Forty Five

Apologies are hard. There are all sorts of considerations that go into a good apology, and Lisbeth didn’t know what they were. Apologies, or at least big ones, that needed planning in advance, weren’t things that she had ever tried to deal with. Asking for advice was proving a fruitless task as well.

Typhon, for all of his supposed knowledge, started rambling about a world shattering fight he got into with one of his partners. When asked about the relevance that story had for her, he made his position clear.

“None at all. But don’t think you’re getting off easy with this one.” He then refused any more advice.

Mr. Lansky was worse. “You know I’m asexual right? I have literally never had to deal with a romantic partner.”

“I thought asexual just meant you weren’t interested in sex?”

“Yeah, but relationships are even more messy, never wanted to deal with those.” So yeah, he was useless in the relationship department.

Of course Atreus took the cake, or he did after laughing at her for a couple of minutes. “Before coming here I spent twenty years in a forest with a bunch of drugged up child soldier. I’m not sure I’ve ever had sex that didn’t involve cocaine. Besides why don’t you ask Atreus, he at least went to college?”

She would have tried the recruits, but even the newest ones had apparently heard whatever stories were floating around about here. Therefore they seemed terrified of her. Lisbeth still didn’t know why, but suspected Atreus had something to do with it. Mostly because every time she asked him he got all evasive.

Usual teachers having proved useless, and Lisbeth not quite willing to ask a god for relationship advise. Even if said god approved of said relationship. Since she wasn’t quite willing to just find the best way she decided to branch out to different sources. She would have considered Shelby, but Shelby had the weekend off, and was apparently doing what Lisbeth wished she was doing. The twins were a bad idea. This meant that she really only had one viable choice on who to ask.


“Hey Lisbeth good to see you. I’ve been worried.” Sinclair looked tired. He had deep bags under his eyes, and his suit was wrinkled. His hair was mussed up, and he had a slight odor of someone who hadn’t been home in a while.

“You look terrible.” Lisbeth didn’t quite mean it to come out as harshly as it did, but she wasn’t on the top of her game. Still very preoccupied with other thoughts.

“Work has been hell, pure hell.”

Lisbeth frowned slightly, Sinclair’s organization shouldn’t be dealing with the attack fallout. “I would have figured the community would be keeping quiet?” They were, mostly.

“They are, mostly. But the spying thing was big, we’ve even had some protests around the worlds because of it. Meanwhile the community is all nice and quiet, and already prepared with their own encrypted email service, that we can’t crack. They knew and all my superiors want answers.” Lisbeth smiled apologetically, but didn’t offer any words. “Meanwhile since I’m the member of the agency to have most recently worked with the immortal agency, and with my distinguished record. Thanks for that by the way. I have also been named the liaison between our bureau and the immortal agency. Meaning I get called to all of the meetings for the angel attacks.”


“No you’re not.”

“No I’m not. So what has the response been so far?”

“Our response as a nation, or our response as a species?” From the tone of Sinclair’s voice it was clear that those questions would have very different answers to them.

“Our nation.”

“Brilliant really, we’ve already restocked our orbital weapons platforms. We can have a significant task force at any city in under fifteen minutes. All major cites already have significant task forces stationed in them. The council is even placing Templars with them.”

“Sound great, how about as a species.”

“Embarrassing. We’ve already started selling off orbital strikes, and if countries don’t want to pay now they can pay when the angels attack. For a fifty percent markup of course. Yes we are advertising our prices. Templars are only being placed in the most developed and comfortable nations. The only good thing are rumors about a combined Templar task force the council is training.”

“It’s true.”


“Yeah, they even took the suggestion I had. Teaching all the Templars everything, not just the bits that their religion preaches.”

“So they might actually be able to beat the angels before we lose the city next time?”


“I suppose I’ll have to take that.” Sinclair leaned forward and rested his head on the table, with a dramatic sigh. “So, you didn’t call because you wanted to talk shop.”

“Not really.”

“Too tired for games.”

“I need advice.”

“I can do advice.” Sinclair looked up suddenly invigorated, with the prospect of something he could work with.

“I think Nerissa is pissed at me.”

“You think?”

“Possibly just very upset, and Meyer said she seemed betrayed.”

“Damn it, no.”


“I’m not giving you advice about your love life, get some female friends for that. I was hoping you had a stalker or got drunk and slept with the football team.”

“How is that better?”

“I can shoot a stalker, I can blackmail the football team. I can’t help with your love life.”

“I can shoot my own stalkers thank you very much. And what makes you think I would do something so irresponsible as sleeping with the entire football team. I have a girlfriend.”

“Who is feeling betrayed.”

“Damn it, give me something, anything.” There was a slight crack in Lisbeth voice, betraying that she wasn’t just being her usual playful self.

“Fine, this is what I tried in college and it didn’t work for me, but you might as well try.” Lisbeth leaned forward. “Find a good spot, get on your knees, and beg.”

Lisbeth threw a sugar cube at Sinclair. He didn’t dodge.

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  1. [Besides why don’t you ask Atreus, he at least went to college?]

    Considering this is Atreus saying this, I have no idea what is going on in that sentence. Was it a type, and meant to be someone else? Or is he referring to himself, in some weird way that doesn’t really make sense.

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