Alecia’s phone chirped with a new message. Just got the call, it’s started ~ A. She started humming a nonsensical tune as she adjusted her little black dress one last time and put the finishing touches on her makeup.

The deep red lipstick contrasted with her pale skin and long black hair that she a braided with red ribbons. It was the level of contrast that made good pictures. She had debated high heels but had decided on flats, even if she had a body that didn’t care about footwear didn’t mean heels weren’t silly.

This would be her first, and last time going out with her real face; circumstances permitting. The pictures would have to be damn good, besides might as well be a little vain. With one last look in the mirror, adjusting nonexistent stray hairs she teleported to the surface.

“Time to let the fox into the henhouse.”

“Acknowledged,” her phone replied.

She reappeared in an alley right next to a startled drug dealer. Who, after getting over his initial surprise, offered her a very good deal on some quality Molly. After saying that her body would burn through it far too quickly to be worth it, he offered some stronger stuff for people like her.

After politely extracting herself without getting involved in an illicit drug deal, Alecia made her way to club street. Club Street managed to have sixteen clubs within four blocks of each other, and a hotel that offered beds by the hour or the rest of the night.

It was still early, but being a weekend already populated. She could also see three heroes, one flying the other two on the rooftops. Thanks to an almost continuous hero presence crime was very low, the drugs being tolerated.

The Street itself was closed at nightfall, allowing Alecia to walk right down the middle singing to herself.

“Look at all these people,
Without a care in the world,
Look at all these people,
Without a clue,
I should learn some songs.”

“All heroes please respond, category red monster at club street. Three heroes on scene requesting all available backup. Monster is suspected to have been created by villain Prysim.”

“Koi responding,”

“Cinder responding,”

“Shatter responding,”

Koi spun on her heel to change direction they had been searching the dock along with several other heroes. Her team had been on the rooftops, but even as they responded she heard the sounds of other heroes doing so as well.

Three motorcycles revved their engines, what was with boys and motorcycles anyways? Cinder had tried to sneak one onto the last two budget requests. There was also the loud pop that accompanied the teleporter in the area. Shatter who was carrying Cinder made no sound as he flew on an intercept course to her but was unmistakable against the horizon.

There was a flash on the horizon; the illumination made their destination clear. The sky was swarming with dozens of flying figures, Koi also saw several figures, like her, jumping across the rooftops.

“What a clusterfuck,” Cinder murmured over their private channel. As they got closer Koi gained access to more channels for different heroes and teams, the system worked on proximity. Finally, she got access to the public channel for this incident.

“Who named it Murder-goose?” Shatter asked.

Koi didn’t answer as she tuned into the channel to find out what was going on.

“It’s breaking through the south side…”

“Not for long…”

“What’s with the faces?”

“Fear based shapeshifting, it works best on one target stay in groups…”

“I thought all the civilians were evacuated; someone get that girl out of here…”

“Belay that, she is not a civilian,” Ares’ voice stated clear as day.

“But what if I wanted some big strong hero to rescue me?” Alecia asked, sounding far too innocent.

“Stop screwing around, fight or get out of the area of engagement.”

“Understood, fighting, just to be clear this isn’t the area of engagement. This is my kill box, all heroes evacuate the north side.”

“Can she do that?”


“I don’t recognize her powers who is that…”

“They don’t look that dangerous…”

“Look at the ground, look at the ground…”

“Holy shit is that the Icequeen?”

“Negative, at least an order of magnitude more powerful…”

“Classifying her as a royal ice elemental…”

Arriving on scene Koi looked over the edge of her building to see the fight below. “Holy shit your sister is a badass.” Cinder cursed. Shatter grunted in agreement.

Seven stories down Alecia did battle with the monster. In her left hand, she wielded a massive sword of ice, in her right a shorter blade. She was wearing an absurdly short black dress, that was somehow unharmed and was barefoot. The ground beneath her feet was frozen, along with the street, and the walls of the surrounding buildings, up to the third floor.

Koi shivered as a gust of wind hit her, so cold her eyes started to water. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be next to Alecia, Shatter, however, had some insight. “That isn’t water, her swords are made of mostly nitrogen and some oxygen.”

“They have to be at least 55 Kelvin, barely anyone could survive that, I’m surprised we’re surviving that from this distance.” Cinder added.

“She’s probably protecting us,” Koi said.

Unfortunately, the beast qualified as barely anyone. It’s main body was a round black mass, suspended two stories from the ground by it’s tentacles. They formed a structure that might be described as a spider web made by a spider on meth. A haphazard mess of appendages latching onto everything and everything.

It seemed to by trying to push south through the veritable wall of heroes attacking with an unrelenting mass of tentacles. The heroes were holding it back, but not much more making no headway towards its main body. Heroes in the air and on the rooftops were trying to bombard it to little effect; it repaired damage far too quickly.

Unlike to the south where it was on the offense, to the north it was defending from Alecia. Halfhearted attempts to get past her ran into violently appearing sheets of frozen air. The tentacles would adhere to them and freeze, the frozen sections would creep their way up the main body until the beast removed that section. Attempts to attack Alecia were struck down with her blades to similar effect. Every blade she lost was replaced almost instantaneously, pulled out of the air her slow advance to the main body never halted.

“Shit,” Koi swore, “she isn’t even breathing hard.”

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  1. As you might have noticed there are some inconsistencies between this chapter, and the first one. Those are all on me, I’ll be editing the first chapter soon to fix those. I’ve gotten some new readers recently, welcome all.

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