First I’d like to apologize for a lack of updates and information on said lack. Here is what happened. First I ate the wrong thing had to deal with a shitty time, I got over it. Then there was a fire, it didn’t effect me or my stuff but it was close enough by to be extremely distracting. Then I had to deal with governmental shit, also distracting. Now I’m suffering from technical difficulties. My six year old laptop had been dying and is only operational due to a bad solder job and a single working fan. I get 3-4 crashes a day and while I keep everything backed up daily, with most important docs in the cloud I’m not willing to work on it. My Ipad which is still running strong, but the Bluetooth keyboard has decided now is the time to crap out as well. The keys keep sticking, usually ‘control’ ‘A’ and ‘delete’ (I am not kidding, it will delete a whole document and exit the program). The backup I had apparently has never worked, go figure. Because I’m on an island getting a decent replacement is difficult (because I’m not buying a pos that will break in a week) especial now that it’s monsoon season making leaving difficult. That is the current state of affairs. This isn’t me about to go on a donation drive don’t worry just explaining what’s been going on.

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