Fifty Three

Appearance mattered, and so did drama. So Lisbeth went for a long dark dress that shimmered when the light caught it at an angle. She resisted the urge to change herself; there had been a time when she had wanted to be different. If only fleetingly, being a dream walker had let her play around with changing whatever she wished. Now it didn’t feel appropriate; she had started this with the same face she would be ending it.

Lisbeth looked at the twins and saw that they had finished gathering everyone. They had chosen, or it had been chosen for them a large audience chamber that looked like the inside of a gothic cathedral. Stained glass windows and everything, instead of religious themes, however, the windows depicted landscapes.

Looking down at the assembled angels Atreus and Mr. Lansky were standing on a raised platform on one end of the hall. Between them where an alter might be was instead a throne made of ebony. That would be a touch from Mr. Lansky, he did understand drama. Lisbeth figured it might be too much, but she did want some drama.

She waited just long enough for the assembled angels to start getting fidgety. Then she got her game face on, or in her case her wings out. Unlike the angels who had large feathery wings, Lisbeth had massive constructs of light, like the drones.

“I’m going now; I don’t think I’ll be back. I just want you to know I hate you.” Lisbeth said looking in the direction of her God. The God could hear her of course and knew when it was being addressed. Lisbeth couldn’t perceive any reaction, however, she could almost believe that it hadn’t heard her.

Lisbeth sat down in the throne, doing her best to lounge. Her appearance caused murmurs of surprise, but not as many as she expected. Lisbeth didn’t know if it was because they knew and understood what she was now, or if her name of gatekeeper just made it more expected.

Looking down at the assembled angels she got a good look at them for the first time. While they stood in lines twenty across theoretically uniform, she could still see the groups. One clump were clearly the former cheerleaders; another group had the look of professional athletes they were likely recruits of the twins. The large military group was probably the result of Atreus’ workings. Then there were the individuals, single people who didn’t fit in with those standing around them, Mr, Lansky’s handiwork. The rest of the groups, Lisbeth couldn’t tell where they were from, or who was responsible.

The first two rows however were her’s. They were some of the richest most influential men and women in the world. Some of them had those positions before Lisbeth had paid them a visit in their dreams, and convinced them to join in her agenda. So were well-placed people that had needed a little push. They were her’s in every sense of the word.

“You’re all mine; it was by my will that you all were brought here, it was by my will that your bodies were shaped. Some of you I shaped your minds, some I shaped your wills. Your thoughts are mine; your wills are mine.” Lisbeth said addressing the assembled angels. It wasn’t quite true, she hadn’t gotten to all of them, but close enough.

“A long time ago I stood before dragon that represented something far beyond my imagination. Now you all stand before me, in much the same situation. I was shaped into what I am now, as you were shaped into what you are now. Everything I gained was on the back of a single contract. One I cannot betray. All you have gained was on the back of a single promise to me. To do as I will, to be my hand in the world. As I have shaped you I have shaped the world, so now it is time for my contact to come up due. Thus, it is time for your promises to come due.”

“I gave up everything for my contract, my sister, my father, my love. So now I require that of you, you must give up your world, your attachments, your love. Because quite simply, you are all mine and have been for quite some time.”

“It’s all ending soon, I very much doubt all of us will ever be in the same room again. So I want to remind you all of one thing; you all chose this. At some point, just like me every single one of us chose this. We all said yes. It’s time to pay our dues.”

Lisbeth hadn’t been speaking loudly, but the acoustics combined with the hearing of the angels meant that everyone heard every last word in perfect clarity. When she was done talking the room was quiet, not a single word spoken, not even the rustle of feathers.

Then the clapping started, it filled the hall. Not by virtue of being loud but simply because of the absence of any other sound. It had a single source from behind the angels, Typhon who hadn’t been there during the speech. As Lisbeth looked down on those she had corrupted to her cause, he looked up at the one he had taken for his own.




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    Little bit of news today, I got my first review on WFG, so please go thank Billy Higgins or check out his serials ( Because of this Defection review there will now be a Defection update on Wednesday. In his review, he mentions how crap my writing was especially at the beginning of Defection (not in that many words, but he has a point). The prolog and the first chapter have gotten some edits/rewrites nothing plot-critical has been changed, but they look nicer and should read easier. I hope to do up to chapter 5 by the end of the week. I also hope to have a new vote incentive by the end of the week, and sleep I should sleep. I’ve had 5 1/2 hours of sleep in the last two days; I’m going back to bed y’ all.

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