Fifty Four

“Are we seriously just doing this right now?” One of the twins asked as they flanked Lisbeth. “We haven’t planned any of the specifics yes,” the other one said.

“Meh,” Lisbeth replied. “I’ve been putting this off too long anyway; let’s go blow up some shit.” She strode down the hall that was somehow large enough for the legion of angels following them.

They didn’t need to go anywhere; she was fully capable of opening a portal anywhere. For some reason it felt right, the castle had a location in mind. It didn’t force her to wait either.

After only the third left turn, the hallway opened to another large gathering hall. It had already been filled with all of the remaining drones, not her doing. The floor had a checked pattern, and the far end dropped off into a void.

Lisbeth knew what was expected, as she opened a portal just over the edge and activated the drones. Their eyes flashed before starting to glow with a steady light. Once their eyes had stabilized, they started growing their wings; the massive constructs of light.

The drone’s wings would have filled the room rather quickly, so Lisbeth sent them over the edge to the human world with a thought. It didn’t take them long, but it did clear out the space for her angels too for up ranks.

“What’s the human response time these days?” she asked. Looking over she shoulder at the four who were standing behind her; it was Atreus who chose to answer.

“It depends on where that portal goes; they figured out our pattern two months ago, so it was down to about fifteen minutes.”

“You were using the pattern I set out right?” Lisbeth confirmed. Mr. Lansky and Atreus both nodded, “Ok then, fifteen minutes it is. So any good gossip lately?”

“I hear this crazy brainwashed girl has been brainwashing people into an army and plans to blow up the world,” Atreus said with a chuckle.

“Well fuck you, anyone got anything interesting to say?”

“I very much doubt anything has happened of any real interest that doesn’t in some way relate to you,” Mr. Lansky said. “As such it’s kind of hard to come up with a topic to take your mind off what is about to happen.”

“Well fuck you too.” The twins remained silent wisely choosing not to join in the conversation. This lead to an early silent room for the sheer number of occupants it had. Now and then there was a slight rustle of fabric. Otherwise, no one spoke or even breathed too heavily.

It took about ten minutes for the tension in the room to reach a breaking point; Lisbeth was the one to crack. “I hope they’re on their game today because we are not giving them fifteen minutes to show, let’s move out.”

Lisbeth ran and leaped over the edge first, twisting as she fell to watch. The first of the angels followed her first, taking it in a stride that they had been deposited into the upper atmosphere. Unlike the drones, their wings were not made of light but real, massive feathery things. Which they spread as soon as they were far enough apart to not smack each other with them.

With the wings, their fall was arrested enough that the humans would have plenty of time to respond. If anyone asked, that was planned Lisbeth mused to herself. After the Angels had finished coming through Mr. Lansky and Atreus followed the last ones through were the twins. She closed the portal behind them, there was no going back at this point.

Twisting again she looked down on the scene she had orchestrated. It was a city burning; there already wasn’t much left of it. The drones had done a good job of hitting the larger targets, the most identifying landmarks. Looking down she couldn’t tell what city it had been, it was coastal but that didn’t narrow it down much.

The human forces were just arriving, jets were already on the scene apparently already out of their more explosive weaponry as they were down to just shooting the drones. It wasn’t entirely ineffective; they had a limited amount of power every hit made a difference, just a small one. The helicopters that were arriving on the scene we firing off their entire payloads before dropping off soldiers and pulling back.

There didn’t seem to be any civilians to evacuate, which was impressive. Moving that number of people in advance must have been quite a feat. However she had planned on a little predictability, and this was one of the reasons for it. The other reason was the glint of armor in the distance; the Templars could fly now apparently.

Why they insisted on full plate in this day and age boggled the mind, possibly it was just tradition. Actually that’s all it could be; their defensive spells far outstripped any protection the armor could provide. At least the helms were open faced, so their field of view wasn’t obstructed.

Where was she? Lisbeth was looking around but couldn’t find Nerissa, wasn’t she suppose to be responding to these attacks. There should be some sign of her, but there wasn’t. The military, the Templars, her angels, Mr. Lansky and Atreus, the Twins but no Nerissa.

The Templars didn’t seem to notice the angels at first since they hadn’t broken the cloud cover yet. They started with bombardment while working on surrounding the city. Their weapon of choice appeared to be balls of plasma; it was a good one if not very efficient.

Lisbeth estimated the number of Templars wasn’t enough to take down the Drones. At this rate it wouldn’t even be a fight, the numbers were just too lopsided. Had she miscalculated? It seemed unlikely she had pushed hard enough.

“Come on, humans are supposed to be better than this. Prove me right.”

Atreus and Mr. Lansky died, not given enough time to react. At the same time, Lisbeth was hit with a hail of plasma.

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  1. Sorry for the late update, I’d tell you why its late but all involved parties signed a confidentiality agreement to be broken for maximum embarrassment of someone else. Also sorry for any mistakes this was written on zero hours of sleep, it was written when I should be sleeping. The world is kind of fuzzy right now.

    Look we all know the drill, could you please click on the vote button and give me one?

    Also I want to draw attention to the WFG patreon page Chris has done a lot for the community and sending some money his direction is good for everyone involved.

    Also an idea is being passed around, what are your thoughts on a web serial magazine?

  2. Oh. Cute. Caught up and people joke about missing the link to the next chapter.

    In case no one else has, I would like to add that the problem exists in most of the archives, for both this and Defection. I’m not sure how many times I needed to use the table of contents to get to the next chapter.

    1. I’ve almost finished the writing of Defection so I’ll be getting back to writing Raising Angels hopefully in the next three weeks or so.

      Sorry if I have missing/broken links I’ll try to fix those.

      Edit* Defection links should all work now.
      Edit2* and all the RA links are fixed too.

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