Forty Seven

The opening round was all for show. Closer to formalities than actual fighting. Lisbeth grew her wings, massive things made of creamy white feathers. Bill covered himself in some kind of light absorbing armor. Then they promptly tore each other to shreds. Lisbeth started with a ball of plasma, moving at near relativistic speeds. Bill moments later, or at least to their perspective, responded by starting a fission reaction in Lisbeth’s chest cavity.

Formalities, physical bodies, and obvious targets out of the way, they started for real.

Target codename: Bill
Classification: Greater immortal
Capable of killing a natural law: Yes
Capable of killing him: Theoretically possible
Advantages over Bill: Gateway generation
Best possible tactics: Increase processing speed, increase size, outperform in power generation, try to make fight about brute strength

Start expansion phase
Area covered has increased by 437%
Bill has started expansion phase
Area covered has increased by 536%
Bill has begun frontal assault
Weapon choice: Planar rifts
Status: Effective
Counter attack options: Planar rifts, reality rewrite
Status: Ineffective
Best corse of action: Defensive, increase expansion, increase processing speed
Warning: Low power
Optimal option: Open gateway into heart of star and drain for power
Warning: Miscalculation, sun has gone supernova
Option: Redirect blast at Bill
Success: 38% total area lost, Bill lost 45% total area
Option: Recalculate energy draw from stars
Option: Open new gateways into stars
Success: 14 gateways open and giving power
Status: Processing speed is estimated to have reached Bill’s
Option: Being counter attack
Status: Bill has lost 38% mass, is recovering
Status: Bill has manipulated a black hole
Option: Slingshot maneuver
Status: Unknown anomaly detected
Status: Unknown anomaly growing
Status: Anomaly appears to be degrading reality
Status: Bill attempting to force us into anomaly
Status: Relocated
Status: Bill has latched on to central body
Option: Relocate to extremities
Status: Central body destroyed
Option: Blowup energy generators currently within Bill’s sphere of influence
Status: Effective
Status: Bill has a 24% larger territory
Status: Energy generation minimal
Option: Open gateways
Status: Gateways failed
Status: Bill has manipulated the anomaly
Option: Attempt slingshot maneuver
Status: Slingshot failed
Status: Falling into event horizon
Chance of surviving anomaly: Unknown
Status: Outrunning event horizon
Status: Bill has latched on and is attempting to throw me into anomaly
Option: Escape Bill, planar detonations
Status: Planar detonations failed
Status: Falling
Option: Drag Bill down too
Status: Successful
Status: Not like this

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