-Bzzt- The T.V. went to static again as the intruder broke in, before coming back on a different channel. It was showing one of those direct to tv B disaster films, something about a plane coming to life and eating people. It didn’t make much sense.

-Bzzt- A televangelist was preaching about God, who would return. According to this one God, would appear descending from the heavens on wings of gold. He made about as much sense as the possessed plane. Less considering the number of gods who were confirmed dead.

-Bzzt- Super watch, a talk show that pandered to the lowest common denominator. It consisted of four washed up heroes who hadn’t amounted to much as real heroes. They were discussing nothing. The Kim family was quiet, the Traveler hadn’t done anything. The fairies had gone completely dark, Prysim hadn’t done anything public in almost a year, except for the horse thing, and she wasn’t there for that. The villain community as a whole was a quiet, and the heroes were just as quiet.

The hero talk presenters kept speculating about the quiet before the storm. Oddly enough they weren’t wrong, but they thought it was the Kronos war again. Just went to show how out of the loop they were, even Foy knew the Kronos war preparations didn’t look like this.


“How are you doing that? With the static, that isn’t an old tv it shouldn’t be able to produce static.” The intruder asked. “Are you playing a video of static or something?”

“You break in here, 15 thousand meters above sea level and at near supersonic speeds, to ask about how my tv works?” Foy growled back.

“Well yeah, I already know the answers to every other question I could ask. And I think I suppose to start with small talk before getting to the serious stuff.”

“Damn it Prysim, just get on with it.”

“Shit’s going down on the surface; we have two armies about to show up both of which are bigger than ours,” Prysim said.

“So?We have you don’t we?”

“Well yeah, but I might be dead by then. I’m not going to bring myself back for this. They’re going to know who the kid was by then, so they’re going to be hesitant to let you do anything.” Alecia paused, “it’s also going to give your therapist a heart attack.”

“I liked him,” Foy complained. “He was a good therapist. He was good with my brand of crazy.”

“Unlike me, I just offered to cut you up and rearrange your squishy bits,” Alecia said.

“Fuck you for offering it like that.”

“What?” Alecia answered standing from the seat she had been occupying and walking behind Foy. “Don’t you want a body as perfect as mine?” She wrapped her arms around Foy’s shoulders, hugging her from behind.

“Perfect? You think you’re perfect?” Foy scoffed. “You’re a monstrosity, I doubt you can even call yourself human anymore.”

“Human?” Alecia laughed, directly into Foy’s ear. “I don’t think I’ve once ever referred to myself as human. Humanity can’t handle me, they can’t handle you either.”

“Are you trying to tempt me to the dark side? Giving me the not so different speech?”

“Fuck no, I have more self-respect than that. We are two different beasts, well I’m a beast. You’re a statue waiting to be carved.”

“Are you to be my Pygmalion?”


“Dude who made a statue and fell in love with it, had a kid with it.”

“What? No? Eww? If anything I’m my own Pygmalion.”

“Are you sure? Because you’re bordering on the bad touch right now Alecia,” Foy said.

Alecia practically flung herself away from Foy. “Sorry I was trying to be comforting, you’re going through a lot of shit right now.”

“Your comforting sucks, you do know I don’t like touching right? I kind of hate people even seeing me.”

“Is it because of your body?” Alecia asked from her place on the floor.

“Of course it is, why do you think your offer is so tempting and I haven’t thrown you out of this plane yet?”

“My charming personality?”

“Your personality sucks Alecia, considering how much Koi worries about you; you suck as a friend. You suck as a parent since Keanan has seen less of you than Koi has, and he still loves you by the way. I’m not sure how much you suck as a villain, but you seem to profit off of them more than you are one. You suck as a child considering the amount of porn involving you that you’ve sent to your parents.” Foy got up from her chair, “as far as I can tell you only have one redeeming quality.”

“My surgical degree?”

“You don’t have one.”

“I got an online veterinary degree once.”

“Does everything revolve around you?” Foy asked, “wait don’t answer that.”

She was too late Alecia answered, “I think it does yes. I’m beginning to suspect that isn’t a good philosophy on life. But given what Owl was up to everything in the past three or so decades might have been influenced by my arrival in mind.”

“Can you get anymore egotistical? The sheer enormity of that statement is sickening, you realize that right? You just keep breaking shit.” Foy shouted, as the fuselage of the plane groaned.

“Well yeah,” Alecia answered. “That’s why I’m planning on killing myself, and I want to take you with me.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because we’re not so different.”

“Oh Jesus fuck Alecia, I’ll do it just stop talking.”

“Sweet, I’ve got some pills for you, two a day, and this tracker so I’ll be able to find you.” She pulled the prescription bottle and a phone out of the air. “I want you to take this plane dark until you see the stone angel on tv.”

“That’s cryptic.”

“Yes, it is, when it happens, I’ll come for you and we’ll get down to the fun bit.”

“Why are you doing this? I know why I’m saying yes, but why offer?”

“Because I need my Rose.”

“Oh, that’s not creepy at all.”

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