Pink Fog

When someone is shot in the head with a sufficiently powerful sniper rifle a phenomenon known as pink mist is observed. This happens when the bullet causes blood and brain tissue to vaporize and cause a misting effect, the misting will of course be pink. A similar effect can be gain with a sufficiently powerful explosion and close proximity. However more of the body will be tuned into pink mist.

Meyer Lansky was bored, justifiably with reason. People were boring, almost unbearably so. This party for instance as filled with boring people. Some would find this gathering very interesting, not just because of the open bar and good music, but because of who the people in the room were. This room was filled with undeniable corruption, the worst this world had to offer. There were the criminals, who undoubtably thought themselves better than the petty thieves. In a way they were, some of them as far as the world was concerned were downright respectable. Then there was the clergy, not the members who were actually good at their jobs, or even devout. No these were the members that would never rise above their current positions, so to get the luxury they thought they deserved they associated with criminals. The smallest group in the room were the parasites, those who had found this little confluence of power and money and sought to make some of it theirs. Meyer Lansky was a parasite.

He might have been a parasite but he was an established one, not one that anyone was actively trying to dislodge. No he was one they would seek out, to acquire his services. They were doing it now, just by inviting him to this party, an attempt to keep him happy. None of this would happen without Meyer Lansky and his fellow parasites. The money tainted with blood would never find itself clean again, but it could appear to be clean, it could appear to be legitimate. That’s what he did, he cleaned up the mess.

“God, this party is boring.”

Meyer looked at the girl who had wander up beside him, he didn’t recognize her. He had thought he at least knew the faces of everyone who attended these parties, but apparently not. The girl looked… young, something about her made her age hard to place. Her short hair was matched by her short stature, it was also currently dyed blue. She was wearing too much makeup, not atrociously so, just like she didn’t quite have experience applying the appropriate levels quite yet. Placing her age was difficult, she was either about to hit puberty, or had just been through it and failed to get a developed feminine form.

“It’s not a good idea to invoke the gods for something so petty as being bored.”

“I didn’t invoke the gods, I invoked my god. And she doesn’t mind. Besides if I have to keep listening to the mayors daughter pretend to know who I am and tell me gossip about which girls are skanks, I might commit murder.”

“You know your god won’t mind?”

“Are you going to latch onto that, and skip the murder comment?”

“I wouldn’t hold it against you.”

The girl laughed, it was a sweet sound. Oddly it didn’t sound like she laughed often, if that made any sense. She held out her hand.

“I’m Lisbeth, it’s nice to meet someone with a sense of humor around here.”

“Meyer Lansky.” He took her hand in a firm handshake. He also noticed that she neglected to give a family name, making figuring out who she was difficult. “I’m afraid I have no idea who you are.”

“I know, I’m crashing the party. No one does.”

“How did you get in then?”

“Blackmailed the doorman.”

“I was under the impression the security was supplied by the mob.”

“Oddly enough, that makes it easier.”

“So, what possessed you to crash a party such as this?”

“I’m looking to hire an accountant, your name came up. So I figured I just had to meet you.”

“I have an office, and a secretary. And a publicly listed phone number. You could have just made an appointment.” If this girl was telling the truth, then she could have arranged to an invite to this party without the blackmail. But she had been lying about that. She hadn’t lied yet.

“But I didn’t.”

“Which is why I would rather not do business with you. I made it this far being careful, and you don’t seem to be.”

“Fair enough, but aren’t you bored?”

“I though you were the bored one?”

“At this party, yes. But you are bored with your life.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“Come work for me and I will give you money and power far beyond your dreams. Even with your impressive ego. You’re too good for these people Mr. Lansky.” Still not lying.

“I can’t just quit on my clients, to follow a pipe dream, girl.” But it was a very tempting pipe dream, and this girl honestly believed that she could do it.

“Not a problem, I’ll just kill your clients. So you won’t have to quit.” Not a lie.

“You intend to kill the mayor, the heads of three mob families, and half the clergy in the country. Just to hire me?”


Pink Fog


Earlier this evening at 9:02 pm a bomb went off in a downtown hotel. The hotel was currently hosting and investors party that had several well known public figures in attendance. This includes the mayor and his family. At this time there a no known survivors of the blast. Police are still looking for leads, and a complete guest list.

Reports indicate that the blast was so violent that very few bodies were recovered in tact. This is leading to rampant speculation because there was very little damage done to the building. Forensic scientist are currently looking for any possible leads on what kind of device might have been used.

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