Still on Hiatus, but a couple of rewrites have just gone live. The prolog and ch1 were rewritten a while back, and put up a while back. Ch 2 also went live a little while ago. But I just uploaded the rewrites of chapters 3-6. I’ve done my best not to change anything and just improve the writing, but Prysim did get a bit more Ham in places, there is some retroactive foreshadowing, and chapter 6 now contains Prysim’s origin story. If you want to take a look and tell me if it’s an improvement or not, or if I’ve accidentally introduced plot holes I would appreciate that.

In other news it’s unlikely there will be any updates next week, but I will try for the week after that. I apologist for the delay on updates. To everyone who saw the original hiatus message I’m sorry for airing my issues at you. To everyone who didn’t see the original message, I bet you’re confused as to what’s going on.



  1. Rewrites are much better, and it does do a little forshadowing for the Terrorist reveal. A few mistakes, but its maily missed quotation marks and stuff, ill go put a list together on each page tomorow or something.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better btw.

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