Alecia was feeling particularly murderous, and there wasn’t a damn thing she  could do about it.  Ms. Yamada was a test on her patience, not that she had much choice in the matter, she couldn’t move, or talk, or blink. If she hadn’t been expecting it it would have been a distressing turn of events.

The not moving part wasn’t distressing, the Yamada being a nervous talker part was. The damn woman just wouldn’t shut up, and there was not a damn thing Alecia could do about it. She had to communicate by looking to the left or to the right. So she was stuck with whatever yes or no question Ms. Yamada decided to ask. She did not ask yes or no questions. She talked, and talked, and talked, and would not shut the hell up.

She knew about Ms. Yamada’s issues with her mother, Alecia knew about her loving father. She knew that Ms. Yamada hadn’t had a boyfriend till her last year of High School, and that it only lasted for three weeks. She knew Ms. Yamada lost her virginity in a one night stand during her second year of college, in the broom closet of a house party, on third street. The carpet was green.

Mostly Ms. Yamada prattled on, and on about her economic problems. That Alecia was already intimately aware of, making the constant barrage of noise even worse. Especially since a good portion of what Ms. Yamada was saying was wrong. Honestly someone should have put the damn girl in a personal finance class of some kind, at least once. It should be a damn requirement for college. Testing out only available for people who can do their own taxes by hand.

So yeah all in all Alecia wanted to get her murder on, but had no way to express it. Also she really needed to suppress the whole murder thing for deserving targets, otherwise a lot of this would go to waste. Sure the world might not miss one little intern, WHO COULD NOT STOP FUCKING TALKING. She was stuck with this damn breathing tube shoved down her throat for the next couple of days until her diaphragm was strong enough to pump her lungs again.

Until then it was breathing tubes and protein shakes. We the protein shakes were for the next six months minimum, she was going to need it. Her new muscles would be growing in hyper dense, and super efficient, but until she had her new muscles she couldn’t even move her now impenetrable skin. All part of the damned plan.

Except for Yamada, she was just suppose to make things more comfortable, she wasn’t, she was talking. Now it was something about her puppy, who she had rescued from the shelter. She had rescued it because of the mournful look it had given her, on her first day. Alecia knew something was wrong when Ms. Yamada shut up, not that she didn’t revel in the newfound silence.

“Ah Ms. Yamada I presume, if you would be so kind as to return to your room, we have some business with your patient here, and would like some privacy.”

Alecia recognized the voice immediately even if she couldn’t see the speaker. Her eyes were stuck looking at the celling, the celling was a uniform white, didn’t even have any interesting cracks to texturing. The voice was Owl, one of the few people Prysim had theorized might be able to break into this facility without triggering the alarms, and be able to do is solo.

Of course even as Ms. Yamada gave a frightened squeak, and fled to her room Alecia realized what she had missed. Owl had spoken in the plural, at the same time Alecia heard the stomp of heavy metal boots on her floors. That was a surprise, Owl didn’t work with anyone who wasn’t a Mal Meg fairy, and the fairies didn’t wear armor.

“Hey sis you don’t look to good, stuck to that bed, and all.”

This was another voice she recognized, from a rather nightmarish incident dealing with a person who just might be a fairy. This wasn’t the voice of the young girl the fairy pretended to be, this was the voice of the woman who hid behind the disconcerting exterior. Alecia decided to take it as confirmation that Fey was both a fairy, and at least working with the Mal Meg fairies, if not one of them. She didn’t understand the sister nonsense.

She heard a wet squishing sound of something falling to the floor, she thought it smelled a little metallic. She couldn’t draw in enough breath to get a good sniff, but her new senses were hard to interpret anyways. Then there was the sound of metal smacking against metal. Nothing in the lab should sound like that, but Fey wore armor, that could be the cause of the sound.

What was she doing, taking bits off, smacking herself? Whatever two of the more dangerous people on the planet had her essentially helpless, all they would need to do would be to remove the breathing tube to kill her. However she knew these two weren’t those kind of people, not that they wouldn’t kill her, but they would never do something so crude. At least Owl wouldn’t, Fey set her dogs on people all the time.

“Wow you’re all pale. You really need to get out into the sun more, although that is a moot point, with a new set of skin and all. And you can’t tan anymore, unless you get a spray on. But then you might end up orange, that wouldn’t be a good look, and I can’t let my little sister go out orange. It would be bad for the family image.”

Fey leaned over Alecia’s face, so they could see eye to eye. It was wrong, it was herself. It wasn’t like looking into a mirror, no the person who looked down at her was different, but still the same face. Fey was older, just by a little bit, her hair darker. The underlying structure was the same.

Fey started messing around with the breathing tube, detaching it. Starting to pull it out. Alecia tried to struggle, to fight against it, but she was trapped under her own immovable skin. Funny she almost wished Ms. Yamada would come back.

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