“A prince?” Koi asked.

“Yeah,” Hercules said it a grin. “She’s in a sleep-like death, so we need a prince. That’s how fairy magic works.”

“Sleep like death, and a hole through the heart are different things,” Uriel said. Two panels on the back of her armor started shifting; a capsule rose up through the hole. It opened like a flower revealing Uriel in a flight suit partially wired into the capsule and partially wired into her.

“You know how fairies are, Shatter stick her on the slab will you.”

“Glamour,” Uriel said. A statement not a question, “how much of the fight was an illusion?”

“Fuck if I know, I just watched it on TV. If you want, answers get me a prince to kiss her, or true love.”

“Keanan, kiss your sister,” Ares said.

After placing Alecia’s broken body on the slab, as Hercules so delicately put it, Shatter shifted. While his real body had been sooty and covered in cracks, his human form was clean and neat. He leaned forward and kissed Alecia on the cheek.

There was a moment of silence as they all held their breath waiting; nothing happened. “Have any of you even read the old fairy tales? That was way too chaste, Koi you try,” Uriel said.

“What?” Koi said, the part of her face visible under her visor going red.

“Kiss our daughter,” Ares said with a grin. “We’d try but if Keanan couldn’t do it, there is no way we can.”

Jessica moved forward slowly under the expectant gazes of Alecia’s parents, a super villain, and Keanan. As she went to kiss Alecia on the cheek, Uriel cleared her throat, so she kissed Alecia on the lips. She practically jumped away from Alecia as soon as it was done.

Another moment of waiting for something to happen, but nothing did. “Well that was lame, you could have at least felt her up a bit,” Fey said from the side of the room. “Hercules you try.”

“Hell no,” Hercules replied, seemingly undisturbed by Fey’s sudden arrival. The made him the only one, as everyone else gave little jumps as she spoke.

“I know right,” Alecia said from the table. ”Way to make a girl feel unwanted Jessica, you could have at least grabbed a boob gone french about it, something.” Her speaking caused a second round of jumps as everyone turned to look at her. “I’ll try not to feel too hurt since my parents are watching.”

Hercules again seemingly unsurprised by Alecia’s sudden return to consciousness retrieved a robe that was in a hidden compartment in the wall. Alecia rubbed the hole in her chest off like it was one of those sticker tattoos, before putting on the robe.

“How long have you been awake?” Ares asked.

“Since Keanan kissed me, I did tell him that would work.” Alecia looked over at Keanan, “Why did you play along?”

“Jessica has wanted to kiss you for a while, figured this was a good opportunity,” Keanan said with a shrug.

Alecia patted him on the head, “you’re going to be a great wingman when you grow up.” Looking at Fey she asked, “anything unexpected happen?”

“No, I got all the civilians out of the way before there were any casualties. A few heroes got more injured than anticipated but again no fatalities,” Fey said approaching the group, “your death is already being reported by all major news outlets, they have your full name. We have four heroes talking about how amazing you were, on live tv. Also, the military has released a statement saying how sorry they are to have lost one of their brightest.” That last sentence came with an implied question.

“They tried to hire Prysim when that failed they hired me to keep an eye on her,” Alecia said dismissively. “Oh, I think I get a military funeral, with the guns and everything.”

“You do,” Uriel confirmed. “They still think of you as the reason they intercepted so many of Prysim’s weapon sales. You’re going to be awarded several medals posthumously.”

“Sweet, I’m gunna get the bling,” Alecia said. “Wait? How long have you known?”

“That you were Prysim? Pretty much the whole time, you did try to rob that bank with your science fair project in the beginning.”

“Oh yeah.”

“You’re known the entire time?” Ares asked.

“Yeah, it was funny watching you try to figure thing outs if she hadn’t shifted patterns it would have taken another year or two.”

“And you were ok with it?”

“Sure, I had my indiscretions when I was young too. Remember that kid in high school with the lightning powers? That was me with a Tesla coil in a backpack. I was three of your nemesis during college.”

Ares growled something incomprehensible as Uriel went on, “although I didn’t get knocked up quite so young, I’m still upset with Owl about that.”

“What is going on here?” Jessica shouted. “Why are they calling you Prysim,” she said pointing at Alecia, “why are you even here,” she shouted at Hercules, “and what do you mean anticipated,” she directed at Fey.

“I am Prysim.”

“I delivered the monster and made sure no one got killed.”

“Alecia pays great, you would not believe the retirement package she offers.”

“I’m done with you now; you can collect on that package now.”


Jessica shrieked wordlessly at the ceiling. “Keanan go comfort her,” Alecia said.

“Why me, shouldn’t it be you?” He asked.

“I don’t do emotions, I’d just try to kiss her and we did that once. Owl owes me fifty bucks.”

“What?” Keanan asked confused.

“What is wrong with you people?” Jessica asked.

“I married Sophia.”

“I was born this way,” Sophia said.

“I blame my parents.”

“Again, I’m just here because she pays well.”

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with me.”

“World War, I won.”

“Don’t blame Keanan he was just born into this family,” Alecia said.

“Is this all a game to you people?” Jessica asked.

“Mostly,” Ares answered. “It stops things from getting too nasty.”

“Speaking of nasty, we do have a war to plan for,” Alecia said. “It’s going to be so much fun.”

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