Forty Two


“No such thing, everyone only lives once, but I am impressed to took you a week to ask that question.”

“I’ve had things on my mind, so what about a soul?”

“What about it?”

“Does it exist?”

“As someone who spent a year as a ghost, no such thing as a soul. Unless you define the soul as energy in the body, in which case it does exist.”

“You spent a year as a ghost?”

“Yeah, shape sifting fuck up remember.”

“How does messing up shape shifting end with you as a ghost?”

“I messed up really badly.”


Nerissa had figured out that while Lisbeth was willing to talk about screwing up, she wasn’t happy about it. From the little she got from Lisbeth’s head it was because she was trying to scare Nerissa, into not trying it. To be fair ending up as a ghost wasn’t nearly as bad as what Nerissa had imagined happened all things considered. But she was willing to concede that trying magic on herself wasn’t the best place to start. Now if only she could just cast a damn spell, or something. Lisbeth had said it took a special trick, but couldn’t really explain what the trick was. When asked how she learned the trick she said it had been implanted in her brain, and that she wasn’t confident enough in her abilities to do the same for Nerissa. Nerissa for her part was growing frustrated with it all. She had some knowledge but no context for it to make any sense. It was like knowing how a car engine worked without knowing what a car engine looked like. Lisbeth seemed to be getting tired of the questions about how to just get started, and would inevitably try to change the subject.

“Why do you always suggest we have sex whenever you want to change the subject?”

“Is that a no?”

“We’re in public, surrounded by people, and you have class soon.”

“I can make sure they won’t see or hear us.”

“I need that trick.”

“It’s simple enough.”

“But seriously answer the question.”

“Up until recently I haven’t considered much difference between dreams and physical. You taught me that was very wrong. So now I have a hot girlfriend and lost time to make up for.”

“You’re eighteen, how much time could you possibly need to make up for? You are eighteen right?”

“Yes, and you do realize I spent a year shagging the twins in my dreams right? I could have tried the real thing, but didn’t.”

“Are you sure you could have? I mean dreams are one thing, but in the real world that would be incest.”

“Charis recently discovered just how awesome incest can be.”


“Oh yeah.”

“I’m not sure how I would feel if you had gotten tag teamed when you were, how old were you when you were with them anyways?”


“I have issues with that now.”

“Relax, they’re the same age as me. Probably one of the less creepy relationships I had.”

“Less creepy?”

“There are also the dead priests.”


“Friend had them killed first chance he got. Still not sure how.”

“I thought you were a priestess.”

“They didn’t know that, I have to take this.”  Lisbeth’s phone had started playing a song. Nerissa wondered who warranted the ringtone of ‘All hail the Queen’. “Hi Bill what can I do for you today? Well I was planing on trying to convince my girlfriend to have mind-blowing sex with me, but that conversation got derailed. So I guess I’m free. Ok I’ll see you in an hour.” Lisbeth hung up, and looked at her phone for a moment before storing it in her pocket. “So I just got invited to a tea party with a serpent, I have to go.”

“Don’t you actually have class today? In like twenty minutes.”

“I suppose I do have time for a quicky before I leave.”

“Do you think about anything other than sex?”

“World domination.”

Nerissa smacked Lisbeth on the ass. “Have fun at you’re tea party, it’s not like I can convince you that classes are important.”

“I really love you.”

“You look very happy Lisbeth.”

“Totally had a quicky before coming over, it’s great you should try it some time.” Lisbeth paused, just for a moment. “Oh wait, I’m sorry you can’t.”

“How could you possibly know about that.”

“Wait for it.”

“Typhon told you didn’t he?”

“To be fair your story is the kind of thing they tell around campfires. I mean some people fall for inanimate objects, like those dolls, but you. You just had to go big didn’t you.”

“What could a child such as you possibly know.”

“Nothing I’m a young idiot, doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of you for your choices.”

“I’m hardly alone in my choices.”

“I’m sure there are literally dozens of you. Actually considering the number of immortals that might be a high number.”

“We’re not here to talk about my choices Lisbeth.”

“No I guess we aren’t Bill. So what do you want me for.”

“I think I’m suppose to kill you.”

“No two ways about it, you’re suppose to kill me, I’ve been expecting an attack all week.”

“Do you know why I haven’t killed you?”

“It would be a pointless action. You’re suppose to kill anyone who divulges certain aspects about the nature of holy magic, I did so. Shooting the messenger is useless it the message is already delivered.”

“Is that why you claimed to be able to survive the telling of secrets? Because killing you would be a pointless gesture?”

“Of course not, I said it because I would survive.”

In that moment she was dead. Her body stripped down to it’s base elements. It didn’t take long at all for her to recover, that far broken down, combined with her expecting the attack, it didn’t take long at all.

“Damn girl, you’re a Law.”


“I guess this confirms that you have the backing of a god.”

“Do you think I would be stupid enough to try this shit if I didn’t?”

“Probably not, you know I can still kill you right? I mean it would be difficult, but I can do it.”

“I know, but you fulfilled your duty and killed me. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to see what I do next as opposed to trying again?”

“Will you make it interesting?”

“It’s about to get all sorts of convoluted Bill.”

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