The battle had reached a stalemate. The creature couldn’t break through the heroes, but it could beat the back. At the same time, it couldn’t stop Alecia but it could slow her to a glacial pace.

Koi was worried that the beast had an edge if a slight one; its fear detection. It didn’t seem like too big of an issue at first, but after the ninth or tenth time of Shrek’s face appearing and coming for her it was starting to wear on her psyche.

Watching Shatter punch said faces to oblivion, and Cinder flambĂ© one helped but not much. She wasn’t the only one having issues either; the dead were coming back with regularity, multiple dragons, and some more general fears. The creature seemed to be growing an increasing number of eyes and limbs reminiscent of a spider.

“Damn it we can’t keep this up,” someone said over the comms. “Doesn’t that girl have a comm, we need to coordinate with her.”

“Probably broken, there isn’t much that could survive the temp changes she went through.”

“Well is there anyone who can go talk to her?”

“Telepathy is a no go; she’s shielded to the point she doesn’t even register as a living person.”

“We have people who can survive the vacuum of space, how can no one get close to her?”

“Space isn’t that cold; the real issues are the pressure differentials.”

“Not the point.”

“I might be able to get close.”

“Who are you?”

“Shatter Sir. My body can, in theory, survive extreme temperatures, but I haven’t tested it much.”

“Prysim’s golem? If she said you could handle extreme temps you can, go get us intel.”

Shatter, not needing to be told twice put down Cinder, who he was still carrying, before taking flight. On his way over the beast, he dropped three fireballs that instead of exploding seemed to stick to the beast’s skin. It didn’t like it but also didn’t seem too inconvenienced.

“Ooh it worked, I helped him with that spell,” Cinder said laughing, as he took his ax to another tentacle. Despite being so close to the front line, he wasn’t being attacked very hard. Probably since any part of the beast that got too close to him started to bubble, Koi was keeping her distance as well, he made her skin itch.

“Why aren’t you getting fear bombed like the rest of us?” Koi asked as she threw a piece of the beast at Cinder. They could reattach if not burned, frozen, or whatever it was Cinder was doing to them.

“Unless this thing decides to go night of the living dead on me, it doesn’t have much I fear, and I would have plenty of fun killing zombies with an ax.”

To their left a hero in golden spandex laughed, “zombies are great, I remember this necromancer a couple of years back somehow brought back the Mongols, again.”

“I remember seeing that on the news,” Cinder replied. “Didn’t you get your asses kicked at first?”

“Yeah you haven’t seen embarrassed like a bunch of heroes who got their asses handed to them by a Mongolian army. Ares had to come down and take command. I’m sure we have pictures of him charging the line in a loincloth on the back of a zombie horse.”

“That sounds great.”

“Yeah, heroes aren’t much without enemies. The better the enemy, the better the hero, like parasites and the immune system.”

Just then Shatter returned flying over the beast; it tried to stop him, but every attempt was met with that sticky fire of his. Some of the blasts were too close to him, so when he arrived Shatter was burning in three places. Despite being on fire, he was also covered in a layer of ice, each bit that broke off quickly reformed.

“Wow that was really cold, I actually felt that. Someone pass me a comm, mine broke.” Cinder pulled one out from inside of his coat and threw it at Shatter. “Why do you just have a spare?” Shatter asked.

“Be prepared and all that.”

“You were a boy scout?”

“I was until I developed a differing moral code, then I told them to go to hell. This isn’t the time, report.”

“Right,” Shatter said. ” She says she can keep it up for another day if necessary but at this rate won’t make any meaningful headway if we can’t stall it.”

“So what, she just wants us to keep it up and hope for the best?” A hero said over the comm.

“No,” Shatter responded, “she wants us to blow up the street.”

“I see no way in which that could go wrong.” A sarcastic voice said.

“Specifically blow a hole in the top of the storm overflow system main junction about two blocks south of here. While collapsing the surrounding building.”

“Why?” Ares asked over the comms cutting off the other speakers.

“Well, she wants us to blow it while the beast is over it, dropping it into the hole. Then she said something about a gladiatorial pit match.”

“She wants us to stick it and her in a hole? That girl has some serious balls.” Someone said.

“All heroes hold the line, we’re going to need thirty minutes to get this rigged up until then don’t give a single inch,” Ares commanded.

“Cinder pull back; I’m going to need you to set up a gas explosion in buildings 4-18 and 4-19,” Uriel’s mechanical voice said.

“Whoo time to blow some shit up, I love this plan.” Cinder cackled as he retreated.

“Does anyone know who she is yet? I’m having trouble agreeing with a plan set out by an unknown no matter how strong.”

“That’s my daughter; she specializes in off world relations,” Ares growled over the comm.

“Holy shit she’s the Promethean, different powers, but it’s her.”

“I thought she was dead.”

“Fuck me he’s right.”

“Who the hell is the Promethean?” Koi asked, deflecting another tentacle from her face.

“The Promethean showed up during the time disaster, saved pretty much all our asses. Back then she was using some lightning powers. Said she was Ares’ kid and made us all agree not to talk about it.”

“And none of you reported that to me?” Ares shouted over the comms.

“Well she asked us to keep quiet, and it was funny watching you try to figure out who she was.”

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  1. Love your Freaky, impossible to fully follow without a really, really twisted set of notes and charts, timey wimey dimensionally cloning crazy nightmare of a book. Sincerely, Me.

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