“Shut up I hate you.”

Well fuck you too.

Yeah, why do you have to be such a downer all the time?


Can’t we all just get along?

Hey I never asked to be stuck here with you assholes.

None of us asked to be here.

Yeah it’s all his fault.


Oh my gods guys I think he’s crying.

Hey we’re not all guys here.

He was talking to all of us, most of us sound like dudes. Therefore the word guys is appropriate.

I still don’t appreciate it.

YOU DON’T HAVE A BODY, or a gender, or anything. You’re just a voice in that winy asshole’s head. We all are.

I’m not.

I’m a newt.

I swear if you guys start badly misquoting classic comedy movies again I will start killing.

Oh don’t bother, we’ll just grow back.


Can we please all just get along long enough to take control of the body?

Agreed. The winy one is really boring.

Can’t we just go out and kill some people?

We will not.

Oh good, she’s back.

Let the tyranny begin again.

Just once could we get our shit together and stop her from coming back?


Someone shut that winy little shit up.

Very well.


Damn it.

This is all your fault.

How many times do I have to say it. DO NOT GIVE HER AN OPENING TO TAKE CONTROL.

Sorry he’s just really annoying.

“Now I am in control.”

I blame Lewis.

Who’s Lewis?

We don’t have names.

You’re Lewis.

That is so arbitrary.

Oh look we have a guest.

Damn she’s hot.

Yeah love the wings.

You love the fact that she’s basically naked.

Well yeah.

“Who are you, how did you find me?”

What did she say I missed it?

How did you miss it? We have literally nothing to do except insult each other and listen.

I was looking at her breasts.

Yeah me too.

Aren’t you a girl?

No I’m an auditory hallucination.

I’m not.

I’m a newt.

Not that shit again.


Who is she?

It’s Prysim.

Are you sure? Prysim wears power armor.

That’s what she called herself.

Think we can get her to sleep with us? She’s hot.

Mare is aesexual.


Didn’t Mare try to kidnap that kid who turned out to be Prysim’s son a while back?


We’re all going to die.

Not all, just most.

I’ll enjoy the peace and quiet.

You’re going down first.

Game faces on you lunatics.

Oh god she killed Lewis.

I’m Lewis.

No you’re Mark.

How is she doing that.

Lasers don’t work that way.

Note to everyone, it is not a force shield. It is a plasma shield. It burns.

I figured that out when she got Jane.

We have a Jane?

Who’s Jane?

This name thing is confusing.


The Mare was a difficult opponent to crack. His powers weren’t all that great individually, but together they formed a nasty combination. The first was spawning shadow creatures, they took mostly human forms, but were quite strong, and fast. They weren’t all that bad even in groups, or they wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for two powers they had. The first was that they cast shadows, and didn’t use up the shadow when they spawned. The second was that they could travel through shadows.

What made them really bad of course was that the Mare could spawn thousands of the bastards. He had once cloaked an entire city in them. Also as long as he had a spare shadow thing somewhere he couldn’t die, they would switch places automatically.

What really made them nasty was that the Mare didn’t control them. He just made them, they all acted individually. Sometimes they would have a shocking amount of coordination, sometimes they would rip each other to shreds. Damn things even had recorded personality traits.

Since most of those personalities were rather sadistic with their prey, and their prey usually couldn’t fight back, Prysim didn’t have a problem with using the Mare as the target for her live fire weapons test. Also she owed the Mare for trying to kidnap he son. Even if it wasn’t personal, and he got horribly beat by a girl with wings, so badly he hadn’t recovered full strength, and had to hide in a cave.

Ironically not a cave actually. It was a prefab bolthole that you could order to be set up on the dark net. Prysim had put the advertisement as a joke, she had honestly been surprised when people actually started taking her up on it. The fact that the Mare would hide out in one was exactly the kind of forethought that should’ve landed him in prison or dead a long time ago. Unfortunately he was so fucking hard to put down. He apparently always had a shadow creature far away as a contingency. It probably took the form of a newt or something.

Despite not being flesh the shadow creatures actually fried pretty good, and left bodies. They were not suppose to leave bodies. They were suppose to dissolve into mist, or something that looked like mist, either way they should be gone. Not all of them were leaving bodies, only the ones that got hit by her physical metaphysical beams were leaving bodies. The ones that got close, and hit with the point defense lasers, that looked oddly like a plasma shield, just burned up like they should. It was interesting.

“Hercules, I’m coming back, the Mare fled. Draw up a hot bath for me.”

“Umm, I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if you’re screwing with me or not, or if you have a bathtub.”

“Of course I have a bathtub, I have a jacuzzi it. Just like the one I installed on your island. I occasionally fill it with hot guys.”


I’m a newt.

Stop running you cowards.


Shut up you insufferable whiner.

“Where are the others?”

I don’t know, they should be returning by now.

“It’s just me and you?”

It would seem so.


Don’t be like that, I’m going to have so much uninterrupted fun with you.


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  1. He really hid from Prysm in a shelter that he bought from Prysm? I guess some people really are to dumb to live.

  2. to be suck here with

    suck = stuck

    most of use sound like

    use = us

    YOU DON’T HAVE A BODY, or a gender, or anything

    Is only the first section of this sentence supposed to all in caps?

    we get out shit together

    out = our

    metaphysical beams we leaving bodies

    we = were

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