After all of the excitement it was odd to be back in school. Jessica thought to herself as she walked down the mostly empty hallway. Not that school was back to normal either. First period english had been canceled, since the teacher hadn’t retuned from wherever he had evacuated to. He was’t the only one not back yet either. Half the student population had yet to return as well.

Jessica didn’t blame them really, Jack had been announced dead before. It wasn’t like they had a body to put on display to prove it. All they had was a hallway painted with blood, and lots of little pieces. Even putting them back together the pieces didn’t make a whole body, the Terrorist had taken the head.

So yeah, a week with no sightings, and Ares literally proclaiming that Jack was dead from the rooftops. The world still wasn’t quite willing to accept the fact. All of this added up to the city being something of a ghost town. It did keep things quiet enough that Ares took all of the irregular units off call. Including the underaged teams; hence being here, back in school.

School, despite being so normal did manage to come with all sorts of surprises, and mysteries of it’s own. Like the one currently standing in front of Jessica, wearing a dark hoodie, gloves, and those really silly aviator glasses that cover like half a persons face.

“Hey Jessica, I heard you got shot.” Said Alecia. Who sounded surprisingly good for a person who’s hands were shaking as she took two pills.

Jessica deciding to ignore the pills for the time being, opting instead to give a very un-hero like shriek, and pull Alecia into a hug. It didn’t had the intended effect since Alecia immediately released a cry of pain. When released she popped three more pills.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize. I was just so exited to see you. Are you ok?” Jessica asked.

“I’m fine, it’s not your fault. I’m just a little sensitive right now, side effect of how I got home.” Alecia replied. For a very brief moment there seemed to be a glow coming from behind her glasses, but it went away with the pills.

“How did you get back? We’re you suppose to take longer making your own way home?” Jessica asked.

“I was, then I ran into some dimensional hoppers who offered me a shortcut. It didn’t quite go as planned.” Alecia said, then continued in a conspiratorial whisper. “I think I might be twenty percent eucalyptus now.”

“How does that work? I don’t think genetics work that way.” Jessica said gigging.

“They don’t in this universe, but not in others. Oh the things I could tell you, but won’t.” Alecia switched back to her whisper. “Too many tentacles.” She accompanied the whisper with suggestive hand motions just for good measure.

Jessica broke out into real laughter. Clutching her sides, ad letting the sound boom down the hallways. Jessica reigned it in quickly, but people were already sticking their heads out doorways. Being loud wasn’t often talked about, but it was common for people with enhanced strength; the lung capacity, and all.

Alecia was watching her with an amused smile. “You’ve changed, lightened up. Good for you.”

“Of course I have. Jack is dead, you’re back, we even found the medical intern Prysim kidnaped. Back to you, and the eucalyptus thing.” Jessica deflected.

“Oh simple enough, I ran into some dimensional travelers, but their method of jumping didn’t agree with my biology. Or anyones really, they just got use to it over time.” Alecia said.

“So what did you have to do to get them to help you. Those kinds of groups don’t usually help from goodness of their hearts, most of them qualify as fairies.” Jessica said.

“Oh these one definitely do, but they also consider me family so it’s all good.” Alecia got only a raised eyebrow as a reply so she elaborated. “They considered alternates of themselves basically siblings, and alternates of relatives basically in-laws. So me, and my new big sis got along great. It did help that we both had identical lists of what to do if we ever met ourselves.”

“Keep talking, what’s on the list?” Jessica said when Alecia stopped talking.

“The usual, kill each other, take over the world, play video games, form a dance duo, finally have a worthy opponent to debate. Mostly bone however, lots of that.” Alecia said without a hint of modesty.

“You would have sex with yourself?” Jessica asked, sounding slightly mortified.

“Well yeah, wouldn’t you?” Alecia said with a smile.

“You had sex with yourself?” Jessica said managing a full on blush.


“I though you were straight?” Jessica stammered out.

“I am.”

“But you had sex with yourself.”


“You. Had. Sex. With. Your. Self. But say you’re straight.” Jessica said clearly.

“I don’t understand your issue with this. That doesn’t count.” Alecia said, thoroughly enjoying Jessica’s distress.

“How? In what universe does having sex with yourself not count?” Jessica asked exasperated.

“Well it’s basically advanced masturbation, so it doesn’t count.” Alecia said.

“You said this alternate considered herself your sibling, that isn’t masturbation, that’s incest.” Jessica said throwing her arms in the air.

Alecia stayed quiet for a moment. “Well now I feel the need to take another shower, thanks for ruining that for me.”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to be the only one grossed out at the thought. What possessed you to have sex with yourself anyways?” Jessica asked.

“Well I’m really hot.”

“IN WHAT UNIVERSE ARE YOU STRAIGHT?” The sound of her shout of exasperation echoed down the empty hallway, popping open some of the lockers in it’s wake. That glowing started up again behind Alecia’s glasses, that she quelled with more pills.

“This one, but you apparently just outed me.” To prove her point heads were peaking out of doorways again. “Not that I mind much, but the rumor mill probably already has us dating. So, um, how do you want to play this?”

Jessica smacked her head into the closest of the lockers lining the corridor. “Shit.”

Aleica’s phone chirped, and she checked the screen. “Well it’s official, and by official I mean it’s posted anonymously online. That was fast. I suppose I should say sorry, I shouldn’t have goaded you with the sex thing.”

“So you didn’t have sex with yourself?” Jessica asked between denting the locker door.

“Oh no, I definitely had sex with myself.” Alecia said with a smile.


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