If you haven’t heard by now, there was a massive quake in Nepal. Here is a Reddit thread in it are charities you can donate to, and resources for finding people if you know anyone who was in Nepal when it happened. I don’t subscribe to any religion, so I’m not going to rage against God, or say he has a plan or anything like that. Natural disasters are senseless things that don’t care about us. I’m sorry for everyone who has been lost, for everyone who has lost both their loved ones and their possessions. I’ve been to Nepal several times, and it’s jarring to see pictures of things I knew that are now only rubble.

I’ve registered with and contacted others about going to help with the aid work. I wish I were a doctor or a nurse if only so I could go sooner. If I do go, I will be obviously putting everything on hiatus until I get back. It probably won’t happen in the next week or two.

Fuck I was in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami, and I lived in Sri Lanka at the time. I hate this.

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