenses are perfect; you only have one person that can penetrate them. He isn’t strong enough to beat two of his brothers.”

“No, he isn’t, but she is,” As Alecia spoke Gaslight teleported in. Gone were her layers of makeup, the mask, and the wig. Her lacy dress had replaced with a shimmering dark evening gown. One side had a slit up her leg revealing a stiletto strapped to her thigh.

She absentmindedly rubbed her bald head, small surgical scars pink against her dark skin. With her other hand, she leaned on an engraved silver walking stick. “Was that my Que.?”

“Yes it was honey, now if you would head in and kill those boys, I would appreciate it.”

Okey dokey.”

“Are you still high?” The golden Alecia asked. Gaslight didn’t answer as she sauntered towards the dome, swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner and almost tripping over her cane. “Fuck, she’s still high.”

The armored Alecia attempted to charge Gaslight but got tackled to the ground by Blackbird exploiting the newly burned holes in her armor he started chipping away at it with a flurry of blows.

“Would you stop that already, a golem can’t beat their maker. Even if I wasn’t the one to make you.” She threw Blackbird off of her and started struggling to her feet. Her once milky white armor covered in burns and cuts. “This is starting to get annoying.”

“You could stop fighting our nephew and come after me. I won’t even use my lasers. Just you and me, mano el mano, except with less penis.” The golden Alecia didn’t give her much choice as she flexed her wings and moved in slowly.

She moved slowly, her wings did not. Her thousands of glass feathers launched themselves at the armor embedding themselves in it. They each started glowing, and a sound of metal under pressure rang out.

The golden Alecia charged using her body as a ram, her shoulder striking dead center. The armor collapsed inward, with a single jab she did the same to the helmet. A single line of blood trickled from it.

“I really should feel worse about this, I suspect I might later.” Alecia said standing.

“You are our Alecia right?” Koi asked.

“The one and only, for now anyways.”

“What does that mean?” Koi asked.

“Nothing, I don’t have any clones running around.”

“She’s probably joking.” Blackbird said.

“Probably,” Alecia echoed.

“What’s next?” Blackbird asked.

“Why are you asking me.”

“It’s your plan.”

“I suck at plans.”

“What’s next?”

Alecia sighed dramatically and walked over to the edge of the dome. She pulled a lawn chair out the air and sat down. “I wait, you all cleanup anyone still out here, or if someone slips out. As long as they keep the bombardment to a minimum up there we’ll be done in time for tea.

“Did you make Gaslight stronger on purpose?” Koi asked.

“I might not have helped her as quickly as I could have in preparation.” Alecia answered pulling a book out.

“You just let her suffer for your plan?”

“I know we’re friends Jessica, but you can’t forget I’m a super villain. I do not nice things.” Alecia looked over at Jessica. “Oh don’t look so horrified, I use to sell weapons to warlords. Just because I know Gaslight, doesn’t mean I’m not willing to use her.”

“Are you burning this bridge on purpose?” Blackbird ask.

“All part of the plan.”

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  1. I know I’ve been quiet in the comments, but I, too, am glad to see you back.

    I liked what Alecia did with the multi-wavelength beam-spam. It’s not that sensible of an attack… unless you’re just trying to find weak spots in your enemy’s defense. Then it’s golden.

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