“So what’s this big secret you keep hinting about?”

“I’m showing, not telling. So stop asking, and follow me.”

Jessica was leading Alecia down the stairs of their school, Alecia knew that according to the blueprints all that should be down here was a boiler room. Jessica had been hinting at some kind of secret for a while, ever since Alecia applied for a medical exemption from physical education. This was actually the fourth time Jessica had tried to bring her down here, but normally Alecia had ditched school as soon as she could to deal with her own rehabilitation schedule.

She had finally relented to come see this big secret. Which is why this Friday she wasn’t on the treadmill in her base, but still in school apparently headed to the boiler room. The janitorial staff didn’t seem to clean down here too often, with the collection of spiderwebs on the ceiling and the dust on the sides of the hall.

The didn’t stop at the boiler room but went one room farther. Which shouldn’t have been there, Alecia had seen the school’s blueprints, that room wasn’t there. It also had one of the sturdiest doors in the building, made of what appeared to be solid steel. The door didn’t have a lock, but it looked heavy enough to be difficult to open without enhanced strength.

This was proven true as Jessica gave a grunt of effort as she pulled it open revealing what appeared to be something of a clubhouse inside. The walls were covered with posters, mostly of scantly clad women, but also some men in exceptional shape. It was lit with an impressive number of Christmas lights that covered the ceiling in a glowing mat. In one corner, was a hyper dense weight set, something Alecia had just started using herself. There was a couple of beaten down chairs and two old sofas around the walls. A bookshelf filled to capacity with a truly impressive variety of topics.

In the center of the room were three boys and two girls playing poker at the room’s only table. Alecia recognized them as the other students who had medical exemptions and had P.E. at this time.

“Welcome to the medical exemption chamber, where we stay out of sight so the school doesn’t try to do anything with us,” Jessica said. “Also I’m preemptively banning you from poker, we both know you’ll count the cards.”

“I literally can’t help it,” Alecia said throwing herself onto one of the sofa’s dramatically. immediately regretting that action, before remembering that her skin was mostly impervious to everything. Even whatever was growing on or had been spilled on the sofa.”I always just figured out guys left campus, or hung out in the library or something.”

The dealer spoke up. “Liability, the administration doesn’t like it if we make a habit of just fucking off as we please. Once in a while is fine, but if we don’t stay on campus most of the time, they’ll find something for us to do.”

“As Jessica said,” one of the girls continued,” if we just loiter around they’ll find something for us to do anyways. So we spend our freedom hiding in the basement, playing cards, and telling shitty jokes.”

“The jokes are really bad,” Jessica confirmed.

“So me skipping out these last couple weeks?” Alecia inquired.

“Well, you get more leeway than the rest of us, being an active and all. But yeah, if you keep it up we’re all going to get sent to the library.” The dealer said.

“So what do you do here besides the cards, that I’m not allowed to play, and the jokes?”

“Homework, books, and a projector under the sofa you’re on. We do have a console and a couple of games too, but mostly we just hook up our laptops and watch movies.”

“And here I was expecting pagan sex orgies, you’re all boring.”

“We try our best.” The guy who hadn’t yet spoken said.

At that moment, Alecia’s phone chose to ring. It was sent to silent, but a couple of different numbers could override that function, and play their specialized ringtones. Her lab for instance was set to play the song Renegade. Alecia held down the answer button one a second longer than necessary, to send the message that she wasn’t alone, and the call could be overheard.

“Alecia, remember when you joked about the ex with the doom armada?” Hercules asked.


“How much of that was a joke?”

“I prefer my reality to be more amusing than fiction. Did he call?”

“Yes, he wants to get married, he’s even offering you a part of his empire. If you say no he is bringing his armada with him.”

“Oh dear, that could get complicated, let me get back to you.” Alecia hung up. The others in the room were looking at her but didn’t look worried. Except the dealer, who she suspected heard everything, and he looked a little ill.

“Are we about to be invaded, and by who?” The dealer asked.

“Well I can’t pronounce the name of the empire, but yes, and they’re aliens,” Alecia said. “Don’t worry too much, I can probably take care of this before they arrive, but I am going to have to miss more school. At this rate, my attendance will be so bad I can’t graduate.”

“You don’t have to deal with it by yourself you know,” Jessica said. “The planet is full of heroes who would all jump at the chance to take down an alien army.

“There are complications, also his ships all come equipped with planet busters, so I can’t let him come too close,” Alecia said. “I’m going to need a space ship, neither Uriel or Prysim tech teleports have the range.” That last bit was directed at herself as she started mentally creating a checklist of thing she would need, and people she could bring with her.

She also didn’t notice as she started chuckling and sending messages on her phone. Having forgotten about the others in the room. This was going to be so much fun.


0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33


  1. school’s blueprints, that room wasn’t there

    Probably should change to ‘blueprints, and that room’

    hyper dense weigh set,

    weight = weight

    two old sofas around the walls

    Maybe change ‘around’ to ‘against’

    Alecia said throwing herself onto one of the sofa’s dramatically. immediately regretting that action, before remembering that her skin was mostly impervious to everything.

    sofa’s = sofas
    Also, the beginning of the second sentence seems to be missing.

    just figured out guys left campus

    Maybe change to ‘just figured that you guys’

    girls continued,” if we

    continued,” if = continued, “if

    Homework, books, and a projector

    Maybe replace ‘books’ with ‘read’ or ‘read books’
    Also I’d suggest changing ‘and a projector’ with ‘and there’s a projector’

    couple of game too

    game = games

    planet busters,so I can’t

    busters,so I = busters, so I

    checklist of thing she would

    thing = things

    It was sent to silent

    sent = set

    alone, and the call

    maybe change to ‘alone, and that the call’

    She also didn’t notice as she started chuckling, and sending messages on her phone. Having forgotten about the others in the room.

    She didn’t notice what?
    Also, the second sentence doesn’t seem to make sense by itself.

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