She was starting to feel cold again, that burning in her muscles. She needed to reduce the amount of heat she was displacing. The beast had figured it out and was increasing the number of tendrils trying to get past her, forcing her to make more shields.

To reduce the strain she set the shield size smaller, to create them only as big as the tendrils they were blocking. The creature couldn’t see although it did have ways of understanding what was around it. For exploration purposes however it had seeking tendrils, which would find a path and be followed by larger movement ones.

The movement tentacles doubled as the attack ones, they primarily relied on heat for locating targets, but could also use air currents. So she wasn’t being attacked quite as hard as the rest of the heroes.

“I wish I was still warm blooded.” Alecia growled to herself. She threw her two daggers and ran forward getting close to the main line of defense. The tendrils and movement tentacles had minor shapeshifting abilities, but this close we larger swelled appendages that packed the real whammy.

Before it even finished forming a human shape Alecia grabbed it by the throat and ripped it open, she continued pulling pieces off decapitating the thing in the process. As harm went, it was superficial, but in a spray of its blood she was splattered with gore. Most of the blood froze on contact with the air, but the rest froze with contact on her skin or the ground.

It wasn’t much warmth, but it was something. Still she was too cold; it was slowing her down. The beast’s main body lurched away from her and started moving south at speed. Either it had broken through the Heroes line, or they had let it. She gave chase happily entering the warmer air.

She harried the beast attacking any bits not moving fast enough with her bare hands, ripping them open and basking in it’s blood, making sure to run through anything on fire along the way. Her dress was surprisingly still intact, she had over-engineered the fabric if only she hadn’t over engineered the beast.

Ares in his full battle plate wielding a spear of fire came flying down incinerating a tendril sneaking up behind her. “Bombs are in place, you sure you can do this?”

“Of course I can, are all of Prysim’s nasties like this?”

“This is bad even for her.”

“I’ve not been giving that girl enough credit.”

Ares gave her a funny look like he was holding back something, or just couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Right we need to talk about that later, but now: Promethean?”

“What about her?”

“People are saying she’s you.”

“No, she isn’t, first time I met myself thought. She was a bitch.”

“Can you handle this?”

“I once punched the god of death and fire in the face; I can handle this.”


“Firebird had it coming.”

“Good luck, I love you.” Ares said laughing as he took to the air once more, the street below him becoming a place of hell. The surrounding buildings erupted in flames their outer walls collapsing. The creature lost its support fell to the ground releasing a howl.

At that moment, a second explosion went off a circular one cutting a hole in the street. Alecia, who wasn’t at the center, was hit by the blast itself, getting thrown violently into the air like a rag doll.

She stuck her tongue out at Ares as she passed him in the air, a surprised look on his face. At the apex of her impromptu flight, she good a good look at the surroundings. She was several hundred meters about the tops of the buildings.

“Wow Mom, you really over engineered this bomb. I guess I take after you that way.” She got a good look at the city. The stars couldn’t be seen even with her eyes, far too much light and it was growing. So much light.

In the distance were police lights, sealing off a large portion of the city. Even with the fight having been going on so long and well contained she could still see parts being evacuated. Above her circled two news choppers, there had been a third but is was caught in the blast. Three heroes were holding the occupants as the remains burned several blocks away.

The heroes themselves, there were almost a hundred of them even a few villains mixed in with the crowd. The Traveller was smirking up at her from a good vantage point with a gallon bucket of popcorn, asshole.

Some of them she recognized from the news, some she had fought, some she had only read about in their files. Uriel was easy to spot, of course, her massive power armor towering above everyone was standing closest to the blast. Koi and Cinder were behind her, having used her bulk as a shield.

Alecia briefly wondered how the armor hadn’t fallen through the roof of the building until she saw the anti-gravity pads. Those weren’t of her mother’s design; they were hers. Briefly annoyed before taking it as a compliment Alecia saw one last thing before the world was drowned out in the light.

The battlefield that the beast had retreated down was a wreck. Every block they had passed would be condemned, she had effectively destroyed the water system for this part of the city.

“I never noticed before; this city is quite pretty.”

Gravity took hold dragging her back to earth. Using short blasts of cold she aimed herself at the center of the hole that the beast had fallen into. The air beneath her still too full of smoke to see what she would be landing on. With a wink to Koi, she put herself into a perfect swan dive.

Falling back through the blast she felt warm to the bone, the light just getting brighter. Everything was banished before it leaving only shadows. “Once more into the light I go, once more into the fray.”

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