In life Alecia hadn’t been known to the public, in death she exploded in popularity. Her extremely dramatic entrance to the world of heroes earned her the name of the Frozen God in death.

Her popularity was fueled by the lack of a secret identity, and the level of reverence other heroes were giving her. The fact that she fought part of her battle in the buff also helped.

After fierce negotiations the day after her presumed death it was decided she would be buried in the Heroes graveyard, despite never having been an active hero. The military would be providing the gravestone, where the budget or design came from no one could quite figure out.

Three days after her presumed death the funeral itself was held. The city had declared the day a holiday, and the funeral was open to the public. The coffin was carried in a lengthy procession from the heroes tower down to the graveyard by six members of a military super killer unit: a fact that would proceed to spawn no end of conspiracies.

Televised speeches made by her classmates who talked about how she had always been special, her father talked about her desire to save the world, and all the good she had done in her short time. Her mother then gave a short eulogy, even her adopted brother gave a few words.

Her best friend Jessica was nowhere to be seen for the funeral, rampant speculation about their relationship blew it far out of proportion by the internet, however, explained that away quite well.

Her grave was revealed to be a statue of herself reaching for the heavens with wings stylized to look like they were made of ice. Before being lowered into the ground, the coffin was opened so people could see she was actually in it, a long-standing tradition for heroic funerals.

Alecia turned off the tv, “wow dad did a good job with all the press, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I almost believe you were a hero. What did you do for the military anyways?” Gaslight asked.

“Mostly I worked as a spy for them; it kept things interesting for Prysim.”

“Do you even realize that you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Disassociate yourself from Prysim, like you’re two different people. It can’t be healthy.”

“Like you’re one to talk.”

“I suppose not, can we do this now?”

“Sure.” Alecia turned and grabbed Gaslight, ripping through her instinctual defenses as if they weren’t even there. Holding her still despite Gaslight’s struggled Alecia bit her on the neck hard enough to draw blood. At the same time, she maneuvered a capsule that she had hid in her mouth under Gaslight’s skin.

The capsule dissolved quickly rendering Gaslight unconscious. “Sorry about that dear, but we both know a needle would never have worked.” Hoisting Gaslight onto her shoulder they teleported out.

The plane that had long since run out of fuel, and it’s electrical systems burned out proceeded to crash into the Atlantic unnoticed. It was unlikely the fate of the plane would ever become known.

Ares turned off the tv and turned to the three girls sitting behind him. They were all identically dressed in simple jeans and white shirts. Their long dark hair was all tied back in the same manner; they had the same faces. In almost every way, they were identical.

Behind them playing chess were two black boys also identical, playing chess against each other. They were wearing simple black outfits with a machete attached to their belts.

“Well?” Ares asked, “Is she dead?”

The first of the three identical girls spoke, “after analyzing the fight and subsequent reactions of various bodies I would say there is a sixty-seven percent chance that our counterpart in this world is dead.”

The second added, “The Mag Mell fairies appear to have withdrawn from this world, an action they only take if they don’t intend to fight. Historically this only happens if they do not believe the world has a chance of winning. They did not seem to have a good relationship with our counterpart in this world. Also, the Terrorist is still active in this world, but she has been observed to have fought losing battles.

The third was the only one with a noticeable difference in appearance. The area around her eyes had been scarred as if they had been gouged out and replaced with glowing hot coals. “I see no trace of our counterpart in this world, to hide from my sight is possible, but not just something that happens.”

Ares was quiet contemplating the three answers he had been given. “We will proceed as if this world’s Alecia Marsh has died. However, contingencies will be put into effect if she is to return. How long till we’re ready?”

One of the black boys spoke, “Our powers will reach peak potential in seventeen hours, we can start importing troops now if you wish. We can’t be certain of their safety for another six hours, however.”

“Good, begin the imports in eight hours. Until then everyone rest.”

Hiding in the shadow of the moon a small scout ship relayed both the footage of the fight and Alecia’s funeral back to the mother ship, which had hidden itself behind Jupiter. It was only days away from being discovered due to its gravity affecting local space, but for now it just has astronomers scratching their heads in confusion.

On board, the high council watched the footage and proceeded to relay it to all the millions on board. As they watched thought of revenge dissipated and were replaced by feelings of camaraderie. After all, these humans were mourning the death of their crown princess.

“I don’t believe it,” Owl said watching the funeral, on one monitor, the aliens on another, and the growing beachhead in the dessert on a final monitor. “Her stupid ass plan worked.”

Mag Mell, which had been hiding itself in the Kuiper belt, started to slip unnoticed back to earth.

Don’t press meeeeee!!

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