“Well, this is unfortunate.”

“Oh don’t get snarky with me sister, you didn’t see this coming either.”

“I’m not the one who missed the fairy infestation.”

“I said there was no trace; I didn’t say they weren’t still here. You didn’t see them.”

“I wasn’t looking for them; I foolishly trusted you.”

“So we’ve established you’re a fool, and this is your fault.”

“No, we’ve established that you’re a bitch.”

“I thought that was already a fact.”

“Would you two please stop bickering, or at least just fuck already. All the sexual tension is annoying, and you’re giving us a headache.” A third voice rang out; the source was impossible to determine since it came from everywhere.

The two Alicias shut up, as much as they would like to snark at the boys this wasn’t the time; not when they were at their strongest. The peaceful silence didn’t last long however.

“You know we could just fuck and give them a show, they deserve it after working so hard.” The Alecia with the burning eyes said.

The two of them found themselves forcefully expelled from the dome, not a total surprise, of course; they had been heading out anyways. The Alecia with the burning eyes ignored the fire they were immediately enveloped in.

The other Alecia who was in what appeared to be milky white medieval ceramic armor just over two meters tall put up a forcefield. “Really Bluebird, again with the fire? It didn’t work last time, it didn’t work the time before that, it’s not going to work this time, and it won’t work next time.”

“Fuck you,” a voice spoke from the flames, as it did their intensity increased. The spider tanks started melting. However, the two Alecias ignored it.

“Oh look, zombies, how quaint,” the one with the burning eyes said. “I don’t get how she keeps thinking these tricks will work on up.”

“To be fair they’re more of ash golems with human souls bound to them, it’s a neat parlor trick.” the armored one said. “I mean if we hadn’t seen it before.”

“That’s the problem with these fairies, no creativity. Oh look here comes the kid.” As the one with burning eyes spoke Blackbird came into view approaching slowly, accompanied by Koi. “Oh my, is that Jessica? Orange is so not her color.”

“He’s like a legit threat, stand back.” The armored one said drawing a massive broadsword from her back it was half again as tall as she was and made of the same material. “I’ll take him, you deal with the gods.”

The armored one and Blackbird charged each other, his kukris unable to penetrate her armor, or pass through her sword. Her massive strength was more than enough to crush him with a single blow.

As they traded blows unable to cause any real harm, the armored one felt herself getting bogged down with the zombies that were clutching to her limbs hampering her movements.

“I thought I told you to deal with the gods,” the armored one shouted.

“Sorry sister, but it’s so much fun to watch you struggle.”

“Fuck you bitch.” The armored one said turning to face her sister.

It wasn’t her sister who had spoken, the one with the burning eyes was dead on the ground with a hole in her chest. Standing over her holding a heart in her bloody right hand was a golden winged figure.

Officially the ship Samaritan didn’t exist; it was a pain to keep it that way since it was big enough to be visible and recognizable to the naked eye on earth. Less officially everyone totally knew it existed, and you could pick up the action figure on the Air Force website.

In it’s five years of life since Uriel had personally added the last bolt she had never once been allowed in command. Two acts of Congress and an executive order explicitly banned her from ever commanding the Samaritan.

She leaned back in the commander’s chair with pleasure. It was just a matter of time before something big enough showed up, and they gave it to her, and she more than briefly considered no giving it back.

The Samaritan was fully automated requiring a crew of one, who resided in its heart. The ship being roughly the size of two aircraft carrier in line and was far more densely made, mostly with artillery.

“Is that honestly a robot the size of the empire state building sister?” Uriel asked.


“Please tell me that is not a chainsaw sword.”

“I will not, not tell you that.”

“Damn it Owl why? There are so many more efficient options.”

“I may have watched a lot of TV as a kid, besides we both know which movie you stole the Samaritan from.”

“This is simply an efficient design, unlike your robot.”

“Sure it is.”

“Oh my god you two, you’re almost as bad as my aunts. Could we please just get to work.” Nightingale cut in.

The disk for a lack of a better name began firing, not at the moon, the Samaritan or the robot, but at earth’s surface. It didn’t bother with missiles or any guidance. Just large rods of tungsten fired in such a way that they would hit land. A continuous stream of the things fired in almost all directions.

“Is their plan to just shoot the surface with those things until everyone surrenders?” Uriel asked.

“Pretty much,” Owl answered, “It works pretty well for them since their defense it pretty much impenetrable.”

“So what do we do?”

“Protect the surface,” Nightingale said.

“Knock them enough off course that they stay in orbit or hit the ocean because fuck the whales,” Owl answered.

Nightingale started tethering them together with ropes made of shadows; Uriel used gravimetrics to keep them in orbit, and Owl just started punching the rods. The Na’thrim sent out wave after wave of fighter craft that attempted to break up the rods enough to minimize the effect of impact.

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  1. I’m back, I’m updating, I’m rewriting, I’m working on a cover. If I work really hard I can finish the ebook before the last epilogue chapter comes out. Admittedly it would be cutting it close. Fortunately I just got glasses, turns out a lack of them might have been responsible for my headaches (my eyes suck apparently). So I can put in more hours in a day.

    Have fun all, I have chapters to work on.

    P.s. Don’t forget to vote.

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