Twenty Five

Lisbeth didn’t have monday classes, she would have been content to sleep till noon. Nerissa on the other hand had a nine A.M. class, and didn’t believe in sleeping in anyways.  Somehow Nerissa’s nine A.M. class translated to the two of them taking a shower at seven A.M. Nerissa wasn’t willing to brave a shower as hot as Lisbeth liked it, the water pressure was also still shit. However unlike her first shower here Lisbeth enjoyed this one much more than her showers at home. Mostly because her shower at home didn’t come with an eighteen year old, dark haired, beauty; that she could just reach out and touch.

Since her mind was open and Nerissa was most likely following her thoughts. Lisbeth figured, why not? She reached out and got a good handful of Nerissa’s breast. It was odd, Lisbeth had never considered there to be much of a difference between the real world and dreams. Sometimes she even considered dreams more real, or at least more honest. She had always hated how many lies she saw in the real world; the hypocrisy of it all. Dreams were better, more honest, more true. Sure Lisbeth was technically still a virgin, but as far as she was concerned she had already been with Nerissa twice.

Including some fooling around with the twins, were she hadn’t noticed much of a difference between flesh and dream.  Nerissa turned crimson. Sorry, sorry bad images. There was something different about being here in the flesh, a spark, desire. Sure technically they had spent three nights together, but first Nerissa was injured, then she was injured. Last night just hadn’t been good. Now under the florescent lights, there was nothing about Nerissa’s wet body that didn’t appeal to her. Even the way she was subconsciously avoiding looking at Lisbeth’s still red flesh. Nerissa gave another start. Its ok, it doesn’t hurt any more.

It didn’t take much longer for Nerissa to pull Lisbeth into a deep kiss. It might have taken Lisbeth by surprise if her desires hadn’t been getting increasingly creative and detailed. Lisbeth had never considered herself all that creative, but she had a lot of reference material to draw from; mostly from nightly spying. Naturally just before things really got started Murphy reared his ugly head. This time in the form of someone entering the bathroom. The showers consisted of two rows of stalls facing each other. The stalls did have doors but they only came up to about shoulder hight if the occupant wasn’t too tall. So the newcomer to the bathroom got a very good view of Nerissa’s back as she pressed Lisbeth up against the tile wall, under the shower head. Lisbeth was panting slightly. Nerissa hadn’t been paying enough attention to hear the newcomer approaching, and the newcomer was just a little bit mortified. Lisbeth being shameless was the first to recover.

“Hey Shelby, want to join us?”

Shelby did managed to not blush. However her face did manage to portray an impressive combination of mortification and oddly enough, worry. It took a second for Lisbeth to work through why Shelby might be worried, then it struck her. Lisbeth slipped free of Nerissa and the wall. She walked forward up to the door using it to obscure the still pink skin covering her chest and abdomen. Shelby was wearing a big fluffy bathrobe, that looked a lot more comfortable than Lisbeth’s silk one. As cute and safe as Lisbeth found Shelby and to be honest how worked up Lisbeth was; she felt no desire towards her.

“Sorry, no Lisbeth. You know I’m not interested. Are you ok?”

Lisbeth had expected that answer but was still relieved when Shelby turned her down. It might have been the realization that she just wasn’t attracted to Shelby, or that she felt oddly possessive of Nerissa. She was briefly confused by Shelby’s question as well, and needed to work through the possibilities. She was clearly happy to be here in this shower and Shelby knew she was in a relationship with Nerissa. Was she talking about the angel attack? No, no reason to bring that up. Saturday, she was asking about Saturday. Lisbeth briefly considered telling Shelby she was fine, she was ok, all was well; but she bit back that lie.

“Not really, but I am working on it.”

Shelby accepted that answer without further comment.  She went to go find her own shower; she chose one that did not have a view of Nerissa and Lisbeth. Nerissa came up behind Lisbeth and pulled her into and embrace. She then whispered into Lisbeth ear.

“Please don’t do that again.”

“Do what?”

“Invite someone to join us, I know Shelby wasn’t interested, but others might be.”

“Ok I won’t. Besides I don’t think I want to share you.”

“Ohh Lisbeth” Nerissa cooed “I won’t share you.”

There was a just a tiny possessive hint to Nerissa’s voice. It made Lisbeth really, really wish Shelby was out of earshot.

It was Nine forty-five A.M. and Lisbeth was trapped. She had to return to her pocket to change clothes, but Nerissa had gone to class and Lisbeth had nothing to do today. So she had no where she needed to be. Because of this she was trapped. She could just walk out and go somewhere but that would require walking through her room to leave. The blood was all gone and the hole had been filled in with plaster. Her room now smelled of bleach and fresh paint. She had already turned down the offer from housing to move into a new room a couple floors down. Lisbeth probably should have taken them up on it but she was stubborn and wanted to fight this. But for now she was stuck in her pocket; with her beast, and it’s internet connection.

She tried to game for a while but was too distracted and couldn’t get into it. Then she tried checking on her investments. Because she was so heavily invested in the aerospace industry; her net worth had doubled overnight. If it wasn’t for the little demonstration yesterday, she would have expected some kind of governmental visitors over that. Now no one would dare. That didn’t take very long at all, so she started looking for other things to do. She stayed away from the news; she already knew what kind of articles would be available. Eventually she checked her email; there were three messages waiting for her. The first two were fact sheets, one detailing military losses and the other detailing civilian losses. Lisbeth didn’t want to see them; she read them anyways. The third email was short and simply informed her that there would be a board meeting on saturday to discuss recent developments.

Well fuck. Why would those assholes schedule a meeting now, I’ve only been here a week. Besides anything they want to talk about could be done in a dream. But nnoooo, I just have to get all dressed up and travel for a meeting; that could take fifteen minutes but will take four hours, because they will all want to sit around drinking shit beer. Not that some good wouldn’t come of it. She might have a chance to catch a real shower, not that she hadn’t enjoyed the morning, but it didn’t outweigh the previous week of bad showers. Besides she might get an opportunity to see her.


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