Epilogue 2

“Are you sure we’re doing this right?” Bernard asked.

The super-villain formerly known as Hercules, now known as Steve handed two more rocks down to Bernard. “Sure, dig hole, line with rocks, fill with fire. Couldn’t be simpler, I got instructions from the internet and everything.”

Bernard placed the last two stones on the bottom of the pit and started working on lining the sides. It was large enough for him to maneuver around comfortably, and deep enough that only his head was sticking out of the pit. “Why the sudden interest in cooking in a hole?”

“I’m retired; it’s oddly boring. So I’ve taken up online cooking classes, along with a few other hobbies.” Steve’s hobbies included six handmade wooden surfboards on one edge of the beach and a stargazing tower, easily seen from every part of the island.

Other wooden structures and sculptures now dotted the island, ranging from the mundane to the fantastical. “Dude, you’re not going to last at this rate. I could arrange for you to come back to the community as a hero, or disaster relief work.”

“I went to a lot of trouble for this island, and I’m staying here. I even convinced my daughter to visit on the holidays.”

“How’s that going?”

“She might be bringing her boyfriend.”

“Could be worse, I wish my daughter just had poor taste in men.”

Steve laughed, harder than was appropriate. Offering a hand to Bernard he pulled him out of the pit. “She probably does, I saw the pictures of that alien’s real face.”

“Don’t remind me, the union was trying to promote me to ambassador and send me to their home world. I had to shut that down hard.”

“So the imminent war people on the internet keep speculating about?”

“Not going to happen, but we will have to be on the lookout for passive aggressive attempts as colonialism.”

“Business as usual then.” Steve started throwing logs down into the pit until there was a good sized pile of them. He then dropped a small incendiary device to light them; Bernard suspected it was some detonator.

“No way that is how you’re supposed to light the fire.”

“I have some C-4, but you aren’t supposed to cook with it.”

“Ooh fire.” Keanan said as he floated over the treetops. “Jessica get the marshmallows.”

He was in his golem form looking pristine and not at all like he had been sparring with Jessica. Jessica was looking slightly worse for wear as she exited the trees, her visor cracked.

“Do you even have marshmallows, Steve?” She asked.

“Of course he does, my mom built the pantry and wrote the restocking algorithms, he has marshmallows.”

“Where does your food come from?” Bernard asked.

“I never got the chance to ask Alecia, and now I’m honestly afraid to find out at this point,” Steve admitted, “it just shows up in the pantry.”

“There is an unfortunate amount of black box Prysim tech floating around these days. I think people started finding her labs. We still haven’t found her money yet.”

“Oh it’s the NewYork stock exchange, and the Hong Kong one, and Australia.” Shatter said, “Also controlling portions of most investment banks, I get it all when I turn eighteen.”

“Why do none of you look surprised?” Bernard asked.

“I own most of the Shanghai exchange,” Steve said.

“I got a couple pharmaceutical companies, and a handful of controlling interests in some tech companies,” Jessica answered.

“Define handful?”

“Most of them.”

“Damn it,” Bernard, prevented from saying anything else on the matter as his phone rang. “I’m on vacation.”

“Sir, you and your daughter just escaped from the orbital prison.”

“Of course we did. I’m on vacation you guys can handle it.” He hung up on the man. “How long till we put the pig in?”


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  1. Well it’s been a fun ride folks. This is officially my first finished novel, you can probably tell. Rewrites for a much improved version are well underway and will eventually be published. I have this really pretty cover a Siberian girl painted and everything.

    Few things:

    1. Raising Angel updates will resume next Friday, I need to get back on track before I start writing it again. It will also be ending soonish, but not too soon.

    2. My next Serial will be called The Patchwork Chronicles, book one will be called Reaper. Not sure on word counts just yet, but it will be a multi-book affair, and urban fantasy.

    3. What did I fuck up? Seriously I want to know. I’m a third of the way into the rewrite and Gaslight and Cinder are already much better fleshed out. The Promethian bit got some foreshadowing, certain confusing things have been cut. So if you have any lingering questions, if certain things just don’t make sense, if there are any plot holes I missed. Please tell me. If I get enough questions I’ll put up a Q&A thing on Monday.

    Have a nice day all. (Also sorry this one went up late, it was wordpress I swear)

    1. Honestly, I was pretty damn satisfied. If there’s one thing, I can’t remember if you mentioned why this one family is so damn important in all these universes or it’s just the ones where they are that make contact with the others or something.

      Congratulations on crossing the finish line and I’m looking forward to the rest of Raising Angels and your new work.

      1. True, it isn’t really established why this family is so important. That said, the Badass Family trope is common enough that I didn’t really question it much.

        Also, I really enjoyed this. Don’t lose your sense of humor. Perhaps one of my favorite lines was “The cockroaches had it coming!” The conversation where Mag Mell discussed just giving Alecia to the lizardmen was also pretty damn funny.

        If you need ideas for improvements, the early story could use more description about fairies in general. Since some degree of dimensional travel is established, what’s known about other fairy courts, if anything? Also, the distinction between fairies and crazy fairies was not very clear, or how that related to Fey.

        1. Thanks, I’ve tried to clear up the fairies, but I’ll probably just try to simplify the whole thing. I can also be more explicit about their family, but mostly their the only ones that can dimension hop casually, and Alecia is like a wrench in history.

          1. Aside form that, all I can think of is lots of little spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. A beta-reader or editor is your best bet for that, though. I might do a couple chapters, but my work ethic sucks too much to promise to cover the whole thing.

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