Fifteen minutes of thoroughly scrubbing at the smell of hospital on her skin, and it was still there. Even the thorough scrubbing with the hard soap wasn’t quite enough to get rid of it all, the antiseptic was too strong. In theory she knew the smell was probably gone, and just in her head, or nose. Either way no one else would be able to tell.

Foy hated the smell, it made her throat taste of bile. Too many bad memories of hospitals. Too many kind understanding nurses, to many patient doctors, too many therapists. It had all been too much in the end, she had to get out, to get away from it all. Not that she could this time, it was impossible to run away from memories.

By the time she came out of her bathroom, Foy had composed herself. As much as a person could with a super villain in their living room. Prysim was still there, waiting for her to come out. This time she was more exposed, last time all she had were her civilian clothes, not even her costume. Now all she had was a bathrobe, it shouldn’t matter much but it did. Being seen like this, even by someone who already knew what she looked like wasn’t pleasant.

This was Prysim who did a very good imitation of flawless, or did a very good imitation of flawless. Prysim wouldn’t accept false confidence, even the confidence of being properly attired. So there was no point in bothering, besides Prysim was between her, and a set of clothes that didn’t stink of the hospital.

Pryism was still there waiting, still in the chair, still in the same position. Foy was almost certain she hadn’t moved; at all. Most people would have at least shifted at bit, not Prysim apparently, maybe it was the armor. She did move once Foy came out, to turn her head, even with the eyeless helmet it was clear where she was looking.

“You look good without all of the makeup you know.” Prysim said.

“Fuck you.”

“Sorry, that wasn’t appropriate of me. It’s this damn mask, wear it too long, and it develops a personality of it’s own.” As she spoke Prysim reached up, and took off her helmet. It parted almost organically from the back releasing her hair, before revealing her face.

To Foy’s eyes, Alecia’s face was perfection. Not in the physical beauty sense, but in a perfection sense. Her skin looked perfect, like it wasn’t capable of containing a blemish, no bags under her eyes, no lines on her forehead. It also had no expression, as if permanently trapped in a neutral expression.

“There is now way your parents didn’t notice that.” Foy said.

“I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, large glasses, and skin covering clothes. They know something is up, but they think it’s temporary.” Alecia answered the unasked question.

“Is it?”

“No, but I’m adapting. I’ll probably get some facial expressions back eventually, even without the pills. Nothing I can to do hide the skin except for makeup, so that’s going to be pretty much permanent. Whenever I’m out of costume at least.” Alecia said. Without the helmet even her voice sounded flat.

“Why would you do that to yourself? What could you possibly gain?” Foy asked.

“Because I have to be better, you are right, I was a spoilt little princess. Now things are different, my situation is different. Also there might be some sort of pre-determined destiny bullshit in place, the predetermination may or may not have been manipulated by some fairies.” Alecia said. The last part sounded like it might have been a joke, or sarcastic, but it wasn’t backed up by any tone in her voice.


“A story longer than you have time for, you do have dinner plans right?” Alecia asked.

“Shit.” Foy took off to her bedroom, Alecia was right it would take too long to get ready. So she was going to be late. Still Alecia hadn’t said what she was doing here, but after taking off her helmet that didn’t seem to matter as much. Or maybe that was the point of it all.

She sat in front of her vanity, with it’s three large mirrors, and creamy rose paint. Foy was suddenly stuck with the realization that it was the same color as Keanan’s elemental form. Keanan might find that disconcerting, if he ever saw it. Not that he would, but still it was going to need to be replaced or repainted. Alecia had followed her in.

“He doesn’t have eyes you know.” Alecia said as she walked up to Foy.

“Who doesn’t?” Foy asked as she puled several makeup boxes out of the drawers, and prepared several brushes.

“Keanan.” Alecia took off her gloves, they came off just below the elbows. The skin on her arms was just like her face. “He doesn’t have eyes.” She knelt next to Foy putting them at face level. “You forget because he is always wearing that glamor I gave him, he isn’t an eight year old boy. He’s made of several different types of ceramics put together in a perfect way. I couldn’t make eyes, so I cheated.” Alecia took the brush Foy was holding in one hand, and Foy’s arm in the other. She started applying the base layer. “He can see through all of this, because he doesn’t see the way you do.”

“He knows?” Foy asked. “You’re saying I should talk to him, so he doesn’t say anything.”

“He knows.” Alecia confirmed, as she applied the past used to conceal the lumpy ridges created by the scars. “But I don’t think he understands. Don’t worry too much. He still accepts, and loves me after all of my sins.”

“You did a good job. As a mother.”

“Thank you Foy, I do try my best, to be the best.” Alecia said.

The two of them remained in silence for the next twenty minutes as Alecia applied the makeup. First one arm than the other, covering the identical scars on the other arm. Shoulders, base of the neck, neck, back of the neck, chin, ears, eyes. Finishing it off with the wig. By the time Alecia was done Foy was unrecognizable. It was just as skillful as Foy could have done it, but faster since she didn’t have to do it herself.

Alecia sprayed Foy with a bonding agent that made the makeup less likely to get messed up, as Foy stood. She then handed Foy some undergarments, and looked through her wardrobe as she stood.

“You should wear this dress.” Aleica said. She was holding a yellow summer dress that Foy really did want to wear sometime, but there wasn’t enough makeup in the world. So instead she made a face.

“Just one of my usuals please, I can’t go out so scantly clad.” Gaslight said.

“Fine. here.” Alecia said handing Gaslight one of her usual black, and white lacy affairs. “But you should try some color sometime.” With that she leaned forward, kiss Gaslight on the forehead, and disappeared.


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  1. Sorry about the late post, and the late posts in general. I’ve been in a bad place emotionally and it’s been impacting my writing (also this chapter was difficult to write). I’m working on it (by it I mean myself), but it might take a while. I will do my best to stop it from interfearing with my writing. If anyone would like to click on the vote links at the top of the page that would be appreciated.

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  2. Two followers now. Though I have to say I’m loving these chapters more than the original Riasing Angels ones.

    1. Whoo, thanks man. I do get it, Defection is probably better. I’m still going to finish RA, but I don’t think Defection will ever go back onto the back burner. I’ll also redo the Patreon page to be more like Wildbow’s a general Webserial page at some point.

  3. I’ve been reading Defecction and I really like it so far. It’s freaking hilarious and really heavy at the same time, the way all the best stuff is.

    I’ve got one little thing nagging at me right now though. Foy’s name is kinda similar to Fey, enough so that I got confused and thought it was a typo the first few times I saw it.

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