Defection – Ultra files excerpts

Codename: Prysim

Real name: Unknown

Sex: Assumed to be female based upon speech habits, a female artificial voice, the design of some of her powered armors, and thirdhand reports.

Age: Unknown assumed to be in her late teens. This is based on psychological analysis, certain pop-culture references her estimate body size, her once saying she had just gotten her license, and her once referring to herself a jailbait.

Family: Mother of hero Shatter, sister to independent Fey

Mental condition: Variable ranging from erratic to extremely grounded, she seems to be less stable in-between pulling large jobs. This is consistent with others who have a similar power set.

Casualties: No confirmed kills

Power Set: Hyper intelligent, no known other powers but suspected of minor magical abilities

Specialization: Prysim doesn’t seem to exhibit any specialization. Although it has been called ‘anything she can cram into a suit of powered armor,’ this is not a valid specialization type. She has exhibited exceptional abilities in the areas of stealth, AI, teleportation, computer security, and general powered armor construction. She is also theorized to be able to set up large-scale production, which is usually prohibitive with super tech.

Known associates: Due to her status as a weapons manufacturer and supplier she is connected with most of the super-villain community, although she sticks to dealing with the more stable elements. Her notable associates are her former henchmen Thread and Needle, Owl of the Mal Meg fairies, and the Kim family.

Known enemies: Any enemies Prysim develops in the super villain community have a habit of getting permanently retired. Most recently the Mare, who was recently captured and appears to have been depowered by 95%, and Jack, who is considered deceased after 85% of his total body mass worth of remains, were recovered and confirmed to be his.

On the hero side, she hasn’t escalated any altercations to a personal level with the exception of the Marsh family who she seems to have an unhealthy fixation on. Particularly with Uriel, who Prysim has made a habit of copying her creations and then releasing improved versions on the open market. Prysim also created a video of Alecia Marsh (Aleciagetshorsefuckedandscreamslikeabitch.avi) this is assumed to have been a prank and not a threat however it’s still being taken seriously.

Patterns: Prysim appears to belong to the thought school of go big or go home. Any small job she does is simply a built up to what is usually a massive payoff. Literally in most cases, to the point that it is occasionally detrimental to the structural integrity of the device. Prysim takes her personal security much more seriously and has never been seen outside of a powered armor suit. She has never been seen wearing a suit not capable of A class combat.

Other notes: Prysim has been noted to HAVE A MASSIVE COCK and FUCK ALL DEM HOES.

*note^1: What happened to Prysim’s file?
*note^2: We don’t know, we can only add stuff not delete or edit it, I.T. can’t figure out why.
*note^3: Maybe it’s because you all have small penises unlike me and my HUGE COCK.
*note^4: Damn it Prysim stop messing with your file.
*note^5: All employees should refer to the other file on Prysim since this one is compromised
*note^6: All employees should refer to the physical copy of Prysim’s file since all electronic files are now compromised.
*note^7: All information on Prysim should be transferred orally since all files on her are now compromised.
*note^8: I bet you think you’re hilarious.
*note^9: You bet my sweet ass I am.

Codename: Sleeper

Real name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Powers: Unknown

Notes: Do not enter the reality found at attached coordinates.


Organization: Kim family

Position: Gods of Korea

Number of members: Eight

Powers: The Kim family all have the same powers or similar enough that differences haven’t been cataloged. Their powers appear to be hereditary unless they adopt and grant abilities. The Kim family appears to be made of hard light constructs allowing for self-repair at an accelerated rate. They are capable of flight, light projection, and heat manipulation.

Weaknesses: [Classified]

Organizational structure: They stand at the top of the Korean government, but their internal structure is unknown.

Mental condition: [Classified]

Notes: [Classified]

Due to the political nature of the Kim family their file will not be declassified except during a state of war.

Codename: Soul Thief

Real name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Age: middle-aged

Family: Unknown

Mental condition: unstable to the point of being incapable of interacting with other humans.

Casualties: 476 confirmed deaths, 683 suspected deaths, implicated in the destruction of Hiroshima.

Powerset: Power thief. He targets powered victims that are unable to resist and kidnaps them. The victim’s skin is then seen to be added to his ‘cloak’, which according to heroes with life sense state is still alive. He can use the powers of every skin currently on his cloak, although slightly diminished.

Known Associates: None

Known enemies: Every known hero and villain would take an opportunity to kill the soul thief if one were presented.

Pattern: The soul thief remains dormant for extended periods of time in the wilderness until someone with a power he wants appears. At which point he travels in a straight line to his victim and claims their skin before going dormant again.

Codename: Mal Meg fairies


Codename: Traveler

Real name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Age: Early forties

Family: Unknown

Mental condition: Sociopath/stable

Casualties: Unknown (operates as a contract killer but doesn’t leave any signature)

Power: The traveler travel wherever and whenever he wishes to, skipping the intervening space and time. He can’t change the past from the perspective of anyone apart from himself. All of his action in the past have already happened. He can rescue himself from incarceration or situations that might lead to his death.

Known associates: Due to the nature of his abilities his current associates might already be dead from the perspective of the rest of the world, or not born yet. Keeping track of them is a futile effort.

Known enemies: People who are going to make a habit of getting in the Traveler’s way don’t survive long enough to become an issue for him.

Notes: He has slept with every member of the British monarchy

*Note^1: Can someone fact check that note?
*Note^2: No supporting information, but we can’t edit it for some reason
*Note^3: Oh cool I can totally add anything I want BOOBIES, thanks Prysim
*Note^4: No problem Traveler, always glad to dick over the heroes
*Note^5: Damn it Prysim stop screwing with our files.

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