Fifty Two

Lisbeth woke up in her bed in her room in the castle. She couldn’t quite remember the last time she had woken up here. Her room hadn’t changed it was still familiar and comfortable. Lisbeth despised it for that, she wasn’t the one who had decorated it, or the one who had added the childhood toys. It was the perfect representation of a room a young girl should have, and she hadn’t done a thing to make it that way.

She wasn’t the only one in the room, the twins were there apparently waiting for her to wake up. They sat at the end of the bed, apparently mirroring each other. There had been a time once when she could tell them apart, not anymore. They had apparently started modifying themselves with magic to be more similar, that wasn’t a skill she had given them. So it must have been Mr. Lansky or Atreus. Whichever one it was had done a good job, the twins were identical down to an almost atomic level. Lisbeth wouldn’t have been surprised if even their memories were the same now.

Lisbeth had her theories on why they might have chosen to do it. The most likely being her, over the years she had been a bad influence. To get an actual answer would require asking, and while she wouldn’t admit it, Lisbeth liked the possibility that it wasn’t her fault. They wouldn’t lie, so she didn’t ask.

“How long was I asleep?” Lisbeth asked.

“A little over twelve hours.” One of them answered. They even turned to look at her, in the same way, at the same time.

“Should I even bother asking which one of you is which?”

“No.” One of them said. “To be perfectly honest we lost track a while back.”

“I have abused you two haven’t I?”


“I have to get ready, if I could meet everyone in about an hour or so, I would appreciate it.”

“Sure thing.” The twins rose as one and walked out of her room.

Almost without thinking Lisbeth moved herself into the bath. She had known she could do that, but she hadn’t expected it to be so easy. Something about what she was now wasn’t suppose to exist, maybe that’s what allowed her to play with the rules so easily, but still it was disturbing. Lisbeth had thought she understood how the immortals operated.

Now it was just so easy, as a human there was no immediate feedback from magic. If she wanted to know something she had to cast a spell, if she wanted to know the progress of a spell she would need another spell. Now all she had to do was look, and the answers were there. She could see every twist and corridor in the castle. She could see the twins walking away from her room, Mr. Lansky and Atreus were talking. The thousand angels doing various things, talking mostly. They didn’t seem to have many kind things to say.

Was this what it was like for all of the immortals? The easy ability to know everything, to change the world at will. No, she had to remind herself. Lisbeth was stronger than most of them already. It was no wonder, however, how they had gotten so messed up over the eons of omnipotence. Even here in the presence of a god, whose very existence burned in Lisbeth’s mind just thinking about. She could still feel them watching.

Thousands of minds watching, mostly her. Some were watching Mr. Lansky and Atreus some the twins, but the vast majority were watching her. Lisbeth could feel the intent of those minds, the boredom. That was the secret to why she could do this, to why her god could do this. It wasn’t because they were that much stronger, it wasn’t fear, it was bribery. She was being the most interesting thing, and the others let her because it was entertaining.

Even Bill hadn’t truly wanted to stop her, he was just fulfilling the role according to the rules he had decided to follow. A good fight could be interesting, and a show had to follow an inherent logic. Ending the world would make for a boring show, but two lovers fighting for the fate of it? A good show.

Lisbeth sighed as she let herself sink beneath the water, with the sound of the fountain murmuring pleasantly in the background. She supposed she should feel embarrassed bathing while so many were watching, but that would be a little hypocritical. As a dream walker, she had watched so many others at their most vulnerable. Her kind had made a game and profit off the of drama of others. The dream walkers had been amateurs really, working on such a small scale, now she had entered the big leagues orchestrating a show on a planetary scale.

Or maybe she hadn’t, how many were really involved. Well everyone, but how many had a chance to do something to change something. Nerissa of course, but she was in a preordained role now, she was the hero. The angels and templars were both pawns to fight and die. Atreus and Mr. Lansky were her pawns, to do as she bid, any chances they had of changing things ended with her return. Then there was the twins, did they even realize the role she had set for them? They had a choice to make if she had left them with enough will to make it.

As she came up for a breath she didn’t really need Lisbeth knew it was time to get going. Just as she could feel her god burning in her mind, she could feel that she was required. Lisbeth moved herself to her wardrobe to find something appropriate.

“Does it matter?”

Outfits aside did it really matter. To someone who could see everything, was the right appearance even worth the effort. Of course, her god had chosen the right appearance, changing more than just clothing every time. So maybe it did.

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