Jason didn’t know what to do. That’s a lie actually he knew what he should do, he just really didn’t want to do it. He needed to go talk to his parents and figure things out with them. He didn’t really want to talk to them however, that kind of conversation usually gets really awkward. Probably best to start from the beginning however. Jason had turned seventeen two weeks earlier, his problems had started a week after his birthday. Like all problems they started so small he didn’t even notice. He would miss when he tried to pick up an eraser or a pen, something simple. The real issues started when he fell through the chair in his room, fortunately he was alone at the time.

It was pretty apparent to him by the end of the week that he had developed metahuman abilities. He could phase through things, which was a really cool power or so he thought. The problem was after sneaking out to try his powers somewhere private their other aspect manifested. Sure he could phase through things on purpose, but if he was actually trying. Everything he passed through was reduced to dust, including his clothes. That was how seventeen year old Jason found himself alone in a field at night, naked about a mile away from home. So yeah he should probably go talk to his parents, but he really didn’t want to.

Fortunately he had an option that didn’t involve his parents. It did probably involve a certain amount of teasing, but he could live with that. His next door neighbor was named Olivia and she had been his best friend since forever. Forever being about eight years when she moved in and his parents convinced her to babysit. He knew she was like thirty something now but that really didn’t matter, as far as Jason was concerned she was his older sister. Admittedly a rather odd older sister, she had her quirks. For one thing she was a serious cape geek, she knew the names and powers of almost all of them even the really obscure ones. However she didn’t have any of the hero paraphernalia, or really anything relating to them in her house. Also she had one of those scary hush-hush security jobs, that pay really well but she couldn’t talk about. She actually worked from home, and had a lot of free time. He had seen inside of her office once, the place was a mess of cables and computer towers.

Olivia had told him to never enter her office, or disturb her when she was working in side. She had threatened to do something unspeakable yet highly creative if he ever did so. Despite his curious nature Jason wasn’t willing to test her on this for two reasons. The first being the tone of voice she used, there was something unnatural about it. All he knew was that when she talked like that mountains would do what she wanted without argument. The other reason was why Jason no longer entered her house without knocking. He had once walked in on her with a man she had brought home. She had interesting preferences to say the least.

So Jason found himself nocking on her back door well after midnight naked and mildly humiliated. Olivia answered the door wearing a silk bathrobe and nothing else. She really didn’t look to be in her thirties, she barely looked to be twenty five; she definitely still got carded at bars.  One look at him and she gave that lopsided smile of her’s that indicated she was trying very hard not to laugh at him. She did invite him in without further comment, so that was good. Olivia also got him a bathrobe to wear so he wouldn’t be standing in her living room naked.

“Start talking.”

“I kinda have superpowers and vaporized my keys, along with my clothes.”

“Between now and morning how likely are you to vaporize anything else?”

“No chance, I kinda have a handle on it.”

“Good, come back in the morning we have to have a talk.”

Jason was mildly surprised that Olivia didn’t press him for details and instead went to get her spare key to his house for him. Then he noticed a quiet moaning coming from her bedroom and realized he might have accidentally interrupted as Olivia called it ‘playtime’. She oddly enough didn’t seem all that upset. When Olivia returned with the key he did his best to make amends.

“Thank you, and sorry for interrupting your… umm…”

“It’s ok, they’ll keep.”




Jason and Olivia shared a fist bump before he headed back home.

Jason didn’t get any sleep that night and would have retuned to Olivia’s place at the crack of dawn. If it weren’t for two things. The first being that she probably hadn’t gotten much sleep either and the second that she wasn’t a morning person. He could of course only wait so long so he showed up at her door step at ten am. He had apparently not waited long enough, Olivia had yet to send home her companions. They were a guy and a girl that were in all probability closer to his age than her’s. They guy was making scrambled eggs and the girl was sitting at the table rather tenderly.

There was something odd about the guy’s movements, he didn’t appear to be paying any attention to what he was doing. At the same time everything he did was too fluid, if that makes any sense. What ever it was it didn’t seem natural. Olivia was looking incredibly satisfied with herself, kind of like a cat that had caught a bird. She invited Jason to join them for breakfast, he accepted mostly because she had that look, like it wasn’t a question. The next half hour was quite possibly the most awkward thirty minutes of his life. Olivia’s guests that she never quite got around to introducing didn’t seem to want to talk about anything without getting an OK from Olivia first. Jason didn’t understand why since all they talked about were some of the local heroes and their recent fight against some villains. After Olivia bundled off her guests, pinched the girls butt and whispered something in her ear about seeing her again soon, she got down to business.

“What powers do you have, and why did you end up naked?”

“I have phasing kinda.”

“Phasing is a great power, but I get the feeling the operative word here is ‘kinda’. Start elaborating”

“I can only phase on accident so far, if I try to do it on purpose anything I go through turns to dust. Hence my clothes, and keys.”

“Damn that’s really not good.”

“How so?”

“Even if you get full control of your powers, you are one accident away from murder. It’s called a lethal class power.”


“Well it depends on how your power deals with energy but yeah. You could probably turn most conventional materials to dust, including humans.”

“So what do you suggest I do.”

“Well conventional heroing it out, you couldn’t go up against anything that didn’t already have a kill order on it, that wouldn’t be fair on you. You would be great for search and rescue operation if you wanted to do that. Or you could make quite a bit of money doing mining type operations.”

“Are you sure conventional heroing is out?”

“We don’t let lethal class powers deploy unless we need something dead.”

“Wait, we?”

“Who do you think I do security for?”

“Ok that explains a lot actually, so what do I do now?”

“Now we go to a sporting goods shop and buy all of their tennis balls, then I spend the rest of the day hitting you with them. This evening I will introduce you to some other meta humans if you would like.”

“So you, like know the community and stuff.”

“Well yeah, who do you think those two I had over were.”

“Do you have powers?”

“Just a minor healing factor, come on lets go get some balls.”

Olivia as promised spent the rest of the day hitting Jason will tennis balls. She was complaining by the end apparently her dominant arm was tired because she had used it so much the night before. Jason decided that this was too much information and started pelting her with tennis balls as revenge.


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