“If you don’t know who you’ve reached you have the wrong number, please leave a message that doesn’t contain anything classified after the beep.”


“I’ve spent all day babysitting this kid, he’s been saying some really interesting things. Please call me.”


“Ok after I reported what this kid said about that fairy that helped me out things started getting really crazy over here. They really want to confirm some of the stuff he’s been saying, and you’re the only person I know who might be able too. Please call, or come back.”


“The mare attacked the league headquarters trying to take the kid, didn’t even know who’s kid he is. Just wanted him. Nightingale showed up and put the smack down on The mare. I didn’t even know Nightingale had any offensive abilities, as far as I can tell no one did. She offered him sanctuary before leaving. People are freaking out like the world is ending. Kid’s fine but your dad wants you to come back.”


“Owl showed up and offered the kid sanctuary. Who the hell gets two offers from Mag Mel. Come back.”


“I offered your brat sanctuary, nicely done by the way, on the whole stopping him from killing you the first chance he gets thing, that most artificial life goes through.”


“Things have calmed down considerably over here. Fey started escorting the kid to and from school. People are still freaking out, but no one is trying to touch the kind anymore. We still don’t  have any idea who the kid’s mother is, anything he says makes the people on the list less likely. You don’t have to come back, but please just call.”


“Please call me, I’m worried about you.”


“Holy shit you fucking psycho, we saw the thing you did with that horse and the train, shit was epic. That’s the kind of thing that gets you into the history books. Wish you had called us in for it, but we know you’re lying low. We love you girl.”


“You’ve really gone crazy with the whole artificial life thing haven’t you? I sincerely regret giving you that idea. Also what possessed you to make that horse thing, I’m not even sure how many crimes against nature that thing was committing simply by being alive.”


“Prysim just did something insane with some kind of mutant horse. Uriel freaked when she got her hands on the corpse. Anyway, the kid was the one who took it out, I got to see his powers, they were crazy. He keeps asking about you. Call me please.”


“This is your father, if you don’t call in the next 24 hours we’re going to declare you officially missing, and start searching for you.”


“Don’t worry about your father, he’s just stressed. But do call honey, we’re worried about you.”


“Damn girl, I know we said we would be behind you no matter what, but still you sure about this?”


“This is Hercules, your proposal looks interesting, lets talk about it face to face.”


“If you do something like what you did with that horse again I’m coming for you Alecia. You know you can’t run from me, or hide. I do like your son by the way, cute kid. can’t have you screwing him up.”

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  1. Interesting but some of the messages aren’t too clear as to who’s calling.

    “The mare” as in a female horse? Any reason why the ‘mare’ part isn’t capitalized?

    “first chance he gets thing” thing?

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