No update

Here’s the deal, I’ve fallen behind on my buffer and planed on spending the next several hours writing monday’s chapter. That might still happen, since I’ve got 16 or so hours till Monday. However I have this feeling in my stomach that I might have to spend several hours kneeling before the porcelain throne, saying hello to my dinner. I’m not saying the chapter won’t get written, it just doesn’t seem likely at this point.

While I have your attention I do have a couple things I would like to request. First of course is please throw me a vote. Second is if you are so inclined go to WFG and rate RA. Third if you are on WFG already why don’t you write a review, it doesn’t have to be long, I just ask that it be honest. A review can do great things to my stats.

Final point as an apology in advance if I don’t manage a chapter here is an aborted project I started (also it means that I didn’t miss an update, just put something different. That means a lot to me). I don’t have a name for it, or if I did I forgot it. But after the main character I’ll just call it Lia.



    1. It doesn’t ‘Lia’ is an abandoned project, but with how multiverses work in RA it could just be a different universe. Don’t worry about Defection, I don’t write in Gdocs, I just use it to share things. It gets difficult with longer items.

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