“So you’re not Fey? Because you look a lot like Fey.” Ares responded.

“Oh, I’m totally the girl you call Fey, but that isn’t my name. I chose the name Terrorist for myself, and it fits.” The terrorist responded. She did look like the eight year old that was usually called Fey, but also different. She seemed bigger, like they could only see the shadow in the water and not the whole iceberg.

“Well I guess it does fit you, but why all the honesty. First Prysim,  now the name you chose for yourself, why the change?” Ares asked.

“Because things are quickly reaching the point where all the secrecy doesn’t matter. The dominoes are falling into position you can say. I’d tell you not to worry but that’s beyond your nature. So I will suggest reviewing the response plans for inter-dimensional invasions.”

“Oh, that’s going to keep me up at night.”

“I know, sorry. That’s not why I’m here, we need to talk about putting Jack down for good.” Terrorist replied.

“So you can do it? Stop him.” Koi asked.

“No I can’t, my main ability doesn’t work on him. Neither can Gaslight, as soon as she tries he will get a boost. Fortunately she can simulate my ability in such a way that it will work on him, and then I should be able to kill him. As you listening Gaslight?”


“Good, I’d do this face to face but I can’t get close enough to you. To explain how this works I’m going to need to go into detail about how reality warpers work. There are two kinds, ones like Jack who manipulate the fabric of this reality, and ones like me who screw with other realities. I can bring things out of my realties into this one, or send things into my realties. Gaslight however is both, she can send things into other realities, like light, and mess with this one, as she does with space. She does both to get things like this room, bringing walls from different similar realties, and stretching space to make them fit.

So while it’s impossible for me to bring Jack into one of my realities, because his power will counter mine. I think Gaslight will be able to bring one of my realities here, if I give her access. Can you do that?”

The answer to Terroist’s question was apparently yes. Almost everything stayed the same, exactly the same. Koi found she could no longer move the sheets that were on top of her, leaving her trapped. Terrorist stopped looking eight, now she was a fully grown woman. Not that many details could be made out about what she looked like due to the full body plate armor. It was highly stylized, and practically shone with silver light. On her back were two massive silver spears. Around the room several shadows had developed glowing red eyes.

“Ahh good it worked.” Terrorist said. “Most of Jack’s power should be negated here, however this only covers a small area. If you would please stop using your powers Gaslight we should all be left behind.” The light retuned to the room. “Perfect, now I’m just going to be sending you all home, any objections. No? Good.” Alecia said to an empty room.

She walked out of the room, choosing to move herself to the other side of the door as opposed to trying to open it. That would be a futile effort in a world were things don’t change. She walked to the elevator, and moved herself into the shaft allowing herself to fall. Hitting the ground would kill her, a minor inconvenience, but a painful one. Instead a large black shadow billowed up from the bottom of the shaft, and cushioned her fall. The shadow consolidated into the form of a wolf, if wolves got to the size of small ponies.

She moved herself, and her wolf through the elevator doors on the fourth subbasement, entering a very long, and very twisted hallway. At the opposite end of if, several dozen kilometers away was Jack. He was moving slowly in her direction, too slowly for her tastes. She moved herself to him, but left her wolf behind.

“Hi Jack, you look like you’re in a pickle.” She said cheerfully.

“I’ll admit this is a new one for me. I assume you’re here to pick me up?” Jack answered.

“Yeah, my mom asked me to come get you.” She said.

“What are you anyways, one of those teleporters that send people through freaky alternate dimensions?” And who is you’re mom?” Jack asked.

“I suppose I am, but most people only get sent in, I don’t usually let people out again. And my mom would be Owl.” She answered, as she did she took off her helmet.

“That old ha- Fuck me you’re Prysim, how the fuck are you doing this bitch?” Jack demanded. He didn’t seem to interested in an answer as he immediately shot her. His shotgun was still loaded with cape buster rounds, short range ammo that was essentially just a shaped charge.

It ripped through her armor like a hot chainsaw through butter, turned her insides to burnt soup, and continued out the other side. Alecia replaced her dead body with one in pristine condition.

“Now that’s not very nice, and I’m not Prysim, can’t you see I’m the older sister.” Alecia did her best to sound pouty. “If you want to call me something please call me Alecia, it’s been so long since anyone has called me by my proper name. I miss it.”

“What the fuck did you do you psychotic cunt?” Jack shouted at her, firing off another couple of shots, forcing Alecia to replace her body again.

“Now that’s not something you should call a girl, but I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I am going to kill you after all. If you would be so kind as to run, I like the hunt.” Jack who had just run out of ammunition turned to do just that.

She gave him a two hour head start.

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  1. welllllll, i mean is aliacia messing around somehow gaining feys abilities?
    or was she Fey even at the start?
    and then how did Ares see her as pyrsim/Fey espcially scince according an earlier chapter they seem to be different persons (keaneans mom being scared of fey)

    1. no, no, no,
      i bet:
      she did an experiment–>”getting powers”–>did stuff–>went back in time–>met herself–>caused herself to do an experiment–>is going to witness herself doing stuff,… that she has already done,
      you know: open self-sustaining timeloop style

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