Ares couldn’t figure out where Alecia was going with this, dramatics aside how would she fake her death? She couldn’t just disappear in the dark, and if she encased herself in the ice, no one would believe she was dead. This many heroes would have her out in minutes.

The darkness cleared to reveal the battlefield, and he had to send off several messages for people not to enter. Alecia and the beast were encased in a layer of ice, not thick enough to hide them but enough to obscure their forms.

One of them appeared to have her hands around the others throat; the other had run her arm straight through the other. Ares couldn’t tell which was which, that would make retrieval difficult.

“Alecia has proven herself very durable, and the beast has not, it is likely she is the uninjured one,” Uriel said. To anyone else her voice would sound mechanical and unemotional. Not to him, he could hear it the worry and disapproval.

She would be having words with him later, both about secrets and about this plan. By now she knew it was a plan, or a ploy, or a scheme and be pissed she wasn’t in on it. Uriel did so love her schemes; he was half convinced that was the reason she had pretended to be a man for so long, just to see how long she could get away with it. It had made their first night together awkward to say the least.

A snap rang out from the two frozen figures, followed by several pops and a loud crack. A piece of ice slid off the back of one of them, and it started to stir, more bits fell and both figures were exposed. Despite their freedom, they both stayed as their were eyes locked in a death glare.

Finally and slowly Alecia withdrew her arm from the other’s chest. It came out clean, unadorned by blood or gore. The hole left behind was located where a human would keep their heart. Ares wasn’t sure if Alecia or the beast kept their hearts there, or if they even had hearts, but it was great symbolism.

“I needed that,” the Alecia with a hole in her chest said. “That was my favorite heart.”

The other one just hissed incomprehensibly in reply. ‘Our daughter had better not be missing a heart,’ Uriel messaged Ares privately.

‘I can’t guarantee that,’ he messaged back. He tried to look confident, but internally he was wondering if something had gone wrong. Then Alecia moved before she had been fighting not very well but fighting. Now she was acting to kill.

She created two long daggers more suited to the close range; she started at the edges and worked her way in. First the left leg and the right arm, sheering them off with precision. They were encased in ice even before they hit the ground.

The beast tried to retreat, gain ground but fell to the ground unbalanced. A dagger to the abdomen pinned it to the ground like a bug in a collection. Alecia then relieved it of it’s last two limbs, throwing them to the side and freezing them in their own prisons.

A horizontal cut cleaved its abdomen in half, Alecia kicked the piece out of the way. She was for the first time breathing heavily, lines of light tracing her entire body. The hole in her chest was glowing, wisps of light escaping like smoke.

“I fear nothing.” She growled as she slammed two daggers into the beast’s eyes. A final cut removed the head from the remaining piece of the upper chest; both were encased in ice separately.

Alecia stood and turned around slowly surveying the gathered heroes. The glowing lines on her body were fading even as more light escaped from her chest. “Well this has been a bit of a night,” she said smiling. Seemingly trying to take a step forward she stumbled and fell. “I’m a bit tired, I don’t think I’m gong to make it to the wedding, someone pass on my apology.”

The gathered heroes remained quiet and unmoving until the light from Alecia’s chest stop pouring from her wound, the glow fading into nothingness. Before Ares could make a move towards his daughter Shatter took the lead diving down into the pit.

Crossing an almost unseen barrier he was encased in ice and fell to the ground with a crash. He tried to move to get up, but was sluggish and sealed to the ground.

“All heroes, if you can generate heat throw it into that hole,” Ares shouted. Uriel started it off with a round of incendiary grenades and a stream of napalm. Other heroes threw fire or lasers, some just got close to the unseen barrier and started to glow.

None of these effects got very far, fizzling out as the crossed the barrier, but after five minutes of the sustained bombardment they started getting further. Shatter who repeatedly cast his fire spell on himself broke free of his frozen shackles.

Still his movements were painstakingly slow as he moved towards Alecia as she laid on the ice. Cradling her body gently as he took to the air, Ares joined him as he passed the lip of the hole. It took slightly longer for Uriel to reach them, Koi was riding on her left shoulder looking worried. ‘She had better not be dead,’ Uriel sent.

Ares agreed, and would have been more worried if Alecia hadn’t played up her death quite so much. How she might still be alive without her heart was beyond him. Shatter, however, seemed rather collected as he started heading north at high speed.

“Where are we going?” Koi asked.

“Just gaining some distance,” Shatter replied. Just then Ares felt the teleport take hold. It was different then Uriel’s more disturbing in a way, but he couldn’t quite remember it.

The chamber they arrived in was large and mostly empty, a good thing too since Uriel just barely fit. In one corner of the room were two stainless steel tables, one empty the other had a nude Alecia on it. Also sitting in a lawn chair reading a newspaper was Hercules.

“Oh, I guess it’s my turn then,” he said folding it up and standing. “We’re going to need a prince.”

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  1. Sorry this post is late, I had trouble deciding on just how things would be going down and it delayed me. Then the internet went on the fritz and delayed things further. Anyways it’s up now and I’ll see y’all on Friday.

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