Koi watched as Alecia was thrown into the air, her dress finally succumbing to the violence. As she rose through the air, it looked like her skin started cracking, through those cracks light poured out.

“The hell did she do to herself?” Koi said mostly to herself.

Uriel took the question as if it was directed at her, “I’m not sure what she did to her skin, but it appears to prevent sweating and doesn’t transmit heat well. To prevent overheating she stopped her body from generating heat and instead radiating light.”

As Alecia was engulfed in the flames at the apex of her flight, the cracks only got wider. Her form was completely obscured in the light as she began to fall to the earth. There was a crash of something that sounded like it had far more mass than Alecia should as she hit the ground.

A second wave of dust was thrown up into the air as the sounds of the battle started again. It was mostly the sound of things breaking, the pavement being crushed, some metal on metal. Actual sounds from the combatants were absent, Alecia’s swords would make a sound hitting the creature, and hopefully the creature wouldn’t hit her.

When the dust settled, it was still impossible to see into the hole, far too much light was pouring out of it, causing spots in Koi’s eyes when she tried to look at it. However slowly the light started to dim to the point she could see shadowy shapes moving, and even the point of origin of the light.

The hole had at one point been partially filled with water. However, that water was now frozen over giving Alecia a large area to fight on. A least half of the beast’s body had been frozen below the surface of the water as well. Bits of rubble were sticking up from below the ice.

The creature moved quickly doing it’s best to avoid Alecia as she charged it carrying a sword as long as she was tall. As it moved, bits of it would be left behind frozen to the walls and the ground. The cold didn’t seem to be extending past the top of the hole.

“Looks like it’s a battle of attrition then, whoever freezes first looses,” Uriel said.

“Will Alecia lose?” Koi asked.

“Not like this, it’s just a matter of time until she wins. I do have trouble believing that a creation of Prysim’s won’t have some ace up its sleeve.”

“It isn’t shapeshifting anymore,” Shatter said.

“Maybe she isn’t afraid of anything,” Koi said.

“Everyone is afraid,” Uriel and Shatter said in unison. They then shared an odd look with each other. Uriel continued, “everyone has a weakness buried deep in their heart.”

“Her body makes her immune?” Koi suggested.

“I hope so,” Uriel said, “I really hope so.”

It was then when the creature stopped running and seemed to turn inward on its self. Growing smaller, gaining arms, legs, head, it’s inky black skin gaining a pale skin tone, dark hair took form.

Alecia stopped attacking, entering a ready stance as the creature took its new form. It was her down to every last detail, well almost every detail the creature wasn’t glowing. Alecia didn’t seem surprised, either she was expecting something like this, or she was too deep into the fight.

Uriel had a different explanation, “I think her face is stuck like that.”

“What,” Shatter asked.

“Her face, I think her skin is so hard her muscles aren’t strong enough to change her expressions, that would explain why she was taking so much medication before.”

“Why just her face?”

“Less exercise, but she probably spent some time paralyzed before building up enough muscle mass to move again, I wonder who she got to take care of her?”

“Ohh, that explains a lot.”

“Do you know something Shatter?”

“Nothing I would like to talk about Uriel.”

They fell into silence as they watched Alecia and her double fight. With every move, her light seemed to dim until there truly was no difference between the two. With a great swing she shatters her blade across her copies face, it barely flinched as it rushed to in fight close range.

“Wow,” Koi said, “Is it just me or does she kind of suck at fighting?”

“Not just you,” Ares said flying over, “she can’t fight for shit.”

“I could beat her,” Shatter chimed in, “this is a really weird feeling.”

“Yeah, she always felt unstoppable, but just with fists I could win,”  Koi said wonderingly.

“You can’t tell right now because they’re so well matched but she is really strong, and pretty much invulnerable so that it would be difficult, but you could probably restrain her,” Ares said to Koi. “That’s the problem with people as strong as her, they never really learn how to fight properly, and why people like Hercules can still kick ass. To be fair she only got the strength recently.”

“How long have you known?” Uriel said, “about her powers I mean.”

“Figured it out about a month ago, she told me the full extent a couple of days ago.”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“Oh look something is happening,” Ares said deflecting the conversation into a new direction. Fortunately for him something was happening. Alecia and her double had stopped fighting, standing across from each other.


“Yet you quake in fear, child.” The thing said speaking for the first time.

“I quake in a lot of things,” Alecia said studying forward, the darkness around her hands growing, moving up her arms. “Fear has never been, and never will be one.”

“Fear me, I am the darkness in your heart.”

“Fear me, I don’t care, and never will.” Alecia charged forward, the dark exploding from around her enveloping the two of them and expanding. Filling their gladiatorial pit and reaching up into the sky blocking out the stars.

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