Koi took Keanan to what looked like an empty conference room. Instead of sitting at the table Koi pulled two of the high backed chairs to the side of the room and indicated Keanan sit across from her. The chairs were actually very impressive, they didn’t look like to much but the metal they were made of was extremely strong, and the fabric was bullet resistant. Keanan briefly wondered why, but then realized that without his glamor he would weigh 1.23 tones, and the chairs would still be able to hold him. Some of the pictures in Mr. Marsh’s office had some very big people in them. The chairs were also really high, so he had to climb up into it, and his feet didn’t even come close to the ground.

“So I was told to tell you how things work for heroes. Also cover things you might think you already know because we don’t trust your mothers education.”

“She tried to be morally neutral in what she taught me.”

“That worries us. Now lets start with the good guys and work our way down. What do you know about the government?”

“Mom said they were a bureaucratic nightmare, that massively overcompensates whenever they can get their shit together.”

“I am required to say that’s wrong. The government is both massively more effective and considerably less effective than heroes. They try to leave all small scale issues to heroes, and even some larger scale stuff. They simply can’t get mobilized fast enough to deal with all of the villains. The other thing is when they do get mobilized they do not capture villains alive, ever. So they deal with large scale threats with overwhelming force. There aren’t many villains, or heroes for that matter than can survive sustained gunfire.”

“I can”


“Yeah mom gave me a list of weapon types that didn’t matter, and ones that I should dodge.”

“What kind of things should you dodge?”

“Something called an ICBM is on the top of the list.”

“It would be, sorry I asked.”

“Anyways next on the list of the good guys is the heroes. We have the versatility to deal with a multitude of issues, and the coordination to get the right people to the right places. Our response times can be close to immediate. And we do are best to save everyone, including the villains. It’s hard work, but people will tell you it’s rewarding. That’s pretty much it for the good guys. Next we have the people with powers that are generally uninvolved, they usually don’t matter much. Then we have powered people that are morally neutral, mercenaries and spies and such. They don’t care who pays them but stay away from outright villainy. Going onto the evil side we have the super villains.”

“Like my mother?”

“Unfortunately no. super villains are mostly harmless to the planet. They do something nuts, we clean up, the media runs a special. It’s all generally harmless. Except for the villain, they go to jail. Then there is the ultra threats, like your mother. They can be divided into two groups. The monsters and the potential monsters. I don’t know which one your mother is. The potential monsters don’t really do anything worse than the super villain really, they are just so much better at it. Generally for the potential monsters you can’t just grab whoever is available, you need specialized teams. Uriel always helps with Prysim, Labyrinth helps with Dract sea, so on and so forth. The problem with the potential monsters is that if they cross the line they can do real permanent damage. The monsters on the list are the ones who crossed the line, and they’re good enough that we can’t stop them.”

“My mom isn’t a monster.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.”

“What about people like the valkyrie?”

“I think the Valkyrie is a hero from Norway, what about her?” 

“Oh, mom’s really scared of her. Sometimes refers to her as a group, not an individual.”

“I had no idea Valkyrie was so formidable, anything else your mom has to say about her.”

“She says her nickname is stupid.”

“What nickname?”

“The wild hunt.”

“Keanan, the Valkyrie isn’t nicknamed the wild hunt. Only one person has that nickname. Does your mom call her anything else?”

“Yeah, Fey.”

“Incidentally that brings us to the last two groups, the fairies and the crazy fairies. Fay is tentatively classified as a fairy. Fairies are the morally ambiguous groups, they operate by a certain set of rules, and can be generally trusted to follow them, good or evil. the crazy fairies also have rules but don’t always follow them. The reasons fairies get away with what they do is that they are usually psychotically dangerous. Fairy courts are even worse. We are vary fortunate that there is currently only one fairy court on this world, it’s Mag Mell. There are five known members of the court and a potential sixth. They are, Blackbird, Firebird, Bluebird, Nightingale, and Owl. If you ever get attacked by Blackbird, run you cannot beat him. Firebird and Bluebird, well that depends on how fire resistant you are. Nightingale is harmless, she mostly just plays tag with flyers that come close. Owl is a mad scientist that doesn’t try to take over the world, so your unlikely to ever fight her. We haven’t decided if they are real fairies, or just crazy ones. It’s also possible their both. Mostly they offer sanctuary to people they like, if you accept you are safe, potentially forever. But you will never be able to leave Mag Mell. Fey is a real fairy, we think, I choose to believe she is. We call her the wild hunt because that what she does, she hunts down her prey. Villains mostly, she’s harmless unless you break one of her rules, also likes kids. Actually she is one of the reasons that the Mag Mel fairies might have some real fairy members. She and Blackbird both have this ability call persistent existence, no one else has it, were they persist no matter what happens to them. It’s way to powerful to just be healing, they can come back from anything.”

“That’s not right, mom said she could take Fey, just couldn’t get to all of her. It didn’t make much sense.”

“Some villains tried that with Blackbird once, got the whole thing on film too. He took like 3,000 guaranteed lethal hits, and a whole lot more that were just probably lethal. They gave up after they ran out of things that exploded, and bullets. Then he just hunted them all down, he was active for three weeks without rest. The dude is a fixed point in reality, and Fey is just like him, just with more powers.”

“Wow, no wonder Fey scares mom.”

“Yeah, villains are terrified of Fey, so why does your mom call her a Valkyrie?”

“Because she looks like one.”

“Mythological Valkyrie’s don’t look like 10 year old kids, but they do ride wolves in some legends thought.”

“Oh, mom says the 10 year old is just a glamour, like mine. She had sketches of Fey looking like she was twenty.”

“Your mom saw Fey’s real face and survived?”


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    1. Rewrites in progress to deal with the little things. However he did run away from home to be a hero, so he is having a bit of trouble following them already.

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