“Shit shit shit shit shit, fuck we are so screwed.”

“Shut up Dave, let me think.” Damien shouted at his shivering companion in the passenger seat.

“Can we just go?”

“No we can’t just fucking go you fucking imbecile.”

“Why not? no one saw us.”

“Because the damn car is totaled, I already tried.” It had been a futile effort, cars don’t generally start when partially submerged in a lake. The water was seeping into the car’s interior, running the leather seats. They weren’t deep enough for it to be life threatening, but staying in the car wasn’t the best of ideas. The initial rush of water had taken out the windshield, but the airbags had prevented injury to the two boys. The ice cold water had helped them sober up a bit thought.

“What about Charity?”

Damien twisted in his seat to look at the third member of their little group. Charity was only still upright because of her seatbelt. She hung in it’s embrace limply, her head at an uncomfortable, but not dangerous angle. Damien reported her condition back to Dave.

“Stupid cunt slept through the whole thing, come on lets get out of this car.”

The two boys managed to force their respective doors open with some difficulty, the lake water was fighting against them. Extracting Charity from the car was more difficult since the two boys were now standing waist deep in a glacial melt lake. They did try to wake her up first of course, but the sheer amount of alcohol in her system made their slaps a futile effort. Eventually they got her out of her seat and carried to onto the shore.

“I think I see something still moving next to the road.”

“NO, you don’t fucking see anything moving next to the road Dave.”

“But I”

“Don’t fucking look.”

“Fine, shouldn’t we be calling the cops or something?”

“It’s Charity’s dad’s car. It monitored, I’m surprised the cops haven’t arrived yet.”

“What do we tell them?”

“Charity was driving.”

“How will that help this at all?”

“Because we can’t hide the alcohol in our blood, and her dad won’t let her go to prison.”

“Ok, Charity was driving.”

In the distance the boys could see the lights of the arriving police cars.


“Ok what happened here?”

Detective Miller looked down at the dead man at his feet. The beeping of the tow truck in the background as it moved into position to pull the car out of the lake. The analyst who had been on the scene longer took the lead on filling him in.

“Couple of underaged kids went clubbing out of town so they could avoid anyone who might recognize them. On the way home they hit this guy, no ID on him yet, swerved and went into the lake.”

“That easy? Open and shut?”

“Not a chance, the boys didn’t deny anything, just said the girl was driving. The ambulances took them just before you arrived.”

“So why isn’t it that easy?”

“Because the girls dad is a priest.”


“And a council representative.”

“Fuck me.”

“That’s his personal car.”

“How much would I have to drink and how quickly, to get taken off this case?”

“Not enough alcohol in the world, no one in the precinct would touch this case with a ten foot pole.”

“Any silver lining?”

“The EMT’s were talking about pumping the girl’s stomach, and one of the boy’s has a record.”

“So the girl was too drunk to drive, and the boys, one of whom is a known criminal are the only witness?”

“So far, unless we get someone who saw them enter the car, because it’s not like we’re going to get surveillance footage.”

“Ok, I can work with this. Oh look that would be the Chief now.” Miller was referring to his phone that had just started ringing.


Detective Miller watched his boss sweat, as they stood side by side in one of the most opulent offices Miller had ever seen. Behind a massive mahogany desk sat a fit man who appeared to be in his late thirties. The man was wearing a silk bathrobe, and hopefully underwear, not that Miller had seen evidence of such. Miller knew his role here, to be the scapegoat. Not that he was important enough to actually talk to the priest in front of them. The Chief just wanted to keep him close, incase of any busses that needed a detective pushed under them.

However that didn’t appear to be necessary. The priest was at least satisfied by the assurances that his daughter would in no way face consequences for her little underaged binge night, and subsequent involvement in the death of a yet to be identified drifter. Legal consequences at least, physically the doctors were worried. The damage to her neck wasn’t extensive, but it certainly hadn’t been helped by the boys manhandling her. The doctors weren’t entirely certain she was going to wake up, a side effect of all the booze in her system. Even if she did, well spinal damage could have very long lasting effects. Or not as a text message informed Miller.

“Chief, Sir,” Miller address the priest in front of him. “I’ve just been informed that a Arlethian priest has been to see your daughter, and she had been given a clean bill of health. If you would like us to transport her home in an unmarked car we can, or she can stay in the hospital.”

The priest chose to have his daughter come home with all due haste. After extracting promises that no one would talk about her involvement in the events of the night. Dave who already had possession charges on his record would be taking the brunt of the fall. Damien was a lawyers kid, so he was probably going to come out just fine as well. Maybe, depends how fast he he figures out blaming Charity wasn’t going to help him. Somehow Miller didn’t think Damien would have too many issues with selling out Dave.



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