Thread, Needle, and Hercules were all concentrating rather deeply on the task before them. Their attention was not wavering even as they threw death threats at each other. Finally, Needle threw his controller to the ground.

“Fucking blue shell, fuck. I’m getting you back for that.”

Thread and Hercules ignored him as they competed for the top spot. Hercules seemingly fell behind, before sniping Thread with a red shell. He threw his arms up in a victory pose before standing and turning to face his defeated opponents.

“HA, suck it loos,” Hercules cut off abruptly as he noticed Ares standing behind the sofa. “This isn’t what it looks like.”

“You aren’t gloating over your defeated enemies, who’s ages combined don’t equal half of yours?” Ares asked.

“Age and treachery, got to keep the young upstarts in line.”

“I know right, little punks don’t know how easy they have it.”

“Back in my day if you wanted a plasma cannon you had to build the damn thing yourself, now they can just order one online,” Hercules complained.

“Wow, you two are old.” Thread stated, “are we going to fight? Or are you two just going to complain about the younger generation for a while.”

“Nah, we’re having a moot. Prysim went to get the others.” Ares said with a grin.

“Ooh, I haven’t had a good moot since that time in Nairobi,” Hercules said, “Remember Uruguay?”

Ares started laughing, “With Lambia and Gorgon fighting? That was a classic. What ever happened to Lambia?”

“She died about twelve years ago when Chernobyl went up.”

“If you two could stop chumming it up, what the hell is a moot?” Needle complained.

“Sorry it’s not often we get to talk, but moots are neutral,” Hercules explained, “look you know how the public accuses heroes of being in league with the villains and orchestrating things? Well, moots are when we do it.”

“We don’t do it quite as often as we’re accused of, the last one that didn’t end in violence was ten years ago,” Ares added.

“You being here, does that mean you know about,” Needle trailed off, not quite knowing how to finish.

“Prysim’s identity, yeah,” Ares said.

“Damn, that’s the shit,” Hercules said. “I’m not sure what I would do if my daughter found out about me.”

“I’d say fifty-fifty she already does, it’s harder to keep secrets from family.”

“That’s going to nag at me.”

“You see that it does old man, I’m going to show these upstarts some proper driving.” With that, Ares nabbed the P1 controller and took the center seat on the sofa. “Why do you two steal so many damn sofas anyways?”

Alecia showed up about an hour later, accompanied by the smell of smoke, and burnt plastic. She was naked but almost decent due to the sheer amount of ash and soot that coated her body.

She didn’t say a word as she stalked through the lounge and towards her room. She didn’t even mock Thread, and Needle, who were currently getting their asses kicked. Age and treachery were indeed winning. Hercules let out an exaggerated shiver, “I don’t think it went well.”

Alecia was now sparkling clean, literally the remaining water droplets were causing her skin to sparkle reappeared twenty minutes later. “So the fairies won’t be joining us in this endeavor, they might still be pissed about the missiles.”

“How many missiles did you have to shoot to piss them off?” Hercules asked.

“I didn’t fire any. Also, we never got an accurate count.”

“So what happened to your clothes?” Thread asked.

“Firebird and Bluebird tag teamed me,” Needle snickered. “Alright, you ingrates everyone into the conference room. Let’s do something that would destroy the public’s faith in superheroes forever.”

“Just us?” Ares asked.

“Well we don’t want more villains, you can handle the heroes end, Owl turned me down for reasons, and I can’t contact Fey.” Alecia said.

“Owl called me; I’m in,” Fey said from directly behind Alecia. Who cursed spun around and backhanded Fey across the room. She crashed into the wall with a crunch creating a large splatter pattern.

“Oops,” Alecia said sounding not remorseful in the slightest. Fey for her part simply stood up unharmed. “How did you get in here, you can’t teleport anymore.”

“Your password was easy to guess, might want to fix that,” Fey said seemingly unconcerned about being surrounded by her blood.

“I used a random number generator.”

“Like I said, easy.”

“Ok everyone into to conference room,” Alecia growled.

Once settled in the room that until this point had never been used, but was still very well appointed Alecia took command.

“We are currently faced with several issues that I care about, and by proxy the rest of you care about. For reasons. These problems are as follows.” Then started writing on the whiteboard.

2)Alien invasion
3)Inter-dimensional invasion

“Ok let’s start with number one; we’re already beyond the point were killing her is an option, the heroes can’t afford her going rogue. She’s just too damned powerful. Ares, I want you to let me take her off the board.”

“I thought you said we can’t killer her?” Ares asked.

“We can’t, I want to remove her from play. I’ll give you the details later. Also, I want to throw her at problem 3.”

“Fine for now, but if anything happens you have to deal with Koi.”

“Fair enough, moving on to problem 2. The aliens who are going to arrive filled with righteous fury, I want to throw them at problem 3 as well. This will require getting them on the side of the heroes. Details for later. Problem 3 can be taken care of through the use of problems 1 and 2, also a bunch of heroes.”

“Problem 4 is the big one and the common thread. Number 4 can deal with number 1, caused number 2, and actually isn’t responsible for number 3 at all. Yay, me. Not only that, but in the long run she is the most likely to cause chaos in the future.”

“I think our best option is to kill her.”

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