Mal Meg didn’t have any weapons except for the people it carried. In effect this meant it was about as heavily armed as a country, this was before Prysim was allowed inside. As it was a place or possibly a thing made entirely of glamour, Rose could do some interesting things.

The most important of which was laughing in the face of c and relativity. Alecia had teleported; she had moved at .99999 c she had even once gone through a wormhole. She had never gone faster than c and had the universe just not care.

She spent twenty minutes trying to figure out when they would be arriving, when Owl walked in. “We encountered a scout ship.” She said. “They’re demanding the return of the promised Holy Queen.” There was an implied question in her voice.

“I can conclusively say I am not the one prophesied. She died in a house fire in Kentucky. You could say she was Kentucky Fried.” Alecia said, but not feeling it. If her calculations were right, they had been traveling since four days in the future. Fuck time travel.

“No, I couldn’t, so what do you want me to tell them?” Owl asked. She walked forward to look down at the papers Alecia had been working on. “Oh, don’t bother with this it doesn’t work according to math.”

“Fuck time travel. Also just shoot them down”  Alecia said. This was the point she was informed that Rose was a pacifist and wouldn’t allow weapons to be attached to the outside of Mal Meg. He also wouldn’t use Mal Meg as a relativistic weapon or assist in the making of relativistic weapons. “But that’s moronic. I always assumed this place had enough firepower to wipe a country off the map, most villains do. It’s why we didn’t bother you here.”

“We do have enough firepower to wipe a country off the map; we just have to do it manually. So suit up we’ve got a boarding operation.” Owl said.

“I am suited up. Do you like my new costume?” Alecia said giving a little twirl. Her costume consisted of a solid white jumpsuit that came up to just below her chin.

“I don’t mean to disparage your fighting skills, but don’t you have some weapons, any at all? Also, I don’t see any seams, how did you put that on?” Owl asked.

“Of course I do, I store them in pocket dimensions you think I would just go in like this? I have two suits of power armor as backup as well, and I put it on by drawing it out of the pocket dimension around me, slick right?” Alecia said grinning.

“Fuck, sorry, I just lost a bet. So that’s how your teleport tech works we were wondering.” Owl said. “Look who do you want with you, these are your aliens, so you get to call the shots.”

“I’ll go it alone, I want to try some things out without an audience. Also who won the bet, please tell me it wasn’t Fey.” Alecia said.


Prysim teleported onto the bridge of the scout ship. It was oddly reminiscent of old science fiction starship shows, which had driven her crazy as a kid. The captain was sitting in what looked like a lounge chair with four crew members arrayed behind him in a semicircle. These aliens appeared to have adopted the standing desk concept since they had stations with touch pads, but nowhere to sit. The walls looked like stainless steel, similar in design to her bases.

The aliens looked like a hybrid between anthropomorphic lizards and praying mantises. They had meant triangular heads, and arms that bent in the way that gave praying mantises their name. Their skin looked scaled much like a normal reptile except Prysim knew it was more or a scaled exoskeleton than just scales. The commander was a dark grey and appeared to be missing his tail. The other four were shades of blue and had very nice tails. That oddly enough gave her ideas similar to the one that had started this mess.

Prysim wasn’t just in her white jumpsuit; she had suited up properly; which wasn’t much more. Now she was wearing a helmet the faceplate was smooth appeared to be made of copper and polished to a mirror-like finish. The back of the helmet appeared to be made of clockwork that was ticking and gave the illusion of going deeper than it did. Prysim hoped this would raise doubts as to whether or not she was human or android on the forums back home. From the base of the helmet extended copper tendrils that branched out in a fractal pattern all down her body.

Not willing to give the aliens time to react, Prysim to rushed forward and punched the captain in the face. As Hercules had taught her, she aimed for a point behind the captain’s head. She didn’t hit that point; she did manage to cave in the captain’s head, sending him flying back into one of the others. She then moved at the one to her right. The aliens were no slouches; they had pride in their ability to adapt quickly, as the one she went for was already moving to block as Prysim threw her first strike.

The first strike hit at an angle the force was wasted, the second involved a flip and a twist of the alien’s hip. Prysim slid over it and found herself sailing through the air, crashed into the bulkhead. It suffered from superficial damage, Prysim’s pride took the brunt of the blow. By the time she was back on her feet, the four bluish aliens had taken a position in another semicircle this time around her. Prysim had a dream like that once.

“Well, don’t leave a girl waiting. Come on.” Prysim said even as she surged forward to tackle the one in front of her. She felt the tough exterior crack under her as she ran. The two of them didn’t stop until they hit the far wall, with a crunch that confirmed to Prysim that there were only three left. She turned and tried to build momentum to crush another one of them as she rushed at the one on the left.

That one braced as she crashed into it, but it seemed to have adapted. Instead of being thrown or simply crumpling under the force the alien caught Prysim and held her. The bottoms of the forearms seemed to be covered with small blades that started spreading her jumpsuit. The other two attempted to stab her from behind.

Prysim grinned from behind her mask. “Three at a time, that’s more like it.”  She summoned her wings.




  1. Bonus chapter, if you want more write a review. I’ve just printed out all of Defection and it makes a nice stack of papers, with any luck this will make it easier to do some rewrites. Love y’all.

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